The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

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Editor: Shizukuku

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Chapter 088 – The Relationships of the Two People [B]

At an area north of  Maou Castle, a town had been completed on a flat land that never had anything before. 

There was a group of buildings surrounded by outer walls. There were various stores along the main street that were connected to the entrance of the town in a single line. The stores offered a variety of dishes, and the demon soldiers who already prepared the stores were waiting there.

The square with its large fountain and clock tower was lined with stylish and profound buildings that Carol referenced from seeing human towns, creating a beautiful landscape for the town.

There was a wide range of facilities on the boulevard, from theaters to a colosseum, and there were even buildings that showcased archaeological sites. There were also many buildings that looked like ordinary houses and warehouses, but most of them were filled with different forms of entertainment, and by extension, were there to entertain the maou.

Meanwhile, there was a girl waiting at the fountain square in the center of the town.

It was Maou Ssulal.

She came to this place because she was told to wait there to meet, but seeing the great scale of the town, which had been created within a month, she couldn’t close her mouth due to astonishment, and yet she still came all the way here.

Ssulal had forgotten her nervousness about the upcoming date and was looking forward to it, but now that she calmed down a little from the surprise, she settled on the edge of the fountain.

But as she calmed down, her nervousness returned, and she began to worry in a different way from before as she looked ahead and noticed it.

There were demon soldiers who had set up shops around them, but while they were intentionally trying to not look at Ssulal or approach her, there was someone who came to her. 

It was a blond-haired man in a dark gray coat.

He didn’t pretend not to notice Ssulal and took definite steps toward her, then with a phrase,

“—Sorry, did you wait for long?” 

“…N-no. I’ve just arrived myself.” 

Ssulal responded in confusion. They hadn’t exchanged words properly for a while and Leonhart hadn’t visited her room as often, so both of them felt like it had been a while. 

Because of that, Ssulal felt her heart throb when she saw his appearance, and Leonhart extended his hand to her, as if to accelerate those throbs,

“…Well then, let’s go.” 

“Ah… o-o-okay…!” 

She naturally held onto his hand. At that moment, Ssulal’s heart was rampaging in her chest. 



…A, aaaahhhhhhhhh?! I’m holding hands with hiiiiiiimmmmm?! No, that’s normal though!! It isn’t like we’ve never done this before too!! B-but somehow, I feel like I’m done—!! 

As Ssulal’s mind was in a frenzy due to Leonhart’s actions, she was thinking of him while trying to act as casually as she could.

In the first place,

…Rather, i-is he an idiot to go so far as to construct an entire town just for a date? T-to do all this, just for my sake…

Well, she was happy about it. Even then, she thought it was idiotic of him. Who else would use the most elite corps of the Demon Army to construct a town for the sake of a date?

Indeed, things were just fine when Ssulal entrusted Kesselring to relay the date invitation to Leonhart, but after that, Ssulal’s thoughts turned to where they would go. Or rather, where could they go? It wasn’t like there were any date spots nearby, and there were also no unusual locations where they could go sightseeing either.

So as a result of her thoughts, she assumed the date would end up as a picnic-like experience. Well, that itself was fine, since it did have the right atmosphere, and would be nice since it would feel calming for her, yet, 

…To think he went all the way to prepare this…! 

He was a fool after all. She was happy about it, but she would still complain about it later. She didn’t want to mention it, but she felt like she had to for some reason.

As Ssulal was thinking of that,

“…Hm, ah-… Ssulal?” 


“………A-are you okay?” 

“Ah, I-I’m fine! I’m okay, i-is something wrong?!” 

Ssulal let out a weird voice because Leonhart suddenly talked to her. She felt her temperature rise a bit, but she raised her voice to adapt. Didn’t I totally act weird just now? Ssulal thought as she worried, but Leonhart nodded as he didn’t seem to mind it, 

“Well, you see. I wanted to guide you around the town, is that okay? Well, I don’t mind if you want to explore yourself, but if you don’t mind, we can do things together… well, I want to escort you around… ah, well, if you don’t want to—” 

“…? U-uhn. I don’t mind…” 

Ssulal felt like the situation would loop endlessly so she quickly agreed to put a stop to that. It wasn’t like she knew the town well, and he should have his own plan as well. That meant, 

…L-Leonhart, will escort me around…!

Ssulal felt like grinning as she repeated it inwardly, so she was troubled about it. She turned around to hide that, but would that make her look strange instead? She had been preparing for today, so she didn’t want him to see her as weird.



“W-what is it…?” 

She replied when her name was called. Then, 

“…Today, you—” 

“Eh, what?” 

She felt a little worried this time and asked back. She was scared of being called weird so she looked at Leonhart with suspicion, and at the same time, 

“…………………………Y-you look cute…” 


What did he say just now? 

The small voice he used that entered her ear said,

…Did he just say… that I look cute…?

No way, she thought. But those were certainly the words that reached her ears, and considering how her heart beated messily, perhaps he really said it, moreover Leonhart also looked away after he said that so Ssulal was unable to see his expression, yet she felt his hand was gradually turning hot—


Then, the words that barely came out her mouth were, 

“…Thank you…” 


Both of them said that while turning away from each other. Rather, 

…Since he nodded, it meant he really said it…

To think that Leonhart sees me that way.

For Leonhart who is either fighting or working all the time, he actually sees me that way.

For that big breast lover, the serious yet foolish one who can also be cute sometimes, my reliable Leonhart actually sees me that way.

When Ssulal thought so,


She felt her face heating up. Rather, she felt like screaming. It might be just a guess, but she could tell her face was flushed red right now. All of that because, 

…T-to think he suddenly told me that… t-that’s cheating…!

It was his fault.

What is he thinking, saying such a thing at the beginning of the date? He’s never said that before, yet he said so now of all times.

I want to complain, after all. I feel happy though. Why does he keep making me happy all of a sudden?

…This might be dangerous. I might not be able to act normally at this rate…!

Leonhart might think of me as weird. Ssulal’s thoughts were looping back. But he said she was cute instead of weird,

“…Haah, Ssulal.” 

“! W-what is it?!” 

Since he spoke to her in the midst of her thinking, she couldn’t help but to reply loudly. 

But he exhaled and seemed to calm down as he thought of something,

“…Anyway, we’re going to have some fun today.” 


She was happy so she couldn’t help but to look away. However, he didn’t seem to mind that and continued his sentence, 

“So try to calm down a little. Otherwise we won’t be going anywhere… that’s why, please enjoy yourself as honestly as possible.” 


“I’ll also try my best to do the same. —Well, that’s about it.” 

He turned around as he said that. 

But unlike before, he was facing forwards instead of behind.

It represented his will,


She thought. He chose to stop turning away from me.

That meant,

…He wanted to look at me face to face… and enjoy our time together…

Perhaps that was what he meant.

In that case, asking me to do the same meant,

…I also, have to face him…

And we are to enjoy this together, such was how it was.

Both of us seemed to be trying to avoid such a thing somehow. I also know it well.

Perhaps he also thought the same. We kept avoiding moving forward from where we were.

If so, that statement was meant to break away from our current relationship.

We aren’t going to run away from it. We don’t have to feel reserved about it. On top of that, we are going to enjoy our time and settle our feelings. 

…I have to be prepared…

She thought again. She came with such an intention today, and she planned to put it into action.

That was why it was time to take a step forward.

She gathered her courage and took a step towards her feelings. As proof of that,


“…What is it?” 

With that word, she used an action as her response. 

It was about how she reconnected with his hand, which was holding her right hand,

“…S-since it’s a date, I think we should hold hands this way… 


His fingers clasped with hers, and their hands were held together. 

They felt their distance was getting closer at once,

“…Well, you’re right… it just—” 

He said it. Perhaps it was the same thing she thought of. 

That was,

“This sure feels embarrassing…” 

“Yes, it’s really embarrassing…” 

The sensation of each other’s hand and the distance between them felt so close, and it made them embarrassed. They felt embarrassed as if they could feel sweat ooze out from their hands. 


“…Let’s go just like this.” 

“…You’re right.” 

—It might be embarrassing, but I don’t hate it. 

With that in mind, Leonhart pulled her along. 

She followed him.

It was the first step to their new relationships.

“—Well, I’ll entertain you in various ways today.” 

“—Yes, please make me enjoy myself, okay?” 

—Let’s enjoy our first date together. 


Author Note:

I casually put the profile of Majin Leonhart on the activity report (tiny voice)

Tsukii Note:

Finally, it is a step forward to their stagnant relationships. Took them over 300 years to reach this point (it’s SS 420 at the moment after all). Whether you feel this is too slow or too rushed, I’ll let the reader decide.

Without further ado, let’s proceed to an activity report containing Majin Leonhart’s profile.

Hello everyone, Kuroiwa here. Thank you for the support of The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer. Finally, it is time to reveal the profile of Majin Leonhart “at this period of time.” Rather, I did this on the side since the chapter update got delayed. 

And so, here is the profile of our demon army officer, his highness Leonhart. Here you go.

Name : Leonhart

Age : 346 years old (As of SS420) born on SS74

Height : 182 cm

Weight : 73 kg

Origin : Settlement on eastern region of continent

Occupation : Majin, Four Elite Majins (Later, the Supreme Majin), Demon Army Officer

LV : 146

Talent Limit : 400

Skill LV : Sword Combat LV3, Tactic LV1, Leadership LV2, Governance LV1, Baseball LV2, Magic LV2, Sex Skill LV1, Getting Lost LV0

Special Skill : Swordsmanship

Hobbies : Fighting against strong opponents, reading, training apostles and strong people, dungeon exploration, cooking.

Goal : ???

…Well, that’s about it.

This is the profile of Leonhart “at this point of time.” Goals, hobbies, and special skills could change according to era, so this is limited to this point of time.  

There are some additional Skill LVs, but I will reveal them as the plot goes.

I guess that’s it for now. Please look forward to the next update.

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