Nurturing the Hero to Avoid Death

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Chapter 38, Part 5

Editor’s Note: For clarity and sense, and to keep our team from going crazy switching between NHAD and Violant, we have decided to change from present tense to past tense. Please let us know if you have any questions, feelings, or feedback about our work in the comments!

Translator’s Note: This is certainly not because it confuses the heck out of my poor brain. Also, first-person present tense looks terrible. Thank you all so much for your support!

“Thank you… Thank you, Sir Schutzer. Thank you… Really…”

Schutzer put his hand lightly on my right shoulder and shook his head.

“No, Lord Lian. Please don’t cry. If we can help you, and by extension, many others, to a brighter future, then that is what we intend to do and it brings us joy.”

I casually brushed my bangs away and rubbed my eyes with my sleeve.

Even though I looked like a child, I was a grown adult on the inside. I wouldn’t cry over something like this.

However, inevitably the older we get, the looser our tear ducts become. It was just human nature. At least, that was what my grandpa said. He used to watch shows about animals.

“…I’m not crying, but thank you. Thank you…”

He turned around to face me and bowed his head.

When I looked up and our eyes met, he gave a gentle smile, his dawn-colored eyes narrowing.

He lifted his hand off my shoulder and scooped up my right hand──

He took my hand… and leaned down to press his lips to the back of my hand.

I was petrified.


What is wrong with you Westerners?!!!1 

You should be more ashamed! For God’s sake, don’t do such things in public! Have you no shame? What would even possess you to do this?! I don’t get it!

“Now, I’m very sorry… but I must leave you for a while. My short-tempered boss is upset with me. For the time being, I will return to headquarters and give my report. I hope I have put your mind at ease until we see each other again. And please, call me Schwede, just like you used to.”

I yanked my hand away from him.

“I can’t call you that! I can’t! I’m sorry!”


Of course, I couldn’t do something like that!!

I started addressing him as Sir Schutzer out of anger,2 but he was not the kind of person that I, a commoner, was allowed to call by first name. If I were to call him by his first name in front of people, I would be scolded. I would be scolded by so many people!

And why the hell did he say “Huhhhh?” He sounded like a child!

“Well then, please have a safe trip back to headquarters! We’ll take our leave too! Please give your boss my warmest regards! Bye!”

I grabbed the arm of the golden-haired animal who was clearly filled to the brim with murderous intent, who was even letting out an earth-shattering roar and hurried to the big, black-headed horse that was waiting smartly and patiently at the gate.

The horse’s name, by the way, was Trueno.

It had a lightning-like pattern on its neck, so it seemed that it was named after the god of thunder. Mr. Cheddar was very simple when it came to choosing names. I mean, Mr. Cheddar was always like that. Stuff like, “It’s named whitey because it’s white!”

When I heard that, I screamed internally, “That’s just like calling a horse Bolt!” 3

Trueno was a very smart horse, very friendly to me, and also very cute.

I decided to pick up my luggage before leaving, so I grabbed a nearby monk and told him.

A lot of people gathered around, apologizing to me and praying for me. Even a man in white ceremonial robes, who seemed to be the most important person in the group, came out and apologized to me, sweating like a waterfall.

I apologized back to him, with my own waterfall of sweat as well.

We went back and forth apologizing and it started to become a little bit weird.

I guessed we were both in the same position as pawns who had been pushed around by a presumptuous Goddess, so I guessed we could both be called victims of mutual annoyance. For heaven’s sake, I was really sorry for wrecking the place like this.

He followed me to the front of the gate and even gave his farewells.

I couldn’t take this any longer. I wanted to ask him to please stop. I just want them to let me go home quickly and quietly if that was even possible.

There were some people who came over to worship me with moist eyes and hands clasped together. Please just give me a break. And don’t worship me. Don’t. I’m just a regular person!

Sometimes… not even sometimes… I could only talk to the Goddess once in a while. That was it. I wasn’t being modest; it was true. Even though I said that, no one was listening.

Sir Schutzer said he’d take care of it, but… But seriously, please, this needed to stop.

Somehow, now I was starting to get scared that they were going to travel to the village to worship me. Please don’t let them. Please. It made me sick to my stomach.

While bringing over my luggage, Charis told me…

While I had been locked up in that room, it seemed that my father, mother, brother, Lowendal, Marie, Efa, Mrs. Cheddar, the little ones, and even the evil kid trio were worried, and they had rushed over to visit and check on me.

I didn’t know about that at all. 

I had never been told, so there was nothing I could have done about it.

Apparently, that bastard Schutzer instructed the church staff to turn them away, all of them. Every one of my acquaintances, friends, and family from the village. He didn’t even let them bring gifts of sympathy to me.

─Because, apparently, he thought it would have made me sad and think of the village.

I was able to see the gifts; they were being piled up in the wagon’s loading platform, as well as being handed over to me.

I only took out the letters and gifts that had letters attached to them and decided to donate the rest to the church.

I hoped that the food, clothes, and the things like towels sent to me for my medical treatment would be used by other people who really needed them.

I was unquestionably in good health, and there was nothing wrong with me.

When I finally returned to the village, the sky was completely clear.

It was as if the torrential rains, the gusts of wind, and thunder had all been part of a dream.

There were a few fluffy white clouds floating in the sky, and everything else was blue as far as the eye could see.

The wind that grazed my cheeks was slightly warm and comfortable.

I rocked back and forth on the horse that was striding at a leisurely pace.

Ever since we left the church, I had been trying to put the guy behind me in a good mood by quieting, coaxing, apologizing, praising, and thanking him.

…I felt like I was apologizing to a lot of people today, not just to the guy behind me, but also to a lot of people in a lot of different situations.

I hated it. How did it all end up this way?

“…Hey. Alfred. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. I won’t go anywhere without telling you, and when I go somewhere, I’ll always tell you where I’m going and when I’m coming back. Okay?”

A deafening silence was his only reply.

“Alfred. Is there any way I can cheer you up? What do you want? I’ll do anything for you. Just name one thing I can do.”


Finally, a reply.

But it was in a very low voice, and I could tell that he was frustrated, unconvinced, and angry, even without looking at me, which scared me a little. Only seeing that dark aura of anger from behind was scarier.

“N… no, t-two things… uh… uh… three things, alright! Name any three things!”

“Hmm… Then, kiss me until I’m satisfied.”

This bastard… asking for something like that all of the sudden.

Of course, that was the first thing on his mind!

Ugh, you’re a wild animal at heart! I was prepared for at least one of your requests to be like that, but I didn’t expect it to be the first one without any hesitation! Bastard!



He lowered his face.

I tilted my body forward so that I was next to him. I put my arms around his shoulders to keep him from falling. He placed his arms around my waist to keep me from falling, and I didn’t know whether to be grateful, kind, or suspicious.

I pressed my lips against his cheeks.

The wrinkles between his eyebrows lessened.

So I did it again, and they lessened more.

His moody expression gradually faded away.

“More. All over my face. Full. Lips.”

I did as he ordered and let kisses fall all over his face and on his lips.

Wait, we’re outside!!!

I forced down my rising shame, put a lid on it, put a weight on it, and locked it up.

If I didn’t force this shame down, I would die from it.



He took his tongue and slid it between my lips.

I did as he asked, more, so I took my tongue and pushed it forward, letting it slip over his and twirling them together.

I start to breathe faster and struggled to catch my breath, as I was locked in the deep kiss.

“…Hah, mpf… there… Are you satisfied…?”

“Not at all.”

What? Not at all… You’re so…

I was limp in his arms as he held me tightly.

“And then, until we get to the village, hold me like this the entire time. And then kiss me occasionally.”

“…Eh, then. That’s your second one?”

“This is still the first one.”


“And then, occasionally caress me.”

If he had to separate something into smaller sections in order to understand what the request was, then it wasn’t all one request, was it?

At least that’s what I thought, but I didn’t say it.

He rubbed his cheek against my head and cheek.

Like a spoiled animal.

I exhaled a little, reached out, and stroked his head and cheeks.

Then I slowly pressed my lips against his.


I made it back to the house, safe and sound.

I explained to Lowendal and the others that the disease had been misdiagnosed.

I told them I had been staying at the Order’s branch until it was confirmed.

I couldn’t tell them the truth, so I had no choice but to say this. I was so sorry for causing them so much worry and lying to them that I really felt like I was going to die.

Shurio, Lian’s father, Lian’s mother, and Lian’s brother clung to him and cried. And, for some reason, Lowendal, who had never been seen wearing anything but a perfect smile across his face, cried.

It was terrible… I wanted to kneel down and beg for forgiveness.

And again, the sympathy gifts… there were so many of them here.

A large amount of yogurt and cheese was delivered from the Cheddar’s ranch because it was good for nourishment.

Marie and the children sent me a flower with a message saying “Get well soon.”

For some reason, there was a mountain of gifts here sent from the Order’s branch.

I was… I was again filled with a sense of shame and apology.

Someone give me a break.

I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Please don’t do this. Please.

The frustration and pain of not being able to tell you the truth made my stomach and chest feel really bad.

I wondered if that made it worse.

I told him it was just mental fatigue and not illness.

I was sentenced to four days of no work, complete bed rest, no going out, and house confinement.

At first they said a week, but I couldn’t take that much time off. I negotiated desperately and somehow managed to get it down to four days.

Even four days was too long.

I didn’t have the time to take a break!

There was no time to lose!

Documents! Invoices! Estimates! Work orders!

It had all piled up into a mountain!

I was about to do them secretly in my room when Lowendal came in at the wrong time, found me, and confiscated everything. What a nightmare!

With a dandy and perfect smile, they were quickly taken away.

When I tried to take them back, he smiled at me.

But his eyes weren’t smiling at all, and I could tell he was really angry, so I said “No, nevermind…” I had no choice but to back down.

He was a little too scary. At that time, even the blond-headed former brawling delinquent, who was next to me, was silently frozen.

─There had been no word from the Goddess so far.

Maybe… Maybe she thought I was really mad at her and was reluctant to come to see me.

However, at that time, I heard “I’m sorry…” and she sounded like she was about to cry. I was sure it wasn’t my imagination.

Well, I was sure she would come to see me one of these days.

If the Goddess was ready, courageous, and prepared to be scolded by me, she would come.

The other night, when I fell asleep and woke up, I saw a white feather fluttering out of the window.

I went looking for it, but I couldn’t find where the feathers landed.

I don’t know if it was a reality or a dream.


The blond man with a fresh and youthful smile said to Lowendal, “I’ll keep an eye on him as a guard and nurse.” Lowendal agreed without hesitation and then I was stuck in my room for the next three days.

During that time, he took care of me so much that he didn’t even let me put my feet down on the floor, but…

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2 years ago

Oh my god, Alfred can be such a baby XD Lian made a mistake by saying “any” three things *^* also, it’s so sweet that the village clearly loves Lian so much! Thank you so much for translating and for making this easier to read!

2 years ago

I like the past tense! It’s easier to read for me. Btw, where’s the art from the cover of the novel on this website from?

2 years ago
Reply to  SuouNono

Ugh, it’s easier to write for me. Actually even reading the text in Japanese is confusing because of how often the tense is switched. Corporate Slave is still the hardest novel I’ve ever translated for, but this is definitely a close second.

I believe the cover art for this is from a place where someone could buy this novel but in a way where it’s printed on separate sheets of paper and then bound into a single stack of sheets of paper, if you catch my drift