I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Editor: Tamago

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Chapter 02 : The Crown Prince’s Words

“What do you mean? Why are there two people? Did the ritual fail?”

A handsome man with red hair spoke. The language didn’t sound like Japanese, yet I could still somehow understand it…

“No, the ritual was a success. There’s no doubt that one of them is the Miko.” answered a priest-like man.

“Um, where is this?” asked the young man who had come to this place with me. As I looked closely, I could notice that he wasn’t less good-looking than the people in front of us. Actually, he was even more gorgeous… Was he half-Japanese? He was tall and fair-skinned, both his eyes and hair brown.

His clothes were quite fashionable, and he seemed to be the kind of person to spend a lot of money. He looked like a celebrity; people as good-looking as him rarely existed around me…

“This is the Argyle Empire, and I am the Crown Prince Leonard Argyle. We have summoned a Miko who will become our savior by using the summoning ceremony that has been passed down from the ancient times. Our country is under the threat of miasma. Please lend me your power to save us all.”

So the red-haired man was the Crown Prince. By the looks of it, he was quite young, but he was still a great man.

“Are you for real? Is this another world? If I become a Miko, I’ll have to purify the miasma, right? Can I also use magic? How is the Miko treated?”

The eyes of the beautiful, brown-haired young man were gleaming with excitement.

“I’ve heard that the Miko is a light attribute magic user, capable of purification and healing. We would like the Miko to purify the miasma and heal the wounded together with us. The Miko is the key to saving our country, so of course the royal family will take good care of him and prepare a room for him at the royal castle. We will give him whatever he desires once he is able to get rid of the miasma’s threat.”

“I see. I’m honored to be summoned. I’m sorry for the delay in introducing myself. My name is Kagaya Kaname, Kaname being my first name. I’ll help you in any way I can!”

Kaname smiled brightly.

“Kaname-dono, right? What a blessing. We should be thankful that we have such a kind and beautiful person like you as the Miko.”

“But according to the legends,  a Miko should have black hair and black eyes…” interjected the priest-like man.

“Ah, we both come from a country called Japan, and it’s true that there’re a lot of people who have black hair and black eyes.” Kaname explained. “But there are also people like me who are half-Japanese and are born with brown hair. The eye colour also differs from person to person.”

“All the past Miko just happened to have black hair and black eyes. It’s unlikely that his hair and eye colours will affect his magic power and attributes,” said Leonard. “Above all, this man has a pure and beautiful presence, not unlike a Miko’s sacredness… Kaname-dono is definitely the Miko from the legend. Let’s get the room for him ready soon. Tonight we shall hold a welcoming banquet.”

Right. It’s true that Kaname-san is a lovely person. Even if I have both black hair and eyes, like Miko in the past, my face is mediocre.

Tamago: So the Miko is decided based on looks, is that it?

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1 year ago

You know…it would make me worried if the prince of my country(if there was one) would choose the one responsable,not to do a simple job but to safe the freaking country by looks…dear lord

1 year ago

What the hell? So .. thats it? So .. weird and I feel bad for the MC. No one even bother to talk to him.

2 years ago

Lookism! Hahahahha

2 years ago

This sounds very like that isekai shoujo manga that got an anime adaptation hahahaha

2 years ago
Reply to  Hoozuki

I see what you’re referring to.