The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

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Chapter 057 – Sense of Crisis [B]


As the pair of women talked, Leonhart felt something off and searched around. 

…What was that just now?

Even with a bad feeling putting him on edge, there was nothing around them.

Leonhart thought he was just imagining his line of sight tilting for a moment and having it happen right after he looked at the pair once again.

Leonhart then heard a quiet rumble come from above. He kept a vigilant eye up and called out to the two women.

“…Oi, come closer to this side for a bit.” 

“? What happened?” 

Pale tilted her head and asked. Although Kesselring was a little sceptical, Leonhart briefly explained himself. 

“—There’s a rockslide happening near us. I doubt it will strike us, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.” 

“Ah, yes!” 


Both of them followed his instruction. I guess they would be wary if we were too close, so Leonhart stepped back from the wall with that thought. After a while— 

—Rocks tumbled and crashed with a roar. 

“Kyaa?! The-there’re really rocks falling down…” 

“…Pale, I think it would be better for you to train your ears a little bit. I can only say that it’s too dangerous if you only notice it just before it happens…” 

The ground shook with the impact of ten metre wide rocks falling. 

And Kesselring admonished Pale, who only managed to notice that right before the rocks smashed into the ground.

“A-ahaha… wha-what are you talking about? I already noticed it a few seconds ago, though?” 

“Fuh… seriously.” 

Kesselring sighed and pinched her nose bridge at Pale’s blatant lies. It made it clear who was having trouble or rather the general relationship between them became apparent. 

Leonhart suspects that their relationship is that of the previous and current chief of the kalar. It was a guess based on Kesselring’s name and the ability she showed earlier. But…

…She must be the King of the Night…

Leonhart thought to himself. Although this wasn’t that big a deal on its own,

…I’m glad I was in the middle of vacation.

If he had encountered her during active duty, the situation would have become even more troublesome. Although, it was a meaningless assumption since he didn’t allow the Demon Army to attack the Kalar’s Settlement recently.

On the other hand, he subtly wanted to fight her,

…Oops, speaking of fighting, I have an appointment I was looking forward to.

As the idea of fighting was brought to mind, he was reminded of the dragon – one of the Four Great Saint Dragons, Raizen – in the upper region waiting for him since their battle was on hold.

Since the matter with Pale was practically solved with Kesselring here, he could get going.

Although fighting at night was troublesome, it shouldn’t affect him too much. With that in mind, Leonhart was about to call out to the pair.

It was in the next moment.


—The ground trembled. 

“Kyaaah?! Wha-what’s happening?” 

“Is it an earthquake…?!” 

“No, this is—!” 

It wasn’t like any regular old earthquake. But before he could say anything, 


Cracks ran beneath and the ground gave way at their feet. 


Even as Leonhart was feeling weightless in free fall, he calmly looked at the situation. 

The rocky outcrop they were on earlier has now been crushed into varying sizes.

Although it happened so suddenly, he could infer the cause now. It was probably,

…That rock from earlier triggering it…?

Although he doubted that that alone was enough to make the ground give way beneath them, he couldn’t think of any other cause.

No, it was also possible that it was because of the fight he had with Raizen on the upper layer earlier. Since neither of them considered the damage they would cause to their surroundings — the damage could have been quite great.

Although the cause is unknown, it can’t be helped since it’s happened, thought Leonhart.

They were still attached to the rubble that fell right now.

So they could still leap up to the upper ground at the moment. He noticed that the other side of the torn layer was still stable.

In that case…

But just as Leonhart was about to hop towards safety, he heard a voice scream.




Leonhart looked back down in their direction. 

The pair of women were flailing about in the air along with the other pieces of rubble ahead of him.

Although Pale raised her voice in panic, Kesselring was still somewhat alert and looking around for a method to deal with their current situation.

Leonhart felt sweat oozing out from his hands. 

But at the same time, his mind was calmly thinking of the outcome of their fall. If they were left in that state — no, if they fell like that,

…There’s no way they would survive…!

He looked at the pair below him. Kesselring was strong among the kalar, but it was doubtful she could save the both of them. That fact was clear from her impatient expression. And there was no way that Pale, lost in her panic as she was, could help. Although it wasn’t her fault, they had no way of saving themselves unless they were capable of flight.

And the result he could see right now — was them slamming head-first into the ground. The Rising Dragon Mountain was like a long and narrow tower. Although it was possible they could end up hitting the slope first and rolling down, the possibility was too slim. Considering the height they were at, he couldn’t guarantee how he, a majin, would end up. On the other hand, it was practically guaranteed for kalar and humans to die. 

—In that case, what should I do? 

To such a question, his logical-self answered — abandon them. 

He has only met them both today, so he has no obligation to save them and risk his life in the process; it didn’t matter that he was in the midst of vacation.

Therefore, Leonhart thought about that for a few moments, which felt like a very long time to him,

…Too bad, but I—

Just as he was about to come to a conclusion, he looked at the pair below him. Leonhart quickly regretted doing that because—



—His eyes met with Kesselring’s. 

Even as her eyes filled with resignation, Leonhart could still feel her will to save Pale as she embraced Pale’s body firmly and tried to position herself below her.

Leonhart exhaled.

…Oi oi, what are you doing… you can’t save her even if you do that.

Leonhart understood what Kesselring was attempting. She was trying to soften the impact Pale would receive.

But that method was only effective if the fall was at most a dozen metres. As it was, there was no way it would work.

…That’s just a fantasy, you know? Not to mention the fragility of humans and kalars… 

Leonhart affirmed that as he calmly analysed the situation. Then an idea ran through his mind.

—Then how about me?

His mind kept ringing the danger signal. Hurry up and climb above, you won’t make it if you do not hurry.

It was reckless no matter how he thought about it. It was way too dangerous.

Therefore, Leonhart made his stance above the rubble.

He thought to himself.

…Only a fool would attempt this.

Indeed. It was unreasonable. It was reckless without considering one’s capabilities. It was an idiotic move from someone who attempts to do things beyond their reach.

Therefore— Leonhart jumped. 

—Towards the bottom. 

“Haah… I really hate myself for this—” 

So I really am this foolish, thought Leonhart as he held onto his head. 

Are you aware of what you have done? You’re jumping down thousands of metres!

It was totally reckless no matter how one thought about it.


—Then why am I laughing? 

Even as Leonhart felt the wind resistance against his body, he caught up to the pair who had fallen down at high speeds and caught them. 


“—Yo! Are you alright?!” 

Since the wind was too noisy, he called out with a shout. Kesselring’s astonished face was right beside him. It seemed Pale had already lost consciousness. She sure loses consciousness often, just as Leonhart thought of that, 

“What are you doing down here?! Are you trying to die?!” 

Kesselring also screamed at Leonhart. 

Therefore, Leonhart put on a good expression as he decorated his face with fearless smile,

“It’s obvious — I’m here to save you both—!!” 

“! You must be aware that you have no obligation to do so!” 

Kesselring continued, 

“We met for the first time today, yet you try to risk your life saving unrelated people?!” 

“It feels good to do so, you know?!” 

It might just be me getting a high from the situation, though! Leonhart thought to himself as he laughed. 

But Kesselring only got more confused,

“—! You have no reason to save us!!” 

She shouted. 

Therefore, Leonhart lightly answered her.

“A man needs no reason to help women!” 


Kesselring was astonished. 

Fuhn, to think you would be that surprised, thought Leonhart as he snorted, then he continued,

“—And don’t you misunderstand!” 

“Wha-what do you…” 

Although her voice was getting softer, it could still barely be heard. 

Leonhart continued to explain what she misunderstood.

“I have no intention to die, and I won’t let both of you die.” 


How will you do it? Before Kesselring could say those words, Leonhart warned her. 

“Anyway, just close your eyes and clench your teeth! I will try a few things, but some pain and impact will still come your way!” 


“Just shut your mouth! If you do—” 

If she did…?

“—I’ll use my power to save us all.” 


Leonhart strongly affirmed. 

It seemed Kesselring’s eyes went wide open and became speechless at his words but,



Leonhart could only see her opening her mouth but unable to make out what she said. Therefore, as he asked again.

“O-okay… I’ll leave it to you.” 

She said that and closed her eyes. 

Leonhart regained his spirit as her words somehow reached his ears.

“—Alright, leave it to me!” 

In this weightless state, while enjoying the wind, Leonhart was well aware that they were falling at high speeds. What came to his mind was his self-confidence and, 

…Well then, I will use this predicament to grow…!!

—His expectations and happiness from the danger and possible growth. 

Leonhart declared war on the situation they were in and focused on moving his body perfectly. 

…You think falling down at a height of a few thousands metres is enough to kill me? kukuh, what a joke…

His enemy right now was the mountain known as Rising Dragon Mountain and the natural phenomenon of falling from a massive height. I might as well die if that’s enough to kill me, with that thought as a reminder, Leonhart’s smile widened.

…Just do your best and make me taste the danger. Then—

As his body trembled from the joy that awaited him below, Leonhart embraced the pair tighter as he fell. 


Author’s Note:

Carol: “Leonhart-sama is falling down-!”

Ssulal: “I see, Leonhart is — wait, why are you raising flags in this situation?!”

Galtia: “To laugh like that as he falls from such height… so he’s finally turned into a masochist…”

Hunty: “… (Am I the only one who thinks that Leonhart is usually like that anyway?)”

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