The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Shizukuku

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Chapter 087 – Date Planning Meeting [B]

“—Time for a meeting!! I need you to think of what kind of place I should bring maou-sama on my next day off, right this moment!! Don’t forget to also think of what we can do there!! I’ll reward the one who suggests the idea I approved of!! However, I’ll give anyone who doesn’t provide any suggestions a taste of training hell on their day off! Rejoice! It is a training menu that would guarantee even a majin would be reduced to demonic blood soul and ascend as it is! How’s that? This should motivate you, right?! Then begin—!!” 

“Certainly! Then first—“ 

“Leonhart-sama?! As rude as my remark might be, this turn of events has developed too quickly!!” 

“Rather, aren’t we gathered here to discuss work instead?!” 

Using the conference room were Carol and Lee, the Great Demon General. Leonhart also gathered his main demon generals and declared so to all his men. 

However, leaving aside Carol, who immediately understood the situation and made her proposal, the Great General and other generals were filled with confusion. Great General Lee raised his hand on behalf of the other generals,

“What does it mean to decide the place to go together with maou-sama? …Perhaps that is a metaphor about where to invade next…!” 

“Ooh,” the demon generals raised their voice, but immediately, 

“That’s not it! It is just the plain meaning of a date! Think of where to go to play!!” 


“W-what about our work…?” 

“There is no work that takes priority over maou-sama’s command, you know!!” 

“Uuh, that’s certainly correct…” 

The demon generals were convinced by that answer. However, the fact that the agenda was so different than usual, combined with Leonhart’s attitude, made them turn indecisive. 

But among them,

“…U-umu. Going to play… does that mean we should think of a place for entertainment?” 

Great General Lee cleared his throat to calm down and asked a question. It seemed that he had switched his train of thought. 

As expected, the veteran is just different, as Leonhart thought that, he smiled at the question,

“Exactly! You do understand it!” 

“T-thank you very much. In that case—“ 

Lee gratefully received Leonhart’s praise, and it happened when Lee was about to give his suggestion. 

“Muu… I also have a good idea!!” 

“Ah wai—” 

Carol raised her hand while speaking in a loud voice to cover Great General Lee’s voice. Even as the Great General raise his voice due to the interruption, Carol stepped forward, as if to push him away forcefully, 

“Ssulal-sama loves books, so how about going to the library in the human town?!” 

She said it. Indeed, Ssulal certainly loved books. She was reading every day and, although Leonhart didn’t read the content, she also wrote some books herself.

But that suggestion was,

“—Rejected! Rather, if we entered a human town, the situation would turn so chaotic that we wouldn’t even have the leisure to visit the library!!” 

“Ah, I guess that’s true…” 

Carol realized he had a point and looked a little down. 

Certainly, both Leonhart and Ssulal had appearances that were similar to humans, but their presence and the auras they emitted were way too different from what their appearances suggested. That was particularly the case for Ssulal. Leonhart could somewhat hide his presence and could make do with it, but as the maou, Ssulal couldn’t do the same. People who lived in the castle were already so used to it that they were numb to the sensation, but if a normal human encountered Ssulal, they would normally faint on the spot. There was no way Ssulal could enjoy the library in such a situation.

Therefore, the suggestion was rejected. However, Great General Lee raised his hand next,

“…Then how about going to an occupied town? It would be easier to clear people in such a location and the town could be used without hesitation…” 

“…Not a bad idea. —but rejected.” 


The Great General and other generals were showing their confusion. It was an obvious thing to do. 

If it was an occupied town, even demons could use it without hesitation. That was certainly true, and it didn’t seem a bad idea at a glance. However,

…That would also put Ssulal in the wrong state for enjoying the date.

Indeed. For Ssulal, who felt complicated about invading humans, looking at the traces of demon oppression over them would make her feel bad.

However, Leonhart couldn’t go and explain that. He instead spoke of another reason. That was,

“Even if we say it’s an occupied town, it would be too far. Maou-sama doesn’t like going on expeditions, so it would be better to settle with somewhere close-by.” 

“Aah, I see. I guess that’s true.” 

“Fufuhn, you got rejected…! This makes a win and a loss. But I have racked up more winning points!” 

Since when did it become a points system?! the Great General thought in astonishment, but this kind of thing happened all the time. It was a good thing, seeing each other as rivals, as they would improve each other, so Leonhart chose to leave them alone. It must be just his imagination, but it felt like Carol was getting excited alone, maybe. 

Rather than that,

“Is there anything else?!” 

“…In that case, how about going to a picnic at a nearby meadow?” 

A certain demon general raised his hand and said so. That was, 

“…It’s the best idea so far! I’ll put it on the pending list as a candidate!” 

“T-thank you very much!” 

“To think there was actually an ambush from an unexpected place…! Kuh…!” 

Carol glared at the demon general. However, that general escaped by looking away. Perhaps the demon general turned bullish because he managed to avoid the training and was getting closer to the promised reward? As expected, using both carrot and stick is an effective method, thought Leonhart, as he was convinced he hadn’t been wrong. 

Then following that, from other demon generals,

“Yes! In this case, why not prepare a surprise inside the castle and enjoy things that way instead?!” 

“That would be the last resort! I would personally prefer doing that, but maou-sama wants to go out somewhere to play! So, pending!” 

“Kuh… I understand.” 

That demon general stepped down with a groan. Then again, another general came forward, 

“Then how about doing something more outdoorsy, like that picnic? We could do something like having a barbeque!” 

“Ooh! Not bad, it’s not bad indeed! It certainly sounds better than going on a picnic without a purpose! Pending!” 

“Thank you very much!” 

“Y-you…! You actually crushed my picnic suggestion…?!” 

“Fool…! Demon society is a meritocratic society… It just happened that my idea is better than yours…!” 

For some reason, the demon generals were releasing sparks. Competition was a good thing. As others ignored them, this time the Great General said, 

“…But maou-sama seems to prefer a relaxing atmosphere. In this case, how about providing calm enjoyment like fishing, picking flowers in the flower field, and finally spending time looking at the starry sky on the hills?” 

“…Ooh! That is certainly a good idea! Maou-sama would likely enjoy it as well..!” 

It was certainly a good idea. As Leonhart was impressed and added it to the candidate list, the other generals and Carol were, 

“Lee-sama! Please don’t take our idea away!” 

“Moreover, you actually provided multiple plans at the same time…?! Kuh, is this the difference between general and Great General…?!” 

“Gununu… how impudent…! As expected of my only rival other than Shichisei…!” 

“…Don’t think it’s bad of me. This is a meeting. I’m merely coming up with suggestions.” 

Carol and other generals were gritting their teeth in response to the Great General’s calm response. 

After confirming that, Leonhart looked around and,


“Is there anything else?! If there isn’t—” 


The moment Leonhart was about to close the discussion, Carol raised her hand. 

Therefore Leonhart looked at her and permitted her to speak.

“Okay, what is it?” 

“Yes! My suggestion is—” 

Carol then stopped her words there. She was gathering momentum and spoke her mind.

“Let’s construct a date course exclusively for Ssulal-sama and Leonhart-sama right away!!” 

…That is— hm? 

“…Construct, a date course…?” 


Not only Leonhart, other generals were also tilting their heads as they were thinking of the meaning of Carol’s words. What does she mean by construct? they thought. 

Even as she got silence as response, she still puffed her chest proudly, and with confident expression,

“Despite how I look, I often visited human towns! Therefore, I know the things people would usually enjoy there!” 


“Yes! Basically, by making best use of my knowledge, we can just construct the best course for their date! Specifically, we could make a theater, a place with high view like a tower, food stalls, entertainment facilities, etc—” 

Carol began to list the types of human entertainment she knew about. The generals were listening to it. 

But for Leonhart, that was,

…I was worried here because that kind of normal date would be difficult though…

Indeed. Leonhart thought of that at first. He did, but they couldn’t go to the human city, and the demon city wouldn’t have such facilities available.

But for Ssulal, who was looking forward to the date, it would be a shame for him as a man if he couldn’t provide her with a decent date. Therefore, he gathered the demon generals to help think of some good ideas,

…It is because I thought a normal date would be impossible—

Therefore, he somewhat gave up on it. However,

“Construct one, huh…” 

Leonhart was thinking about it. 

It was nearly a month until his next day off. If he made use of human wave tactics, using the resources of the Demon Army and the demon soldiers to make it, 1

“…We can make it, I guess…?” 

He muttered with half confidence. 

Then everyone at the room was looking at Leonhart,

“How is it, Leonhart-sama!” 


Carol was asking for confirmation, after she was done explaining her idea. Leonhart was thinking about it, 

…Certainly, a picnic and outdoor activity might be nice, but—

Leonhart closed his eyes and pondered for a while. And as he thought of something, he found something decisive out of the idea, so he slammed his desk vigorously,

“—Alright, let’s execute that idea!” 


“Ya~y! I won~!” 

Carol jumped in happiness when Leonhart announced his decision, while the generals raised their voices in surprise. 

Among them, the relatively calmer Great General turned to Leonhart,

“B-but, can we really make it? In more ways than one…” 

The other generals nodded as well. But as if to bounce the opinion away, 

“…Yes, we could! We might barely make it, but if we make use of the personnel of the Demon Army… I feel like we can do it!” 

“I-is it really okay?” 

The Great General asked again. But the one who responded was Carol, 

“Oh my, you aren’t confident about this? That’s no good! We are Leonhart-sama’s army, the most elite among the Demon Army! Since you are the Great General, you should be more confident about it!!” 


“Who do you think we are?! We can do it! We can accomplish it! The word ‘impossible’ isn’t in our dictionary, not for those who serve Leonhart-sama!” 


When Carol said so with momentum, Great General Lee was silent. 

However, he raised his face after a while,

“…I understand. In that case, let’s boil down the place immediately.” 

“Y-your Excellency Great General?!” 

The generals raised their confusion at Great General Lee’s words. But then, Great General Lee said in a calm tone that carried a glimpse of his passion, 

“If we withdraw after being told so much, the pride of our undefeated army would cry…! Since we have been entrusted with this mission, all we need to do is to complete it for the honor of Leonhart-sama…!” 

“Nicely said! As expected of my rival!” 


“Your Excellency Great General…” 

When the generals received the Great General’s words, their eyes filled with passion. As Leonhart saw the exchange, 

…I somehow feel this might become a little too big of a deal, but… well, I guess that’s fine.

My army has many excellent commanders who are dedicated to carrying out the mission successfully. There are also a lot of fighting maniacs and hard-headed people too. Is this some sort of characteristic? I wonder who they take after, as Leonhart thought that,

“—Then we will start the operation! Every member is to do their best to carry out the mission!!” 




Receiving a serious command from the demon army officer, Carol, the Great General, and the other generals raised their voices with enthusiasm. As Leonhart looked at them with satisfaction, 

…It’s about making it within a month…!

Leonhart forgot about his initial worries and he was filled with motivation, a mysterious sense of mission, and responsibility to carry the task successfully.

—And so, Leonhart’s army, the most elite corps among the Demon Army, would do their utmost to tackle the mission of a “date” that would commence a month later. 


Author Note:

Galtia : “What’s with them, are they going to war?”

Kesselring : “It became that big of a deal…”

Hunty : “I’m glad I wasn’t there…”

Carol : “Since ancient times, dates have been synonymous with war! It’s a battle between life and death! There’s nothing weird about being so serious about it!”

Masuzoe : “…”

Haniko : “Ufu, Masuzoe-sama also said ‘that’s right’ (piggyback along) to that.”

Hunty : “Ah… so you guys are those types of people…”

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