The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

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Editor: Lilia

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Chapter 043 – Reception [NSFW]

“Oi… Look, over there…”

“Aaah, that’s amazing…” 

The demon captains at the venue were all gazing at a certain scene from a distance. 

The focus of their gaze was the very person who was granted the upper seat at this venue, Majin Leonhart.

And around him, there were about a hundred—

“Here, Leonhart-sama. Aahn, open wide!” 

“Since your glass seems empty, I’ll refill it, okay? Or … would you prefer to drink your wine from my lips?” 

“Aahn, that’s cheating! Next one is my turn!” 

Gal demons. 

They were all snuggling up to Leonhart as they appealed to him with various methods.

“As expected of Leonhart-sama…” 

“Aah, what an envious thing…” 

The demon captains growled and muttered to themselves. They were all proper males, and they longed for that so-called harem situation. 

Although those who were demon captains or greater did possess their respective ambitions, they could think better than demon soldiers could, so they quickly came to the conclusion that such a thing wasn’t realistic. Therefore, the next thing that came out from their mouths were longing sighs. 

“As expected, that scenario is impossible unless you are a highly ranked majin like Leonhart-sama.” 

“Leonhart-sama has both ability and achievement, and he also has attractive looks. So it’s natural for him to be popular.” 

“…You’re right. If one is capable of that much, it’s a lot easier to forgive them for anything they did.” 

“Well, we can also enjoy some women during the invasion, so just be patient until then.” 

The demon captain patted his comrade’s shoulder to comfort him. In fact, they were blessed compared to other demons. 

As its name implied, Leonhart’s Army was led by Majin Leonhart himself. As for what that meant, even common demon soldiers were aware of the implication of such a name. 

That being — These people were the least likely to be defeated in war, as they were the army directly under the command of Leonhart himself.

After all, Leonhart was one of the Four Elite Majin. He possessed considerable martial might and was a master swordsman himself, making it practically impossible for him to be defeated by most demons, let alone humans.

But not just that, he was also the Demon Army Officer. Leonhart possessed the right to command the whole Demon Army, and he possessed the wisdom to do so wisely.

The victory rate of Leonhart’s army, which he personally led himself, was 100%. There were times when strategic goals failed to be completed, but if it was a matter of combat, his army would not lose. Of course, the contribution of his subordinates was important, as well. They were aware that they were amongst the elite within the Demon Army for all the victorious fighting they experienced, but — as expected, they could only say it was largely because of Leonhart.

Any post-combat fun was basically guaranteed to happen. Since they never lost, it was almost certain that there would be liquor to drink and women to enjoy. Of course, there were cases when people made mistakes and their right to enjoy such activity was taken away, or circumstances in which this couldn’t happen, like if they were just conquering empty land.

But having your opportunity to party taken away was infinitely better than defeat or death. Furthermore, Leonhart was a reasonable person when it came to these matters. Individuals who made mistakes were given chances to redeem themselves, and if there were no spoils of battle to enjoy, Leonhart would grant his subordinates an opportunity to relieve themselves — just like right now.

In fact, many demon soldiers had recently been complaining about the lack of post-battle looting, but this banquet should reduce the number of such complaints. Demon soldiers were simple. Now that they were granted the opportunity to eat and drink as they liked, their morale would surely rise again.

The demon captain drank some liquor while thinking about it. He opened the bottle and drank directly from it— the so-called trumpet drink.

Then, something happened when he took the bottle away from his mouth.




Suddenly, a petite shadow passed in between two demon captains. 

Although the shadow wore a mantle, judging from the silhouette, it appeared to be a woman, and a young woman at that. The shadow carried a bottle of liquor, just like the demon captains did.

They first thought it might be another gal demon that Leonhart invited, but once they saw her face, they immediately fell over themselves in shock.

“—?! Wha, wha…!” 


As they gazed upon this unmistakable appearance, they involuntarily did a double-take. For those who belonged to the demon race, there was no way they could mistake that face. Both demon captains were stupefied, and once they regained their mind, they felt panicked, and all thoughts of enjoyment and relaxation instantly evaporated. That was how shocking it was. 

They couldn’t calm themselves, but if their feelings were put into words, why is she here?! was the sentiment they wanted to express the most.

That woman walked unsteadily but surely toward a certain direction— towards Leonhart.

Once the woman had walked some distance away, the demon captains looked at each other while frantically whispering.

“I-isn’t that just now…!” 

“…A-aah… there’s no doubt about it—“ 

Even as the demon captain had lost all sense of drunkenness immediately, his voice still shook as he spoke out that name. 

“—It was Maou-sama.” 

“Here, Leonhart-sama. Next one would be a piece of sashimi-.” 

“Hm, ah—“ 

…Hm, how should I put it… 

Leonhart was thinking while the gal demon beside him brought a piece of sashimi to his mouth. He absentmindedly opened his mouth and chewed, as if in a trance.

He began to feel slightly drunk, and as he let his imagination wander more than usual, he thought of his current situation.

…It’s totally a harem…

That was the only thing he could use to refer to his current situation. Leonhart lazily surveyed his surroundings.

No matter where he looked, all he saw were women. His army commanders had already disappeared behind all the gal demons, who had proclaimed themselves as his fan club, surrounding him. 

It took some time before he was comfortable with all their attention, but Leonhart quickly began to accept it.

Because there were many of them, the girls who waited on him changed from time to time. At first, it was a little awkward, and they only shyly snuggled up to him, but now they were quite comfortable. Leonhart lightly pulled the shoulders of both the gal demons who sat on either side of him closer towards himself.

“Kyaa, Leonhart-sama embraced us…!” 

“Hmn… how bold…”

When he embraced both of them in his arms, their girlish scents spread through the air as he felt the warmth of their bodies press up against him. Then he faced the blushing girls and lightly smiled, 

“…Both of you are cute too.” 

“! Tha-thank you… very much… I’m happy…” 

“To think Leonhart-sama would praise me… Tha-that’s very kind of you…!” 

When he praised them, their cheeks flushed even more as they pressed their body even closer to him. Then, from behind and front, 

“…That sure is nice. Leonhart-sama, how about me?” 

“Leonhart-sama-! Please care about me too-!” 

There was a girl who wrapped her arms around his neck while pulling his head back towards her chest, almost squishing him in between her breasts. Another girl sat on his lap, and every so often, she would adjust her position, as if it was uncomfortable. Whenever she moved, Leonhart could feel her soft thighs shift, one by one, over his legs, and he could feel her butt slowly lift up and then come back to rest on his lap. The former appeared to be slightly grumpy while the latter to be innocent and eager, but they both appealed to him in their own ways. 

Leonhart also said to the two,

“…Both of you are also cute and attractive.” 

“Hmm, is that so…?” 

“Ehehe, thank you very mu~ch.” 

They also showed different reactions when he praised them. Both of them were similarly happy, though. 

Leonhart was being waited upon by four gal demons and he was thoroughly enjoying himself now. Although,

…How should I put this… but this sure feels nostalgic somehow…

It made Leonhart remember his old memories. Now that I think about it, I also spent my days like this when I was a human king, thought Leonhart.

He was always playing with women when he was human. During his spare time, if he wasn’t practicing for combat or fighting in wars, he would waste his hours away having fun with female servants in his room. It was a good way to vent his usual frustration, and he would feel refreshed afterwards too.

Because of his past experiences, he didn’t feel uncomfortable being in this situation, but there was a different energy this time compared to back then. That being, 

…It seems they really love me.

Leonhart could somehow sense the genuine affection in the eyes and from the eyes and casual behavior of the fan club members. It was the main reason he didn’t protest anything and obediently enjoyed the moment.

Although most of his memories from back then had already blurred over, he would never forget the attitude of the women who waited for him. They always looked at him with either fear or calculation, and never genuine desire. He knew that they didn’t truly want him, which was why he could take advantage of them without hesitation. However, it was inevitable that he also felt depressed because of it. Leonhart most certainly preferred his current situation.

And if he were to admit to another, more indecent, reason to enjoy it, 

…As expected, I’m getting excited.

It was simply because he felt comfortable and surrounded by beautiful sights and pleasant sensations — such was the reason why all that gloomy reminiscence quickly faded into nothing.

But wait, thought Leonhart, trying to find reason with his drunken brain.

To be honest, this couldn’t be helped, he decided.

Leonhart was a male. And he had already lived for centuries as a majin.

As he had lived for that long, he could control his own libido. Of course, his head was often filled with pink thoughts and he definitely felt horny during his early days. However, since he was often busy nowadays, he didn’t feel like spending his free time flirting with women, preferring instead to do something more productive, like training, or simply resting.

But still, he had to admit, he was still a man. Then as a man, 

Even if his mentality matured over the course of centuries to that of a serene monk, when confronted with the scenario of 108 bishoujos, all yearning for him, all eagerly serving him, one after another, there was no way he wouldn’t be affected. He could affirm that.

To put it simply—

…Ah, damn…! I feel very horny now…!” 

Such was his current situation. Basically, he was getting excited down there. 

To be honest, ever since this whole situation had begun, Leonhart had already felt like taking them on. While the gal demons were spoiling him, he was already deciding which one he should take first. That is to say, the lower half of his body was in trouble from the start. Although, the girl who sat on his lap should have already felt it from a while ago—

“…? What is it, Leonhart-sama?” 

“…No, there’s nothing.” 

…Did she… really not notice…?! 

Her personality was slightly childish, but since she participated in this event, there was no way she wasn’t aware of what awaited her afterward. Therefore, Leonhart was convinced there was no way she wasn’t aware about the sword in his crotch.

…Then she did all this on purpose…!

Leonhart fearfully realized the danger in her innocent attitude. Basically, this gal demon acted with a little devil personality. While pretending to know nothing, she would cozy up to him and slowly lower his defenses. So that was why she was rubbing her lower body strangely against his. He felt ashamed of the past him, who had thought she was uncomfortable sitting on his muscular thighs. He immediately tried to adjust his sitting posture to hide his excitement. Luckily, for her, he only noticed this now. If he noticed her intent from a while ago, she might have fallen victim to the slash and upward stab of his sword. She managed to survive that predicament because he was merciful. 

…No good, my thoughts are becoming more foolish now…

Although Leonhart was aware of that, his urges didn’t subside. They only increased in intensity, and would only increase further from here.

Then I guess I should go soon, decided Leonhart.

In this venue, where the demon generals and demon captains were present, he didn’t feel like showing off anything sexual. It would be awkward if he, as the superior, were to try anything, and he wanted to avoid being found out by them, so doing anything under the table was out of the question. It might be too late for that second part, though…his interest was becoming too obvious.

He thought it was a good idea to retire to the room immediately and show these gal demons what it truly meant to be known as king of the swords, then he would point his crotch Orpheil at them to use it as he pleased. These girls were looking forward to it anyway.

…Now that I have decided this plan, let’s quickly put it into action.

Leonhart called to the girl who had been near him this whole time. That person was,


“Yes! Leonhart-sama! What do you need us for!” 

His own apostle, Carol. She replied as she usually did. 

Then, he would command her as he usually did as well. Leonhart gazed to Carol, who lightly ran towards him,

“It’s about time—“ 

Let’s go, he was going to say, but just as he drew in breath to continue— 



Suddenly, Leonhart heard a voice calling to him. It wasn’t any of the gal demons for sure. There was no mistaking the owner of that voice. 

…Don’t tell me…?!

That voice was not loud by any means, but he somehow managed to hear it clearly over the din of the party.

That voice belonged to someone that Leonhart often talked with, and it was the last person Leonhart would expect to see at his banquet.

The person that called his name soon revealed their identity.


“It-it can’t be…what are y-you doing, here, Ssu-!”1 

When the members of the fan club around him saw that figure, they immediately stepped away from Leonhart, and opened a path for that person to walk through. The girls that were snuggling up to him climbed off the couch and joined in with the rest of the fan club, who had sunk to their knees in respect. It was a natural greeting for this person; any less would be disrespectful. 

And at the other end of that opened path,a petite girl approached with wobbly steps.

It was a girl with white hair and a pair of glowing red eyes, a slender figure that made Leonhart take in a jerky breath of air.

The girl who approached with her face turned down seemed to be like a ghost sent to haunt him. Her unsteady steps further strengthened such an impression.

There was nobody present able to speak up at such an appearance, except for one person.

It was Carol.

When she saw the girl, she spoke with her usual bright voice,

“Ah— Ssulal-sama!” 


She spoke out to that girl — it was Maou Ssulal herself. While everyone else went wide eyed in surprise, Ssulal sluggishly reacted to Carol’s voice and looked up. 

“Hmm, Carol…?” 

“Yes! Carol, the first apostle of Leonhart-sama and the most perfect apostle of Demon Realm, is at your service!” 

“…Where is Leonhart…?” 

“Leonhart-sama is over there.” 

Carol ignored Ssulal’s voice slurring and answered her question with her usual amount of energy, gesturing towards where Leonhart sat, dumbfounded. 


“gh…wha-what is it?” 

For some reason, Leonhart felt a chill travel through his body as his voice trembled. 

As Leonhart waited in fear, Ssulal raised her face and,

“Why didn’t you tell me—“ 


“Why didn’t you tell me — that you’re holding a banquet!!” 


Said so in a teary voice. Leonhart was dumbfounded. Now that he looked closely at her, her face was flushed red, and the liquor bottle she was gripping was less than half full.

“Didn’t you consider how I would feel? Being excluded by you, with all these…guests…it made me feel so lonely!! As punnhishment—“

She bit her tongue while meaning to say punishment. While Leonhart gaped at her in surprise, Ssulal managed to stand up straight, and pointed at Leonhart with one shaky finger. She proclaimed, 

“—Do all you can… to give me a satisfactory welcome!!” 


Everyone who watched this situation unfold fell silent. They wordlessly glanced at the people around them, and they were all thinking the same thing. 

…What should we do about this…?!

“Oi, hurry up… Leonhart is to come over here-, others can just go somewhere else, as long as they’re gone… I’ll punish you all if you don’t do it, you hear me?! I-I won’t show any mercy! I’m the M-Maou, after all!”2

—She was clearly hopelessly drunk. 

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