The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

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Editor: Shizukuku

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Chapter 061 – Hidden Feeling [B]

—And that was how the current situation came to be. 

On top of that, the posture they took on the bed was also, 

…It’s something we decided on after considering many things…

They had agreed on how they would lay down before they climbed into bed.

First of all, Leonhart, who had the largest body among them, took the center of the bed, while the other two lay on either side of him.

Next, each of them was laying on their side to secure as much space as possible. If he had tried to sleep on his back or facing down, his body would inevitably be pushed into the people beside him, causing their bodies to overlap with each other.

Simply put, although they could lay down normally if they snuggled up to him, that would be bad for a lot of reasons.

Therefore, they chose to sleep sideways like this.

Leonhart had an understanding of his current situation. It was very simple,

…Well, of course I would experience the smells and sensations of a woman if we sleep together in the same bed…

He thought that as the smell of their hair tickled his nostrils, and he felt the sensation of their bodies next to his.

Since their backs were facing him, his favorite variety of softness couldn’t be felt, but it was still pleasant to say the least.

…During times like this, the unnaturally innocent man who often appears in novels would be very agitated, I guess…

Leonhart was thinking about the characters in the novel he read, mainly the protagonist.

But I guess I won’t end up like that, he thought. Such unreserved opinions ran through his mind.

Leonhart developed a theory in his head. A man won’t panic in this kind of situation to begin with.

The age where men grew interested in women’s bodies was when they were around fourteen or fifteen years old.

Let’s be clear. — A man around that age was practically a monkey in that regard.

They had begun to awaken their sexuality, yet they had no experience to accompany it. It was all pink inside the heads of such shallow men, unless they were raised in a special environment, for a specific purpose, or due to other special circumstances.

Well, that in itself could be considered innocent. However, they all greedily tried to enjoy such an experience.

If inexperienced men like them were placed under those circumstances, 80% of them would be swept away by their libido. There were very few young men who could overcome such sexual temptation.

However, for men who were experienced with sex and used to it, or simply not interested in it, they were likely to win against such temptation.

Once men grew to a certain age and their experience in that area had increased, they would be capable of reason and, since they were well aware of what sex was, they wouldn’t be lost to their libido.

Therefore, a grown man who actually panicked in this kind of situation, under these circumstances, was unlikely to exist in reality. Such was Leonhart’s theory.

Perhaps since Leonhart had neither seen nor heard of that kind of man, he couldn’t help but think so. I’m genuinely curious if such a pure man could actually exist, thought Leonhart. If he does exist, I would gladly listen to his counter argument.

Well then, as for which group Leonhart belonged to,

…I did belong to a group of people who preferred to simply enjoy it though…

It was just, since he was quite aware of how women are, and he had also lived for quite a long time, he wasn’t going to get agitated. But he definitely preferred to enjoy it if the situation allowed him to.

Therefore, he found this situation quite comfortable and it would, instead, allow him to sleep quite soundly. In fact, he thought that enjoying the feeling of the opposite sex next to him as he slept would definitely grant a relaxing effect.

Sometimes in the castle, Carol would sneak into his bed, but he just treated her as a body pillow. When she was quiet, Carol felt like the best body pillow to him. 

But sometimes, Carol would be noisy and her body temperature would feel abnormally high, so Leonhart would kick her out of bed during those times. On those nights, she felt like a dog to him for some reason.

Then he thought,

…Rather, can they even sleep peacefully in this kind of situation…?

If they were too nervous and it made them unable to sleep, that would be a problem.

Leonhart felt at ease as he basked in the warmth coming from the pair, while somewhat wondering how they were feeling about the situation right now.


…U, u, uaaaaaaa—?! I, I I I, I’m sleeping together with a man right now—?! 

Pale panicked inside her mind.

She could feel Leonhart’s body heat transmitting from his back to hers.

Although she suggested this herself, she still felt like she was doing something ridiculous.

And all of this,

…U, uhhh… to, together with Kesselring-sama, e, even if we did this for our own sakes, what we’ve done now is too bold—

Pale was thinking about her own feelings, as well as the feelings of Kesselring, whom she respected.

Pale was practically convinced of it, since she remembered her own similar experiences. And it was,

—The fact that Kesselring had the same feeling toward Leonhart as Pale did.

It was obvious for Pale from Kesselring’s awkwardness, and the conversation she had with Leonhart earlier.

However, to fall for the same person — such feelings weren’t a problem for Pale. Although the other woman was the person she respected, from a kalar’s perspective, it was not uncommon for multiple women to share the same man.

Therefore, she could support Kesselring’s feelings without any problem. So much so that she would even help Kesselring to make it happen. However,

…I-I think Kesselring-sama is, maybe, more innocent than I am in that regard…

The panic that Kesselring showed during her conversation with Leonhart was much worse than what Pale had experienced. Even so, it was as expected of Kesselring to just barely manage to keep it from showing on her face.

However, it would be difficult to expect Kesselring to make a move on him. After all, she was a complete beginner regarding men.

Pale was at least familiar with love patterns from books and, while the time she spent with Leonhart was just a few hours, it was still quite a long time. At the very least, she was doing better than the previous chief, who had no experience with men for a hundred years. Pale was definitely not making fun of Kesselring, definitely not.

…Bu, but, what should I do…

However, Pale was feeling stuck.

Because of Leonhart, who she could feel against her back, even though he was the one who was sandwiched between two (self-proclaimed) beautiful women, 1

…He’s amazing… he is so calm in this situation…

Books often depicted that men get agitated in this kind of situation though, thought Pale. Perhaps this just proved that literature was different from reality?

…Rather, it’s hard to keep this posture for so long… I feel like I’m about to fall off the bed…

Since there were three people sharing a single person bed, perhaps it couldn’t be helped that her legs and arms stuck out over the side of the bed.

However, Pale couldn’t help but notice it.

…Now that I think about it, I always sleep while facing to the left…

However, Pale was facing to the right as she lay down. Therefore, it couldn’t be helped that she felt uncomfortable.

What should I do? As she thought of that,


Suddenly, Pale felt a revelation enter her mind. 

Rather, she realized that she should have just done so from the beginning.

…No, but… I think it’s necessary for me to get used to it too…

Therefore, her method couldn’t be wrong. So, from now on,


Pale hesitated for a moment, but decided on it.

Or rather, I just found it so hard to sleep. She shifted her body and turned around with that thought in mind,

…E, eii.

She leaned against Leonhart to prevent herself from falling.


….Bo, boooooobs are touching me—?! 

Leonhart was agitated.

Just after he felt a movement behind him, he also felt a pair of soft masses pushed against his back.

They were pressing into his back, molding themselves to his shape.

They were big boobs, without a doubt. They were a wonderful pair.

However, Leonhart was able to hold on to his sanity,

…Ca, calm down… calm down, me…! I can’t just do it now — I mean, I can’t just proceed with the deed…! 

As expected, it would be a bad idea if they were to proceed and immediately embrace each other within a day of having met each other. Even though Leonhart didn’t give a damn about the concept of chastity, it would still be bad if he were to forcefully make a move. 2

Although the thing he considered a problem seemed to be out of sync, he still chose to calm himself for the moment.

As for the big boobs pressing against his back — yes, he could just think of them as a pillow to lean on while he falls asleep. If he only enjoyed it that way, he didn’t think he would go overboard.

As Leonhart told himself that, he was able to calm himself down.


…Wha, wha wha wha, what happened…?! Why is Leonhart suddenly…?! 

Kesselring was worried about the man that was sleeping against her back.

Behind her, Leonhart had suddenly twitched for some reason, and the vibration was transmitted into her back,

…To-to think a man’s body is… this hot and hard…! 3

It was something she was learning for the first time, despite having already lived about one hundred years.

Rather, Kesselring now realized that she had no knowledge or experience at all regarding this matter.

Although she knew about the biology of a man to some extent, she had never touched one like this, nor had she ever wanted to before.

But as she did it now, his body’s warmth and firmness felt strangely comfortable and, on top of that,

…I think I want to feel more of these sensations… but I wonder why…?

She had such a thought. Perhaps the heat from his body had transmitted to her earlier, as she felt her body growing warmer and her heart was pounding inside her chest.

Then she felt how shameful her thought was and covered her face with both hands. To think she had such thoughts just because she had felt the touch of a man and wanted more and,

…Don’t tell me… am I that kind of unscrupulous woman…?!

She had such concerns.

But if that wasn’t the case—


Kesselring then realized a certain possibility.

It was the result of objectively analyzing her current state compared to women who were interested in the opposite sex. There were kalars in the settlement who were driven by such feelings.

But to think, that of all people,

It happened to me?

With that in mind, Kesselring decided,

…I have to make sure…

In an attempt to understand her inner self, she proceeded to take action.

And as expected, the fastest way to do it that came to mind was, for some reason,


Kesselring shifted her body. 

It was to turn her body over to face Leonhart.

…Hm, this, this should be okay…

Kesselring faced Leonhart.

It felt like she was pressing her face into his chest.

No, no good. This feels terribly, tremendously… embarrassing, really…!

I’m only doing it to be sure but what the hell am I even doing?

However, she couldn’t turn back now that she had come this far.

Therefore, Kesselring gently raised her gaze up towards his face.

And there he was,



Leonhart was there. 

Although the room was dark, her night vision was good. Even in such darkness,

…It sure is an attractive face…

She could see his smooth, golden hair that seemed to shine despite the lack of light. His sharp red eyes were closed and hiding their glory. His face was well-shaped, expressing both masculinity and beauty.

She shifted her gaze lower to look at his body. Although he had a large build compared to herself, who was quite tall for a woman, his body was still slender overall. However, the fact it was well trained was evident from his muscular appearance and the hardness of his body. Perhaps it was because he was a swordsman, but there was no unnecessary muscle attached to him. Or maybe he trained in a way that it wouldn’t develop on his body. Either way, it was a good body which expressed both physical and functional beauty.

And his body was currently wrapped in bandages, to cover the wounds beneath them.

…These wounds, this is the body that rescued us — it protected me…

With that in mind, she moved closer to him. Although she felt his body shift for a moment, she didn’t mind it and pressed herself against him,

…Aah, I see. So this is—

As Kesselring moved closer to snuggle up to his body, she understood it in her heart.

This feeling of impatience and endearment was,

—Love, is it?

In that moment, Kesselring understood everything.

The reason why her face got hot, the reason her heart beat faster, and why her thoughts became uncertain, all of it — it was because of her feelings for Leonhart. Once she realized that,

…Aah… I see… this is quite bad.

Kesselring buried her face in his neck and breathed ecstatically. 4

The moment she realized her feeling of love, her mind was dominated by the feeling of drowning in it.

So those kalars who had returned from seeing their lovers were having this kind of feeling. No wonder they seemed heated up and had a narrower field of vision. It would be quite a difficult task to escape from this,

…But then again… do I have to escape to begin with…?

It felt like her whole mind had been renewed by something sweet. That was how much she felt it.

It wasn’t like the kalar were forbidden to love, and she shouldn’t mind developing such relationships.

Of course the other party’s consent is necessary for that,


Kesselring suddenly realized something.

It was something she had forgotten until she began to consider how to draw his attention to her.

And that was,

…I don’t… have much time left to do that… 5

She was a retired person, who had already resigned from the position of chief and was only waiting for the time of change.

There was almost no time left for her to deepen her relationship with him. She could lose herself at any moment and, as she thought of that, 6

…I… don’t want that…

She naturally thought so and pressed her body strongly against him.

Even though she didn’t mind that the time of change might come to her at any moment, she suddenly had regrets that would make it harder for her to let go.

But, as matter of fact, that time would inevitably come to her, and there were tons of strict conditions for her to gain happiness.

That’s why,

…Fuh, it’s shameful of me…

Even Kesselring thought so.

Though she had lived for a hundred years, she was about to meet her end without having known a man — no, without having tasted love, or anything remotely close to it, after all.

She thought she knew everything, but there were actually a lot of things she didn’t know about. It was laughable.

Even so,

…At least, for the time I have left… I don’t want to leave behind any regrets…

As Kesselring buried her face into the neck of her loved one, she gently muttered her feelings.


…The, the boobs increaseeeeeeed—!! 

Leonhart was in a panic.

Just as he was getting used to the big boobs that had appeared behind him, another set of big boobs came to embrace him from the front.

The same phenomenon that had occurred on his back was also occurring on his front but,

…How, how can she relax in this state…?

Even if we ignore the fact she embraced him, because of those movements, her big boobs were practically pushed into his chest which was generating quite a bit of trouble.

—Specifically, blood was gathering in a certain spot and it made him have to move his hips away from her.

Leonhart cursed his own body.

…It should be okay to take action since they have gone this far, right? …damn it, what are you guys intending to do…!

He seriously considered assaulting both of them then and there, but he immediately abandoned that thought.

Even so, it was practically a living hell right now. Even though the things he likes the most were right in front of him — or rather, they were also right behind him, yet he couldn’t eat them, and it was pure torture.

Leonhart endured the double sided softness assault from those big boobs for a long time, which significantly reduced his ability to sleep.



Author Note:

Ssulal: “Aaah—?!”

Carol: “Muu, I also want to sleep together with Leonhart-sama for the first time in a while.”

Ssulal: “He, hey, isn’t this kind of depiction totally OUT?!”

Galtia: “…No well, isn’t it totally okay to just sleep together? You can just ask him yourself later.”

Ssulal: “…eh.”

Galtia: “Since you guys just sleep together normally, I think he will agree without a problem.”

Ssulal: “If, if I do that… then… ehehe… Leonhart will get nervous—“

Galtia: “… (Alright, I managed to divert her attention. I’ll let you enjoy your delusion for a little bit.)

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