The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Shizukuku

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Chapter 086 – Majin Masuzoe

Majin Masuzoe was watching the scene.

Within his gaze, the majin who fought against him earlier had now been forced into the seiza position as the maou scolded him. Her appearance was also scary to Masuzoe, and he turned humble as he tried to escape the difficulties.

There were other majins and apostles, and they made fun of the majin, Leonhart, who was being scolded. Masuzoe’s own apostles were among them. So was the haniko.


But even as he saw this, Masuzoe’s thoughts didn’t move. 

It was something that had never changed in the time since Masuzoe had become a majin. He didn’t understand why it had ended up that way.

But there was certainly something that caused it.

It was a long time ago.

Masuzoe had suddenly become a majin.

He could no longer remember how he ended up that way, and he didn’t even bother trying to recall it. For all he cared, the fact he became a majin was the only important thing.

He could barely recall the days since he became a majin. He also didn’t bother to try.

But before he knew it, he had ended up in this space known as the Abyss, and he possessed incredible power, incomparable to his days as a mere hanny.

And because of the great power he gained due to his transformation as a majin, he became isolated from the other hannies.

He had no idea if he felt loneliness at all. But at some point, he had created some apostles just because he felt like doing it, and the haniko that was familiar with him also came.

But even with that, he didn’t feel the need to think whatsoever.

With the great power he held in his hands, there was no need to think nor did he have any reason to wield his power. Most that saw him would run away before the fight could even begin, and even if it did turn into a battle, it would be over in an instant. There was no need to think at all.

Therefore, Masuzoe couldn’t help but think, there is no reason for me to live.

All he needed to do was to stay in this space known as the Abyss.

After all, he would still live on without needing to do anything. There was no reason to do anything, and there would be no meaning to it even if he did.


“—Leonhart, you are the Supreme Majin, you know? For the Supreme Majin to suddenly beat up a majin he encountered for the first time without a reason, what were you thinking? Don’t you feel any pity for him?” 

“…T-that’s… He also felt like fighting, and he didn’t seem feel like talking anyways, so—” 

“Isn’t he being quiet right now? Don’t you think he only attacked because you intimidated him?” 

“…I think he is being quiet now because he is scared of y—” 

“—Did you say something…?” 

“I didn’t say anything!” 


It was scary. 

He didn’t know the maou could be that scary.

Same could be said for the majin he fought.

It was the first time Masuzoe had met another majin, but the majin he fought was someone whose power far exceeded the mighty power Masuzoe had. During their battle, Masuzoe was left with no choice but to think. If he hadn’t, he might have died. That was how strong that majin was.

And for such existence to be scared of the maou, it could only mean that the maou was an even scarier existence.

But for some reason,


Masuzoe felt his emotions move slightly. 



“—And so, everyone is to wait here for me while I investigate around… Leonhart is to stay in seiza for a bit longer.” 



As Ssulal finished with her preaching and commanded the others to stand by, she proceeded to activate her magic and investigate. As Leonhart saw that, 

…Since she asked us to wait, it means she can do the investigation alone.

Ssulal didn’t ask them to spread out and search for things, but instead proceeded to investigate alone. Leonhart didn’t understand, but perhaps her magic could do the job just fine. It was that convenient, after all. Although it wasn’t like Leonhart wasn’t interested in that, since he recently studied magic himself,

…I am tasked to endure the seiza at the moment…

Therefore, Leonhart didn’t have such composure. Why does seiza make legs feel so numb? thought Leonhart. Although his body was trained, the fact that he was suffering didn’t change.

Meanwhile, Leonhart casually looked around and to the side. There was,


The majin he fought earlier, Masuzoe, 

…Looking at him again, I really don’t understand him…

Masuzoe’s expression didn’t move and he didn’t speak at all. It was doubtful that Masuzoe even had emotions. Leonhart could feel a slight will from Masuzoe, but Leonhart had no way to confirm it.

…Now that I think about it, Ssulal said that she would welcome him…

It was the thing that Ssulal had said when Leonhart accidentally killed the stand-in. She said that she would welcome him after asking things from him.

However, the King of the Abyss turned out to be a majin, and due to a majin’s relationship with the maou, her order would be absolute. Masuzoe would have no way of resisting — or rather, Leonhart thought Masuzoe wouldn’t resist, even if he could. For those who were affiliated with the demonic faction, their instincts would tell them to naturally kneel before her. That was the maou. It wasn’t hard for Ssulal to welcome him.

But in the case of Masuzoe, it was doubtful if he would listen at all.

He couldn’t resist if Ssulal used her Absolute Command Right, but Ssulal didn’t like using that.

…Although she did use it just now, this situation is an exception after all…

Ssulal wouldn’t force things that were disliked by said person, at the least not under normal circumstances.

So I think Masuzoe might refuse it, thought Leonhart.

But despite knowing that, as the demon army officer, he should at least try first,

“…Oi, Masuzoe.” 

Leonhart called out to him. However, 


There was no reply. On the contrary, it was hard to tell if Masuzoe reacted at all. 

But without minding that,

“Do you want to come along with us?” 


Leonhart continued to ask. This time, he could feel a slight reaction somehow. 

Rather, Masuzoe was looking at him now— or at least that was how it seemed to Leonhart. He had no idea if it was really the case.

But, as to interpret Masuzoe’s action, the pink hanny was,

“Ufu, Leonhart-sama, is it? Even if you say that, Masuzoe-sama won’t… huh?” 


“? What’s wrong? You can understand what Masuzoe wants to say, right? What is he—” 

“…He is contemplating it.” 



Those words made the people around them pay attention. 

Masuzoe was contemplating the invitation. Such words left his two apostles even more surprised than the haniko,

“…This really is a rare occurrence. To think that Masuzoe-sama feels a little enthusiastic about it.” 

“I-is it that? After such a long time being a shut-in within the Abyss, Masuzoe-sama is considering showing himself to the world?” 

“I-is that true? Masuzoe-sama, who spent his life being lazy, finally feels like acting?” 

“UNBELIEVABLE!” The two hannies raised their voices. They sure are noisy apostles, thought Leonhart, 

“…Is it a rare thing to happen? Rather, since when has Masuzoe been here?” 

As Leonhart asked the thing he was curious about, the two apostles answered in unison, 

“We have no idea. At the very least, when we served as his first apostles, he was already a majin as strong as he is now…” 

“…Then, when did the both of you become apostles?” 

Hunty asked that. The two hannies apostles nodded to her question,  

“When I first became an apostle… I think it was about 300 years ago.” 

“Then I was about 400 years ago.” 

“Ah! That’s dirty of you, Pitt!” 

“The winner comes first, you lazy Brad…!” 

The two apostles began to quarrel again. Hunty continued, with a feeling of exasperation, 

“…Anyway, that means you have been here for at least 300 years. Well, hanny could be considered an old species, so I guess that might be possible…” 

Hunty nodded as she exhaled. 

…Well, it doesn’t seem like Ssulal was the one who made him into a majin. Perhaps it was the previous maou who turned him into one…?

Does that mean they are way older than I am? As Hunty thought that, one of Masuzoe’s two apostles called to Hunty,

“By the way, miss. Let’s leave that foolish second apostle aside, and how about going on a date with me? I found a shop that sells tasty haniwa soba. The shop was rated 5 stars in the hanny log.” 


Hunty’s mouth hung open at the sudden invitation that made no sense to her.

But the other apostle reacted to that invitation,

“Shut up, you hanny with a taste disorder. You are the only hanny who gave a 5 star rating to that shop. Miss, let’s just ignore that second apostle, and how about we go to a specialty shop that sells puchi hannies dishes? It’s a shop that is filled with lines every day!” 

Such was how the other apostle asked for a new quarrel. And once again, 

“Fuh, don’t make me laugh, Pitt. It would be pitiful for the miss to look at your vulgar face while eating. And so, miss, how about we go to stylish bar together—” 

“Shut up, Brad. There’s no one who could enjoy the taste of liquor while looking at your dirty face. It would make them end up feeling nauseous instead. And so miss, how about going to a raunchy hotel with me—” 

The two looked at each other and struck at the same time. 

“Break down, you second apostle…!” 

“…I wonder if both of them could die just like that…” 

“Hunty-san? They’ve already died, you know?” 

You’re right… thought Hunty as she held onto her head. She couldn’t help but to lament at the unreasonable reality. 

The hannies apostles stopped quarreling when Carol pointed that out, looked at Hunty, then, as if trying to provoke her,

“Pupu, miss, we already died, y’know~?” 

“What are ya saying toward a ghost~?” 1 

“I’ll kill you…!” 


Looking at Hunty who had started using her sword to hit the two ghost hanny apostles, Leonhart sighed, 

“…Anyway, what are you going to do?” 


Masuzoe’s body moved a little. 

As the haniko saw that,

“…Oh my… really…?” 


“Yes, I understand.” 

“…What is Masuzoe talking about?” 

Leonhart honestly felt doubtful that they were conversing at all. He could only see Masuzoe nodding a little on his own. 

However, when Leonhart asked for the haniko’s confirmation,

“It seems… he will decide after going there.” 

“After going there?” 

“Yes,” nodded the haniko, then she turned her body, half-facing Masuzoe, 

“For the time being, he will visit the Maou Castle where you people live and decide from there… it really is a rare thing to happen… no, it might be the first time. To think Masuzoe decided to move away from the Abyss…” 

Apparently it really was a rare thing to happen, considering the astonishment of the haniko. She was still a hanny so it was hard to read her expression, but it could be felt from the tone of her voice. 

But then,

“…Then, you’ll be coming with us after Ssulal is done with her investigation?” 


“I will… he said.” 

…It’s surprisingly easy. 

Leonhart thought it would be harder to convince Masuzoe, judging from the haniko and the two apostles, but he decided quite easily. Well, it was more like he kept his decision on hold for now, though.

Then all that left was,

…To wait until Ssulal is done with her investigation…

Leonhart wished for it to be concluded soon. Otherwise,

“…My legs…” 

Leonhart frowned at the numbness that gradually came to him. 



…There is no trace at all. 

Ssulal was investigating the Abyss using her magic.

The main thing she looked for was a demonic presence. The next things she looked for were corpses or relics. After that, she tried to find any subtle abnormalities, but the result wasn’t good. She couldn’t find anything strange at all. The only demonic presence she found was the one belonging to Masuzoe,

…No good. I guess it’s a miss.

So Ssulal dispelled her magic as she sighed. As expected, she couldn’t find anything.

She didn’t expect to find the corpse to begin with, but she thought to at least find some sort of trace. After all, it once belonged to a maou, and even leaving that fact aside, having no trace whatsoever was unnatural. 

On the contrary, seeing there was nothing so far, another possibility came to her mind.

First of all, as impossible as it sounded,

…He might still live even now… that, or he was disposed of cleanly without trace.

It was unnatural that there was no trace at all over a natural death. In that case, it was possible something got involved in the middle and erased the trace.

The problem was what that something was but,

“…As expected—” 

Ssulal slowly took something out from her bosom and stared at it. 

It was a golden statue in the shape of a sunflower,


Ssulal was looking at it in silence for a while. 

There was the statue that Leonhart had found in the dungeon, and there was the statue that Ssulal found herself.

She already possessed a similar thing with her,


Ssulal put it back to her bosom again. She then exhaled to calm herself, 

…Well, I guess I could leave it aside for now…

Rather than that, she had other priorities right now. She could leave the matter regarding the statue for later.

Therefore, Ssulal returned to everyone after concluded her investigation,

“—hm, I’m done, so let’s go home.” 

She said so. Everyone was killing time on their own, but they reacted to her voice and began preparing to return. 

Meanwhile, Ssulal approached the man, who faithfully remained in the seiza position even now,

“Okay, Leonhart. Let’s go.” 


Leonhart stood up with shaky knees. His expression was filled with anguish, and it was clear he was suffering just by looking at him. He must have felt quite numb. 

Ssulal found that interesting somehow, so she proceeded to poke his leg,

“—?! You…!” 

“Ah, sorry.” 

Ssulal gave a light apology as she saw Leonhart turn toward her vigorously with a distorted expression. 

Then with a wry smile, she asked him,

“—And, what about Masuzoe?” 

“Hm, aah… It seems he’ll come along for now. I’m not sure if he’ll be staying or not, though.” 

“…I see. Thanks.” 

Ssulal thanked Leonhart, who had asked Masuzoe in her stead, as if it was the most obvious thing to do. As expected, he was still a considerate person even when he was in the midst of receiving his punishment. 

…I’m quite a shy person after all…

Although Ssulal was a maou, she wasn’t used to commanding others. She would do it if necessary, but for the most part, she didn’t feel like it. If Ssulal had been the one who asked instead of Leonhart, it would have been like commanding Masuzoe instead of asking.

Therefore, she felt that Leonhart had done a great job. Looking at Masuzoe who stood beside Leonhart,

“Well then, Masuzoe, let’s go. Don’t hesitate to tell me if you need anything, okay?” 


Ssulal could sense Masuzoe silently staring at her. It felt like that somehow. Although Ssulal had no idea how he felt since he said nothing,

…He’s not refusing, at least…?

As Ssulal felt that, she returned to Maou Castle with everyone.



“—And so, he is Majin Masuzoe who will be staying temporarily at Maou Castle. Don’t bother him too much, okay?” 



“Y-yet another strong looking majin…” 

At the audience hall, looking at the appearance of the giant hanny majin that was suddenly introduced, those affiliated to the demonic faction were confused. As for Kayblis, he felt so intimidated by his huge figure and the presence Masuzoe exuded that he took steps back. 

A tense atmosphere filled the room as he was introduced and said nothing in greeting. Meanwhile, there were those who acted as if to destroy such atmospheres,

“Ufufu, I am Haniko. Please take care of me from now on, everyone.” 

“Phew, I am the first apostle, Brad. This fool is the second apostle Pitt.” 

“Dorodoro, I am the first apostle, Pitt. This idiot is the second apostle Brad.” 



“…What’s with them…?” 

As the sound of the two apostles cracked and echoed when they started beating each other, the surrounding was filled with confusion. 



“Oh my… Masuzoe-sama… you seem to be having fun…?” 


To haniko’s question, Majin Masuzoe only moved his body slightly. 

—And with that, Majin Masuzoe, his apostles Brad and Pitt, in addition to a haniko, would stay at Maou Castle for a while. 



“…By the way, Pitt. There are a lot of women here… how about this, we could begin searching for skirt peeping spots together… fufufu.” 

“…That’s a good suggestion, Brad. There are many stairs here, there are also many rooms, so we would find a lot of panty watching spots as ghosts… fufufu.” 

“If you do it for real, I will kill you, okay…?” 

“The numbers of apostle comrades have increased!” 

Along with Carol’s casual tone, this was the moment when Hunty’s hardship would increase without her knowing. 


Author Note:

Ssulal : “Masuzoe’s arc concluded without anything major.”

Leonhart : “Can’t it be more eventful instead?”

Galtia : “Well, he is treated like an extra even in the game after all.”

Carol : “We might be able to make it longer if we involve kaijuus and poppins in the underground, but that would make it about as long as Kesselring-sama’s arc, and would that really be okay?”

Kesselring : “…So these three chapters’ worth of story could possibly be expanded more than 10 times?”

Hunty : “…That’s about it.”

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