The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

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Chapter 089 – First Date [A]

The first place they visited was the main street in the center of the town.

Leonhart pulled Ssulal’s hand and led her to the line up of stalls there.

Most of the stalls were mainly there to serve food. Things they served included grilled dishes, desserts which were mainly focused on sweet snacks, and there were places that provide juice and alcoholic beverages to quench their thirst.

The grilled dishes were especially fragrant and whetted their appetite. In fact, the demon soldiers and gal demons in charge of the stalls would sometimes pick those dishes for them to eat as well.

The pair were holding hands and looking at the scenery, but Leonhart suddenly looked at Ssulal,

“—Well then. Let’s fill our stomach first. It’s lunchtime after all. —Is there anything you want to eat?” 

“U-hn… there are too many things to choose from and it confuses me… rather, it’s amazing you managed to prepare so many varieties…” 

Ssulal said the latter sentence with slightly exasperated tone, but then Leonhart replied, 

“I have almost everything I could think of. We’ve only seen the food offered by stalls for now, but there is a restaurant as well. It is because the chefs in the castle developed the menu and made a lot of effort to educate the employees of the shops.”

“It really is a lot…” 

There were meat skewers, grilled ikaman, jumbo franks, akame fruit, yakisoba, okonomiyaki, grilled takoyaki, curried mackerel, popcorn, hamburger, candied apples, pancakes, ice cream, etc. Seeing what was written on the signboards of the stalls and what was displayed in the store, Ssulal said so with an impressed tone.  

Leonhart made a casual suggestion there.

“Would you like to try various things for the time being?” 

“I wonder if I could eat so much…?” 

“You can just eat a little. I can finish the rest.” 

“Ah, I guess that’s good too.” 

“Then it’s decided. — well, first of all…” 

They approach a random stall. As they discussed earlier, they would try various things so they ordered things they noticed, but that would result in them interacting with the demon soldier and gal demon in charge of the stall so, 

“Give me a grilled takoyaki.” 

“Hah! Please take this! Leonhart-sama!” 


They received a larger than normal portion, 

“Just give me two random drinks.” 

“Ah, yes! Then how about these couple-only drinks?” 

“…It’ll be hard to carry around, so just give us a normal one instead.” 

They were offering services he didn’t know about, 

“There are various types of ice creams here—” 

“What should I do… everything looks delicious, but as expected I can’t eat enough to try everything… Even if I ordered double, that would only make two types, and it would likely melt on the way — ah, perhaps I could make it keep by using ice magic?” 

“E-err… which one would you order?” 

“..Sorry, but please wait a little longer.” 

Only where the sweets were concerned, did Ssulal become serious, which ended up troubling the gal demon, Frozen, who was in charge of the stall. 

Once they carried about 10 types of food, I guess this is enough, thought Leonhart as he pulled Ssulal to a nearby bench.

Then they proceeded to eat them,

“Hm, it’s tasty.” 

“Y-you’re right… It’s delicious…” 

They ate their meal and enjoyed the food from the stalls together. Although Leonhart actually witnessed the menu selection, 

…I thought the taste wouldn’t be as good if it was something made in a food stall, and by demon soldiers and gal demons on top of that… but it seems the quality is not a problem.

Of course, the taste might be inferior compared to chefs whose duty was to cook all the time. However, they were still within the limit of tolerance and didn’t cause any problems. Perhaps due to the environment they ate in, they instead gradually began to feel that everything was delicious.

However, there was something else that Leonhart was curious about. That was,

…What’s wrong…?

Ssulal didn’t seem focused at the moment. Although she did say it was tasty, it appeared that there was something else she was curious about.

Therefore, Leonhart looked at her and thought of how to deal with it. If he was to be selfish, then he wanted her to taste the food properly as she ate it, since the staff took effort to make all this. That would make Leonhart happy and his subordinates would feel rewarded as well.

Perhaps it didn’t fit her palate? Thought Leonhart as he became worried.

Just as Leonhart was wondering what to say to Ssulal.



Leonhart was slightly surprised by the sudden call. 

As he looked at Ssulal in response, he saw a spoon in front of his eyes.

What’s wrong? But as he looked closely, he saw the ice cream was scooped on the spoon, and Ssulal looked up as she offered it to Leonhart,



Leonhart blinked in astonishment by the sudden action. 

…This is…!

Well, he knew what it was. It was the so-called “A~hn” to feed a person of the opposite sex. And Ssulal was doing it.

Leonhart was strangely nervous at that. “A~hn” itself was something he knew about. It wasn’t the first time he had received it, and he also had experienced it.

He also did it practically every day during his days as a human, and the fan club members also did it to him once. Moreover, both Kesselring and Pale did it for him when they were nursing him. 

However, it was the first time for him to feel this nervous about it.

“…H-hey, hurry… and eat it?” 

“! A-aah…” 

It seemed that Ssulal was getting impatient when he didn’t eat it right away, and she began to rush him. However, her face was flushed red, and seeing how she was also looking away, it appeared that Ssulal was also nervous. He needed to hurry and eat it before Ssulal became anxious. It was because he didn’t seem to receive it for some time. Leonhart couldn’t afford to disappoint Ssulal, and he didn’t hate it personally.



He opened his mouth as he uttered it. 

“A~hn,” said Ssulal as she brought the spoon inside his mouth,


“How is it? I-is it delicious?” 

“……….It is delicious.” 

Such was Leonhart’s answer. However, 

…I couldn’t really tell how it tastes…

To put it simply, he didn’t have the composure to taste it. He did feel the sweetness, but that was it,

“…I’m glad then. Well then… next—” 


Leonhart leaked a confused tone by the word “next.” Ssulal then opened her mouth, 


She urged him to do the same. 

…I should do it too…?!

He understood what he needed to do. He had doubt in his heart, but he quickly swallowed it unexpectedly, and he offered the ice cream the same way and,

“..There, a~hn.” 


Ssulal’s mouth wrapped around the spoon. 

The ice cream was immediately taken into her mouth, leaving nothing on the spoon. Then Leonhart asked the same way as Ssulal did earlier.

“…Is it delicious?” 

“…Let’s see…” 

Ssulal said. 

“…………It tastes so sweet… the ice cream.” 

“…A-aah. I guess so…” 

They share the same impression. 

But rather than impression of the ice cream—

“…A-ah… We’ve eaten enough for the time being, should we go to the next stop?” 

“Y-you’re right. The next stop is—” 

As Leonhart suddenly said so with embarrassment, Ssulal also stood up, along with her words. 

“Well then— eh, hm?” 

“Eh, isn’t that…” 

But at that moment, their eyes stopped on a certain figure. 

That figure which was playing a certain game at the store ahead was,


“It really is Masuzoe…” 


Majin Masuzoe was playing at the store for some reason. 



The game was difficult. 

Masuzoe saw the torn net and realized it.


“Ah-… you failed again, Masuzoe-sama.” 

Haniko said so in disappointment. 

Meanwhile, the demon soldier in charge of the store reached out,

“D-do you want to try again…?” 


“He said he wanted to try again.” 

The demon soldier was frightened somehow, but he gave out another net at haniko’s words. 

Masuzoe took the net, stuck the handle in his hand, and soaked it in water.

Inside the tank filled with water, there were a number of round balls floating in it.

The objects seemed to be called super balls. And this store seemed to be called super ball scooping, if Masuzoe wasn’t mistaken.

Masuzoe continued to challenge it from earlier. Since a town had been created for some reason, Masuzoe had a whim to visit it, and Masuzoe was attracted by the things he couldn’t understand.

However, when Masuzoe actually tried to scoop it, the net still broke as expected. That had already happened more than ten times.

When Masuzoe extended his hand to ask for another net, he was called from behind.


“What are you doing?” 


“Oh my, Maou-sama and Leonhart-sama.” 

Haniko responded to them. While they seemed to wonder why he was here, Leonhart was, 

“Super ball scooping… there is certainly such a thing… Carol suggested it, but to think that Masuzoe is actually interested in it.” 

“Ufu, Masuzoe-sama has become stubborn. He’s been trying for a while, but he still can’t get one.” 

“Is it that hard?” 

“No… hm, well… why don’t you try it?” 

“I guess I should… and, what should I do?” 

Ssulal asked, and the demon soldier answered as he passed her the net, 

“Y-yes. Please use this net and scoop the super ball out of the water. You can just put it in this tub. However, please note that the net will be easily torn if it is soaked in water.” 

“Fu-hn… I see. Well then, let’s try it right away—” 

The maou came next to him. He was looking at her for some reason. 

She was looking at the net and seemed to investigate it, but once she was done, she put the net on the surface of the water, next to the ball,


Tsukii Note:

Without further ado, Illustration time! Only for frozen this time though


A species of gal demon who lived in a cold region and used ice magic. Any male who releases inside of them would lose all their body heat and die. They tend to have a liking toward shotas.

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