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I need you guys, the readers’ opinions! I’m torn between a few series, and don’t know what to pick up next~ Here’s the list of series on my wish list…There’s also a poll, so please choose which one you want me pick up (๑╹ω╹๑ )

1. Sky of the Wolf: (15 chapters +10 Chapters Sequel). I’ve put the description below. It’s super fluffy and has smut.

This is a heartwarming slice-of-life fantasy

On a rainy day where Rio was coming back from a supply delivery, he picked up a tattered child. The child had an obvious defect and was a Beastmen, who were persecuted in this country. From their first meeting in summer when they were 9 and 17, how will their relationship change that winter, after a passage of seven years?

The romance of a black wolf beastman and a golden haired and blue eyed human.

2. Violant of the Silver: (300+ raw chapters)

I’ll continue this one on Watashi wa Sugoi Desu. And I’ll post I Decided to Not Compete and Quietly Create Dolls Instead (Dolls) on Ainushi.

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3. Anata No Shiawase wo Negatteita 2

This one’s a sequel to a translated Omegaverse oneshot. Chapters are long and super angsty. But hey, it’s omegaverse!

4. What if Japan Sold Its Rights to the Continent After the Russo-Japanese War? ~Notes Exchange History Alteration~ (NEHA)

It isn’t BL, but it’s super interesting 〜 I’ll redo the TLs from the start.

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5. Others

You can also tell any of your personal choices in the comments. But please keep in mind that if the novel is being currently translated by someone, I definitely won’t pick it up…Don’t want drama. Also I can’t read Chinese or Korean, so keep your recs limited to Japanese Web Novels only!


Onto the poll!

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