The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Shizukuku

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Chapter 091 – The Feeling of the Two [A]

There was a town illuminated by the setting sun.

It was the demon town created by Leonhart, who mobilized all his troops for the sake of a date with Ssulal.

There was a fountain square in the center of the town. The two figures were once again in the place that was connected to the main street, the place where their date began.

As Ssulal sat on the bench beside the mountain, she stretched a bit and,

“Hm-…! There sure are a lot of things… in this town.” 

“Are you tired?” 

Leonhart asked. They had practically visited almost all the facilities so far. Leonhart was a little worried that too many things were done at once. 

However, Ssulal shook her head and gave Leonhart a wry smile,

“I’m not tired. It’s just, maybe I got too excited when I was looking around — it was fun.” 

“Hm… I see. It was good then.” 

“Yes, it was great. I have to thank Leonhart and everyone who worked hard.” 

“Aah, I agree with that. I’ll need to reward them later.” 

Leonhart said so with a light smile. As a matter of fact, he had already given permission to his subordinates to use this town as a venue for a banquet after this, so they would likely be lively until morning. Although that in itself could be considered a reward, he felt that it would be okay to give more rewards to them. 

He also decided in his heart to give some sort of gratitude to Kesselring and Camilla, and the groups that accompanied them.

The date was going well and their initial awkwardness was gone.

At least that was how it supposed to be, but



For some reason, their conversation stopped there. 

No, both of them knew the reason why it had somehow ended up like this.

The sun was setting and it was about to get dark. They had also looked at almost everything in the town.

In that case, it was about the time to end their date. Both of them felt such an atmosphere.

However, Leonhart somehow wanted to stay with Ssulal for a little longer, such feeling filled him.

Then what should he do? For the time being, he tried to prolong their stay by talking about random topics or something,

“…Ah-… by the way, earlier—” 

“Le… Leonhart!” 

As Leonhart spoke out with that in mind, Ssulal stopped him. 

She pointed to a tall marble building near them,

“W-what is that place? We haven’t gone there yet, right?! I want to go there!” 

“Hm… Aah, that place, huh… that’s… hm…” 

“It’s okay! Just hurry up!” 

Leonhart growled with an awkward expression. 

However, Ssulal tried to hurry Leonhart and force him to go with her. Perhaps Leonhart was convinced by her attitude and, although he was at a loss for some time, he eventually muttered, 

“…Then we can go— but I should tell you first.” 

“W-what is it? Why are you suddenly acting like that…?” 

As Leonhart put on a serious expression which made Ssulal feel a bit intimidated, what he said to her was some sort of declaration and precaution. 

That was,

“Remember that it is you who decided to go there—” 

“Eh… What do you mean by that…?” 

Ssulal felt a bit anxious at Leonhart’s tone as they kept going — and she learned the reason soon after. 



It was a long and tall space. 

There was a wide space on one side, which was entirely made of marble, and seemed even whiter due to certain things.

The thing that happened to lightly block their view — was steam.

White steam generated from the hot water tank in the center of the space and the floor. The name of the place where they entered was,

—A bath house. 


Ssulal was still hesitating inside a room in the space separated for changing clothes in the bathhouse. 

But that was natural, as the thing they were about to do was,

…I-I’m about to have a m-mixed bath… with… L-Leonhart…!

It was a situation she hadn’t expected.

Ssulal never thought the place she pointed at in her attempt to extend their date would happen to be a bathhouse.

Same could be said for her current situation. She never thought she would have a mixed bath with Leonhart. She felt the shame would drive her crazy.

But on the other hand, there was also a part of her who looked forward to it, and she ended up coming anyway.

As she stripped her clothing and wore the white bathrobe that was prepared, Ssulal gazed at her own body.

…There’s nothing that looks weird, right…?

She indeed had “nothing” in certain areas, but that wasn’t what she meant.

Even though he would be wearing a bathrobe, she would get to see Leonhart’s body. Of course she would want to check things carefully in accordance with the heart of the maiden.

“Rather… it’s normally embarrassing…” 

Even if she wasn’t completely naked, the bathrobe gave some exposure to her arms and legs in addition to her body line. It was almost like she was showing off her body, and that would make him imagine what was inside the robe— 

“…Let’s stop there. I’ll be more embarrassed if I think about it more than this…” 

If she continued, she would end up unable to enter. She was the one who said she wanted to come to this place. It would feel unpleasant if she suddenly said she didn’t want to anymore. 


Ssulal squeezed her hands and made up her mind. 

She opened the door leading to the bathhouse and stepped into it.

Then right after that,

“—! Hm, you’re here… you sure took your time.” 

“?! L-Leonhart…!” 

Why are you here? —wasn’t the question Ssulal asked. It was obvious after all. 

This place was a mixed bath they reserved and she just came with Leonhart to this place. She had already made up her mind. She wouldn’t be nervous with him there. She would act as usual.

Even so, if there was one thing she wanted to say,

…W-what’s with that?! T-t-that’s practically naked, isn’t it!

It was about the bath wear that Leonhart wore. Things that were prepared for men only covered the lower body, leaving the upper body naked. His body was lavishly exposed,

“…Well… anyway… H-how about washing our bodies appropriately then entering the bath?” 

“Y-you’re right… let’s do it.” 

She proceeded to move to the edge with those words. It was as if she was trying to escape or withdraw. It had the same meaning. The situation made their mentalities take some damage, so give them a break. 

Then they washed their bodies while taking the hot water from the sprue, which was different from the bathtub, and used soap. At that time, he had to strip off his bath wear, so Ssulal was thinking about him inwardly while paying attention to his back.

…Leonhart’s body… amazing…!

She didn’t have any way to explain the specific details, but anyway, it was amazing.

His body, which was quite tall, was naturally larger and stronger than her female body. He looked quite slender when clothed, but his body was actually well trained underneath, and he practically had the ideal muscle size. One could feel functional beauty from his body. Ssulal thought it ended up that way because his body had become the best shape to adapt to his swordsmanship and combat, but she thought it looked more ideal because it belonged to him. Rather, she didn’t have any doubt regarding that matter.

Her head was filled with the memory of his body and various thoughts associated with it. She felt her body becoming heated, even though she hadn’t soaked herself in hot water yet.

And while she endlessly thought about such things, she finished washing her body before she knew it. She wondered if the reason it ended earlier than usual was because her hand moved quicker while she was thinking about something else.

…I-I made sure to wash things properly… yep, it should be okay…

She checked her body again. As she understood in her mind there was no problem, finally,

“…Well, then… L-let’s go in…” 


She returned to Leonhart and soaked her feet with hot water while speaking to him. 

While feeling the temperature of the hot water, she gradually sank her body into the hot water,

“…Isn’t it hot?” 

“Uh, yeah. It’s okay.” 

As Ssulal turned toward Leonhart, who had spoken words of concern toward her, she told him there was no problem. 

After opening the distance for a person to enter, she leaned against the edge of the bathtub.

The thing that came to her mind was,

“It sure is good hot water…” 

She instinctively said so. It was that comfortable to her. 

There was also a bathroom in the castle, but the bath here wasn’t inferior to that place. Rather, the temperature here felt hotter, which made her feel more comfortable.

And it seemed that Leonhart also agreed,

“You’re right. The bath in the castle isn’t that bad, but I preferred this one.” 

“I guess so… Rather, it’s amazing you actually made such a large scale bath, isn’t it…? 

“…I didn’t intend to make it at the beginning though. This place was originally intended to be something else and was dug for the foundation, but some fools just happened to dig too deep, so I told them to fill the holes back… then the hot spring just sprang up from there.” 

“E-eeh… what’s with that lucky coincidence…?” 

Perhaps it could be considered an achievement from injury, thus the hot spring emerged from the failure. Thanks to that, they could have a comfortable time right now, so it could be considered a good thing. 

But it seemed to be a source of worries for Leonhart and he looked up while putting his elbow on the edge,

“It ended up successful and brought good results after all. I ended up not being able to say anything about it…” 

“Ahaha… Well, it certainly became something to be grateful for… Really, this town is amazing…” 

She said so from the bottom of her heart. To be honest, she never imagined he could manage to prepare this much when she asked for a date a month ago. 

While scooping the hot water with her palm, she looked at him and,

“…Thank you very much. Leonhart.” 

“…Don’t worry about it. I just did what I could.” 

He accepted her words of gratitude casually. It was an attitude that said he had just done the obvious. 

Looking at that,

…I guess so… It might be an obvious thing to do for Leonhart…

The thought made her a little depressed.

He was a majin while she was the maou. Since the maou asked, of course the majin would do everything he could.

Of course she could understand that he didn’t prepare all this out of work-like feelings. Even during this date, she could feel how much he cared for her.

However, that’s not something I want, she thought. She could understand she was being treasured by him. On the other hand,

…I’m sure… I’m not seen as a woman by him…

Such resigned thoughts came to her mind.

Even if she was treated dearly, she didn’t feel like she was being seen as a woman. There were many reasons to think that way.

She was still the maou, his superior, and regardless of everything, he also didn’t seem to show any signs of seeing her as a woman, and she seemed not to be Leonhart’s type.

She was sure that after this, they would go back when they were done with the bath.

The date would end. This enjoyable time would be over.

Even now, while she couldn’t help but feel her heart racing hard, he didn’t seem to be affected at all and kept his calm attitude as usual. Even though she wore light clothing and was closer to him than usual.


Thinking that, she tried to close their distance somehow. 

She gradually reduced the one person distance to zero as much as possible. His body was closer and she felt her heart throbbed strongly.

…A little more, just a little more…

She unskillfully approached him and got near him.

Then the reaction came.


He noticed her and his body trembled for a moment. 

As expected,

“…Sorry… well… let me stay like this.” 


I guess he just doesn’t see me that way, she thought. 

She leaned against his arm and looked up to his face.

She saw that Leonhart’s expression was filled with slight surprise, as if he was enduring something, and it made her think he was pushing himself to accept her actions.


“~~~~! Ssulal!” 

“Eh, ah, yes!” 

He suddenly called her name loudly which made her reply politely in response. 

Then Leonhart stood up, lifted his body out of hot water, and quickly turned his back on her with a quick movement,

“…I’ll come out first… but—” 

He then glanced at her, 

“…………Can I… visit your room after this?” 


The unexpected words made her heart jump. 

Well, he visited her room practically every day. There was nothing surprising about that.

However, asking for such confirmation to do so while on a date meant,

…Don’t tell me, it’s that…?

Something like an expectation shook her heart. And her mouth naturally said,

“…Y…yes… I don’t mind…” 

She agreed to his visit. 

After saying that, he looked away again and said,

“…………Well then, let’s go there immediately after this… don’t stay in the bath for too long, okay?” 


When he heard her reply, he left the bathhouse as it was. 

Her heart felt restless. As her mind thought of what he meant by that, her heart beat faster,

But anyway,

“…I should go as well.” 

She quickly lifted herself out of the hot water and jogged toward the dressing room again.  

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