I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 03 – The Despairing and the Joyful

Throughout the exciting atmosphere, something was weighing on the back of my mind. Wait a second… no way…

“Excuse me, but I have to go to work tomorrow. Can I go back to my world?”

Instantly, silence fell over everything, coupled with a dangerous air. The red haired Crown Prince looked at me with a tense expression.

“What is your name?”

“Oh, my name is Itou Akira.”

“Itou-dono. Kaname-dono is willing to cooperate with us. But you, on the other hand… you aren’t willing to help save the empire?”

“Uhm… First, I want to confirm whether I can return home or not.”

“Unfortunately, there’s no way to go back to your original world from here.”

My mind went blank.

“I can’t return, not ever…?”

“You don’t need to worry. Both the royal family and the temple will guarantee the life of the Miko. I promise you that you will not be inconvenienced. All the past Miko have also lived out their lives here.”

Leonard continued to say something, but it all went in one ear and out the other.

It looked like I had lost everything – my family, my friends, my job.

After that, in a daze, I was made to change my clothes and brought to the banquet. Only a few people from the inner circle were present, whether from the royal family or the temple.

I was greeted by the emperor, the empress and other important officials, but my head was in the clouds. Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to recognize anyone if I ever met them again. The meal looked extravagant, but I could barely finish it.

After the meal, the priest explained that the next day, they would measure each of our magical powers to confirm who the true Miko was. When the Miko was determined, they would make an opportunity to introduce him to the public. After the explanation, we were guided to our respective rooms.

I wanted to share my confusion with someone, so I visited Kagaya-kun’s room. After getting rid of all the attendants there, I started talking.

“You know, we can’t go back to our world anymore. It’s quite unbelievable… I have a job, and I haven’t told my parents anything yet. We were brought against our will, and we can’t even go back. It’s quite a horrible story. Kagaya-kun, are you really alright with all this?”

“I’m fine. Actually, I don’t have much attachment to my world. I have a family, but we haven’t gotten along well for a long time. I don’t care much about my lover either. I used to be an actor, but there isn’t really a particular job that I really want to do. What about you, Itou-san?”

“I’m a civil servant.”

“Ah— is that so. The job sounds solid and steady. Actually, doesn’t that raise your tension when being summoned to another world!? There are few people who can experience something like this in reality! Like in a game or novel, this feels like the beginning of some kind of adventure!”

“You look happy about this… I’m jealous. How old are you, Kagaya-kun?”

“I’m 21. How about you, Itou-san?

“You’re quite young. I’m turning 28 soon.”

Damn. Was the reason for our differing adaptabilities because of our age gap?

“Hm… You look young for your age. I thought you were only 2 years older than me. That’s right! I want to say this now; I definitely like being a Miko. I’m the type of person who only wants to play a protagonist role. That’s why I’ll definitely take the Miko role, so Itou-san, I would prefer you play the role who gets involved.”

“Moreover, I will do my best to act only for myself. I won’t be considerate of you, but don’t think bad of me! I don’t mind talking with you from time to time, but do know that if you get in my way, I’ll cut you off immediately!”

Kagaya-kun laughed, a Cheshire grin emerging on his face. Compared to his appearance, his personality was much worse.1

So after learning that Kagaya-kun wasn’t on my side, I decided to return to my room.

QC Note: I’m sorry, but Kagaya’s already a scumbag in my book… Wait, am I allowed to say that?

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15 days ago

From the prev chapters, I’m not liking this Kagaya guy. like.. so rude and so full of himself. I try my best not to judge but I doubt I’ll change my mind.

10 months ago

Oh hello there fellow chunni! Why is your personality so bad. You give a bad name to us chunni :’(

7 months ago
Reply to  MTL

True. Imma chunni too, and this sc*mbag wanna make me punch him in his beautiful face.

1 year ago

Those kidnappers are total bastard. The kidnapped was asked (forced) to save the empire as if they’re obligated to do so. And yep, of course you’re gonna trapped there instead of having chance to go home.

1 year ago

If it wasn’t for the title I’d be waiting for the other shoe to drop on kaguya since they were essentially summoned to be slaves and political puppets.

1 year ago

We don’t know much about Kagaya, if anything really. I’m hold on judging him until I know more about him.

1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter! I have to agree with you Kagaya seems like a scumbag. Only caring about himself, at least he’s brutally hinest. Tho I have a feeling he’s going to be a total jerk in the following chapters.

Jo H
Jo H
1 year ago

Yea… He already gives off that scumbag vibe with how he’s standing there monologuing about his goals like a cartoon villain with no regards to the MC

1 year ago

thank you for the chapter