The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Shizukuku

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Chapter 089 – First Date [B]


“Oh my.” 


She immediately scooped one. 

The net in her hand didn’t break,

“Ufu, maou-sama. You are good at this. Perhaps you’ve done this before?” 

“I’ve never done it before. It just, this thing didn’t seem very durable, so I’m just thinking I should be able to scoop one as long as the ball is near the surface of the water…” 

“…Ssulal is always been good at these kinds of indoor games. It is kind of weird to call this a characteristic though…” 

“I-isnt it fine!” 


As Masuzoe heard that, he tried to challenge it and do the same. 

He put his net near the surface of the water and scooped the ball. However,


It was torn again. 

On his side, the maou was scooping some,

“—Ah, it was torn.” 

And her net was finally torn. 

However, there were many balls in her tube,

“Congratulations! You can take the balls you scooped as a present, so please take it with you!” 

“Ah, I see. Thank you.” 

“No no,” replied the demon soldier humbly. 

The demon held onto the balls as she drained the water away. However,

“…But what do I do with this?” 

“They bounce around a lot.” 

When the maou dropped one as she heard what Leonhart said, the ball bounced back around the same height it was dropped from, 

“They really bounced a lot… is this made of rubber?” 

“It is. I have no idea where it came from, but they seem to be popular with children.” 


“Ufu, this is certainly interesting — eh, oh my?” 


Haniko noticed someone was looking at it. 


“Masuzoe-sama, do you also like it?” 


But he couldn’t get it without scooping it. 

Just as Masuzoe thought of that.

“…Want some?” 


The maou offered him the super balls. 

He looked at them, contemplating, but he nodded.

“It seems he wanted them.” 

“Hm, then I’ll give them to you.” 

As the maou heard the haniko’s words, she put the small super balls into Masuzoe’s hand. 

He stared at them for some time, then as he let them go,


The super balls bounced high as they made a noise. 

He managed to catch them. He then let them go again somehow. Then,


They bounced again. 

As everyone else saw that,

“He seems, to be liking it…?” 

“Ufu, it seems he is having fun.” 


As he heard their words, he kept bouncing the balls over and over. 

It was a simple action, but strangely enough, he didn’t find it boring. As he kept bouncing them, the maou who gave the balls looked at him,

“…I see. It would be good if he found them enjoyable then.” 

She said so with a smile. As she returned to Leonhart’s side and held his hand, 

“Well then, see you again.” 

“Well, enjoy yourself appropriately. You can do as you like as long you don’t rampage.” 

“Thank you very much, both of you. —Ufu, please enjoy your date.” 

When the haniko said that, the pair’s expression became flushed and they hurriedly left the place. 

Haniko put her hand on her mouth as she saw that,

“Ufufu, they are surely in a pleasant state.” 


“Oh my, so you like it after all?” 

Masuzoe didn’t think that was the case. He just found it a bit interesting. 



He looked again at the small super ball in his hand. 

That was the first thing he ever received something from someone else.

It was supposed to be a worthless children’s toy. Masuzoe knew that much.

But despite that,

“…Ufu, so you do like it after all.” 


He thought to treasure it, such was his casual thought. 



“Next would be — here?” 


After a casual encounter with Masuzoe, the pair found themselves in front of a large building. 

Once they entered, they saw a huge hall with a number of seats, with a stage in the front. Seeing that, the first thing Ssulal associated it with was,

“…A theater?” 

“Aah. It will begin soon. Let’s take a seat.” 

Leonhart answered briefly and pulled Ssulal’s hand toward the seat in the middle. 

As the pair sat in their seats, Ssulal looked at her surroundings.

…A theater… I wonder what would be shown here…?

Perhaps it will be a play or something, thought Ssulal. Although she knew it by knowledge, it seemed that stage plays performed in places like this were popular among humans, especially among royalty and aristocrats.

After that would be music, be it a musical instrument or singing, which was enjoyed as entertainment.

None of that existed until a few hundred years ago. Ssulal could feel the development of human culture as she saw their town.

After all, all she had was knowledge. None of them was something she had personally seen or heard firsthand.

It was because she was a maou, and one who shut herself in her own castle.



A sound came suddenly. 

Sounds echoed from many sources. The bass sounds and high pitched sounds overlapped, and they echoed through the theater, reaching the audience’s ears. The main tune seemed to come from a flute, but the impression it gave was slightly weak.

Just as Ssulal thought of that,

“—This town~ is a town where many sounds echo~” 


She heard a voice. 

It was a woman’s voice. The slightly husky voice gave a beautiful yet mysterious sound.

…This voice is.

However, it was a voice that Ssulal recognized,

“As the morning sun shines~ the singing of a bird echoes~” 

It was at that moment. 

A constructed background appeared on the stage.

They imitated buildings where people lived, and several humanoid figures also appeared there.

But among them, there was only one that was tangible and had a proper appearance.

It belonged to a tall, beautiful, blue haired woman. Her name was,


Ssulal involuntarily muttered that person’s name. 


“As the wind blows~ the bell rings~ the sound of the people echoes~” 

The person in question didn’t react. 

She just inhaled and sang aloud. She raised her hand, put her movement in, placed her hand on her chest, and kept singing as she performed.

“—She’s good, right?” 

“! U-uhn…” 

A voice suddenly came from Ssulal’s side. It was Leonhart’s. 

He looked straight ahead, and with tone mixed with wry laugh,

“When I decided to do this, I requested Kesselring to play this part, you see. I thought it would be fitting for her. And — the result is as you can see, it’s better than what I expected.” 

“…Certainly, she’s giving an amazing performance.” 

In the meantime, Kesselring danced on the stage and continued to sing. 

“My story~ begins in this town~ the place where I~ was born and raised~” 

The tune of the song changed from a solemn to lighthearted one. Her high-pitched voice echoed. It was a beautiful voice filled with emotion. 

“I want you to see it once~ about our town~ about the mysterious sceneries~ that are reflected there~” 

Ssulal was listening to the song. 

Kesselring then raised her voice even higher.

“The beginning of the demon~ that would last forever~ our utopia~” 


As the song continued for a long time, many demons and gal demons emerged from the side of the stage. 

The stage was starting. As Ssulal felt that, she kept on watching it.

“…Anyway, just look properly at them. They have been practicing a lot for today after all.” 

“For today…” 

That was, 

“It’s your first time watching a play personally, right? That is true for both of us. We came here for that sake. In that case, we should make sure to enjoy it— at least I thought so.” 


For the sake of Ssulal who had never watched a play, they all went to the trouble of preparing for it. 

Leonhart also said he never watched one before. But surely, he didn’t do it for his own sake, but for hers—

“…Well, the other members are amateurs and the script itself is commonplace. At least don’t be too harsh when commenting about them, okay?” 

“………What’s with that?” 

That made Ssulal think. It was like him trying to lower the hurdle for others. 

But that too,

“…Fufu, then I’ll look at it properly and evaluate them. I’m quite particular about scripts, you know?” 

As Ssulal said that, she reached out and held onto his hand. 

He was slightly surprised by her action, but he immediately regained his train of thought and gave her a wry smile,

“…Don’t be too harsh, okay?” 


She nodded. 

But making criticism might be difficult for her. After all,

…You have prepared all this for my sake after all. Of course… I’m so happy that I wouldn’t be able to tell whether the story is good or bad…

She felt like closing their distance so she gently put her head on his shoulder as the play began in earnest.


Author Note:

I felt like drinking coffee as I wrote this… a black coffee (feeling diabetic due how sweet the story was).

Their flirting story would continue for a while. It wasn’t important, but I think Kesselring would suit this kind of role.

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