The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

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Chapter 23 – Leonhart’s Apostle [A]

Some time has passed since I found out about the self-proclaimed Battle Notes, the apostle candidate of mine, actually prefers aggressive behavior.

After having our lunch, we left the room to a certain place and encountered certain people.


“Oh, Leonhart-sama.” 

Camilla and Shichisei. 

The dragon majin, who was also the part of Four Elite Majin, and her apostle.

In a sense, they were the ones responsible for the situation I’m currently in. Needless to say, it was because of Camilla’s remark.

Camilla gave a glance to the girl who walked in front of me for a moment, before moving her gaze toward me and opening her mouth.

“…I only told you yesterday, and here you are… you sure act fast, don’t you…?” 

“…Shut it. Isn’t it fine?” 

It was indeed sudden even from my perspective, so I felt a little bad as I replied. It made me seem easily swayed by her opinion. 

“…Leonhart-sama, may I greet them?” 

She spoke with a calm tone, asking for my permission. 

As expected, she must be nervous since it was Camilla. I was the one who brought it up during the time with Galtia after all.

“Well, that’s okay.” 

It wasn’t something I needed to deny anyway. Camilla also seemed to be waiting, so she might have some interest in hearing it, so I gave her my permission. 

“…Well then, it was an honor to meet you for the first time, Camilla-sama!” 

I thought she would be nervous, but she raised her voice in the same way she talked to me and Galtia. She sure has guts. 

“I am Battle Notes, a gal demon who is an apostle of Leonhart-sama— or at least, planned to be one! I’m pleased to make your acquaintance!” 


However, it was Camilla we were talking about here. She merely stared back without replying. Camilla wasn’t kind to women in general after all. So I already guessed this kind of response. 

Well then, we were done with our greetings, so let us go to where—

“Also! Shichisei-sama!” 

Or so I thought, but she continued her words as she pointed her finger toward the long haired, thin eyed man who was also the apostle of Camilla— Shichisei. 

“…Do you have any business with me?” 

“I have! A big one!” 

She spoke vigorously to Shichisei’s calm reply. 

“I am the most perfect apostle in the demon world… or so is my goal, but to achieve that, I need the greatest rival for that!” 

“…I don’t consider myself perfect, but.” 

“Since I’m not yet formally an apostle, I do not have the right to ask for a match, but once I become one, we’ll decide which of us are better at devoting ourselves to our master! Wash your neck and wait!” 

“…Eh, eeh.” 

…Shichisei had a really troubled expression. It was a very rare situation. Perhaps he meant to ask for help to deal with her when he occasionally sneaked glances at me? I was quite curious about what might happen if I leave it as it was. 

However, there was someone who put that to a stop. No, it was more correct to say she had no choice but to do so.


Laughter echoed in the quiet corridor. It was Camilla’s. 

“Ca, Camilla-sama…?” 



Shichisei and I put on a troubled expression. Meanwhile, the Battle Notes who saw Camilla laughing didn’t understand what made her laugh. Hey Camilla, didn’t your laughing point get lower recently? I still didn’t understand what she found funny. 

Camilla kept laughing and looked at Shichisei.

“Kukuh… Shichisei… it seems someone is aiming for you, huh…?” 

“Ye, yes. So it seems, Camilla-sama.” 

“You have to do your best not to lose, okay…? Kukuh…” 

“I, I’ll do my best.” 

Shichisei received word from his master, but he seemed to be more upset than usual. Looking at that, Camilla found it funny and continued laughing. 



She called me this time. I hope the repercussions don’t fall on me. Not that I would be mad about it after all this time. 

“…It seems you found one, funny apostle… kukuh…” 

“…O, ou.” 

“…I’m returning… to my room…” 

“…Yes, Camilla-sama.” 

With that said, Camilla walked away with a grin on her face. Shichisei chased after her, but it seemed he still felt confused as he looked at his master who laughed from time to time. It was quite strange behavior. 

Somehow, my impression of Camilla was different from the old days— or so I thought until I remembered that she also laughed the same way the first time we talked. I guess she hasn’t changed much.

Battle Notes looked at that and tilted her head as she wondered.

“Camilla-sama is unexpectedly quite a genial person. I am ashamed to have thoughts that she is a scarier person than she actually is.” 

“You’re not wrong about that, though…” 

It was just my assumption, but that laughter seemed to mean laughing at inferior creatures who acted in an interesting fashion. She liked idiots who are prone to do the unexpected after all… even so, I still thought her laughing point was still pretty low. 

We regained our bearings and proceeded to our original destination.





We were not at the hill a little away from the Maou Castle. 

“…This place should be good enough.” 

I looked around, confirmed that there were no signs of demon soldiers, and stopped there. 

Battle Notes who followed me began to look around. She had an expression that was curious about what we would do here.

Then she honestly asked that question.

“Leonhart-sama? What are we doing in this unpopulated— Hah!” 

She took a breath as she noticed something. I snorted as I was impressed by her. 

“So you noticed… then I’ll have you to prepare yourself.” 

“Ah… No, that’s…” 

For some reason, she put her hand on her cheek and swayed about as she heard my words. I thought that wasn’t a normal reaction to have and frowned. 

“…? Do you suddenly feel scared? I thought you were already prepared for this.” 

“I, I am prepared for it, but… to suddenly do it outside… how to say it, it is too high level.” 

…What was she talking about? LV wouldn’t change regardless of whether we did it outside or inside. It was inevitable to worry about the massive difference of LV though.1

“Do you prefer doing it indoors? It’s not that we can’t… but the damage will spread, you know? We can’t exactly bother people around us.” 

“Da, damage?! And, to say it would bother people around us… as expected of Leonhart-sama…”  

She swallowed her saliva. Perhaps she wasn’t aware of how powerful a majin was? If we fight seriously, the damage wouldn’t just be shrugged off. 

“…In the first place, isn’t it normal to do it outside?” 

“Eeeh?! Is it normal to do it outside?!” 

“What are you so surprised about…” 

“Ah, no… I’m ashamed to say that, err, um, i… had no experience with it.” 


She shyly confessed so. 

Eh, what was with her? She was a gal demon, yet she never fought in her life? You must be kidding me, why is she affiliated with the Demon Army again… perhaps she meant she only ever took command?

However, if it was the first time she would fight, it would indeed make her hesitate. I remembered my fear when I first fought demons back then.

“E, err… May I ask you a question…?” 

“? What is it? Tell me about it.” 

“Leonhart-sama… err, how much experience do you have…?” 

“…Ah-… Let’s see…” 

That was a hard question to answer. But well… 

I thought about the question for a bit and answered her.

“…I never counted it, so I don’t know.” 

“It is beyond what you could count?!” 

She jumped up as she was terrified by my words. However, she soon continued her words in a curious manner. 

“Ah, err, by the way, who are the people you’ve been…?” 

“Let’s see…” 

As I was asked about that, I drew the memories of the battles I had so far. The battle I could remember clearly was… 

“Recently, it would be with Camilla. I had fun doing it with her.” 

“Ca, Camilla-sama, is it… so you have such relationships with her… it is quite unexpected.” 

“Also, there’s also Galtia…” 

“Gagaga, Galtia-sama?!” 

“…Why are you so surprised about?” 

She screamed the loudest voice I ever heard from her. Was it that unexpected? Well, it might seem so since we got along well. 

“Other than that… I remember I was assaulted by Shichisei and Meglass when I first met them.” 

“A, assaulted?!” 

“I had a hard time back then… but now, it’s become something to laugh about.” 

“…To be assaulted by a man and an unidentified creature… I could understand such feelings.” 

“? Well, I guess?” 

For some reason, she looked at me with a gaze of pity. You didn’t have to pity me that much. As I said, I didn’t mind it that much. 

“…Well then, let’s get started.” 

“…O, okay. I will also prepare myself…” 

After she said that, she began to take a deep breath, and looked up at me with a blushing face. 

“Th, then, to begin with, please start with a kiss.” 

“Okay, a kiss is it. Okay—Hm?” 

Huh? I heard a word that was out of place from this situation. 

If I was not mistaken, did she just say kiss?

“…You, what did you say just now?” 

“Eeh… tha, that’s, you want to make me explain it again from my mouth? Leonhart-sama is so bad…” 

Battle Notes put her hand on her cheek and shook her head. 

…This girl, did she misunderstand something? 

To confirm what she meant, I asked clearly about it. 

“…You, what do you think we’re doing here?” 

“That’s, err-… so, something perverted… ah, do you prefer if I strip my clothes? Or does Leonhart-sama prefer to strip me with your own hand…” 

“…I meant for us to fight to check your combat power, though…” 

“Fi, fight with me—- eh, fight?” 


Looking at her who was astonished as she repeated my words, I finally realized the discrepancy of our conversations so far. 

“I, I have shown you something embarrassing…” 

“Enough, you don’t have to bring it up again…” 

Once we finished resolving our misunderstanding, both of us sighed. 

I was glad I chose a place without anyone around. If that conversation just now spread, my reputation would be ruined.

Camilla would still be fine, but Galtia and Meglass—Guh, I feel disgusted as I imagined it.

I took mental damage and felt tired. I had a thought to stop for today and try again another day, but we already came here.

Besides, the troublesome matters are meant to be finished as soon as possible.

“Well then, I will explain the test once again.” 

“Yes! Please do so!” 

She also changed her thoughts and responded cheerfully. I wish to learn how fast she could change her thoughts. 

“I don’t care how you do it, just make sure your attack lands on me— that’s it.” 

“For an attack to land… it means I don’t have to hurt you, right?” 

She’s sharp. Her mind works fast unlike what happened before. 

“Yes, that’s fine. Well then, let’s begin.” 

As soon as I made a start signal with my hand, she rushed toward me. 

“First attack for the win!” 

Battle Notes took the baton out of her bosom and swung it down toward me. 

—Well then, let’s play for a bit.

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