I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 06 – When I wasn’t Chosen as the Miko

Kiel had pretty extensive knowledge for such a young man. He seemed to be younger than me, around 24 at best, but he was quite composed. 

I had no plans for the afternoon, so I spent the whole time reading a book Kiel had given to me about this world.

That night, an official visited me. He informed me that in 2 months, Kagaya-kun would be officially introduced to the public as the Miko, and that from tomorrow onwards, he would start learning magic along with his duties as the Miko. Regarding me, he explained that I would be introduced along with the Miko as a fellow human from another world, and that I could spend my time as I liked.

This felt like complete neglect to me, but I was grateful that, at least, I had no trouble with my daily necessities.

I had very little magic power, but I couldn’t help my longing to use magic. So after having Kiel borrow me a magic book, I decided to self-study in my own room.

From reading the introduction, I learned that there were seven types of magic, namely, light, dark, water, wind, fire, earth, and lastly, no-attribute. No-attribute contained any type of magic that didn’t fall under any of the other categories.

Additionally, every user had their own unique personification of an ability, even if they used the same attribute as another person. As long as one was able to imagine and chant the spell, it wasn’t impossible to create a new type of magic.

The light-attribute magic I had included healing, purification, illumination, and a lightning attack. However, even a beginner level lightning attack spell would consume quite a lot of magic power.

I couldn’t perform healing and purification, so it seemed the only thing I could do was illumination…? So there was no choice left for me but to master illumination like some sort of human light bulb…


“Uh, first, I have to ‘feel the flow of magic within my veins.’” Did I get the image correctly? “Chant while imagining the release of your magic power.” The beginner level spell of illumination… here it is! “Oh Holy Light, gather around me and illuminate my path.” 

Then, my fingertips shone with light.

“Oh— I’ve done it! Let me see… to extinguish it I need to ‘imagine stopping the release of magic.’ Oh, it disappeared!”

“But it’s pretty embarrassing to chant this every time I need to do an illumination spell. I wonder if I can change it. Hmm… Light!”

…That succeeded too! I wanted to try casting the spell without chanting, but unfortunately, I would run out of magic after 2 spells, so I would have to wait until the next day.

I was a capable person who could do anything skilfully, but I always did things slowly and at my own pace, whether it was studying, playing sports, or working.

That was the reason why I was in a good mood. This time, I was able to learn magic quickly, and on my first try. Ignore the fact that the magic I used was crappy and had basically no potential to do anything.

After that, my daily life became repetitive. Every day, I read a book prepared by Kiel, and listened to his stories about this world. It was possible that I would be kicked out of the castle one day, so I actively tried to learn how the currency worked and other knowledge necessary to daily life.

It turned out that magic could be cast without chanting. I tried to cast magic from a distance, changing the brightness, range, and other things. I became what I thought was a splendid “human light bulb.” Since I was only able to do illumination magic, there was nothing else I could learn after a week.

Staying in my room all the time accumulated stress, so I would sometimes go for a walk in the garden with either Kiel or my guard knight, a refreshing young man aged 20 named Zack.

While walking outside of my room, I would often hear rumours about Kagaya-kun. It seemed that he could already use healing magic and had mastered purification. From time to time he would even heal the injured. The Crown Prince followed him around, apparently.2

Since the first banquet, I hadn’t been invited to any events in particular, and I hadn’t met anyone other than Kiel, Zack, and the maids who took turns coming to my room.

“Well, well, aren’t you Itou-dono?”

As I was walking with Zack through a long corridor, heading towards the garden, a group of young officials stopped us, one of which raised his voice deliberately. I believed he told me his name the first time we met, but I didn’t remember anymore.

“Did you hear about Kaname-sama? He learned both healing and purification magic in such a short time. The chief magician who teaches Kaname-sama magic keeps praising his talent. He’s already serving the people by going to the relief centre and giving treatment to the injured. He is indeed the Miko sent by our god! By the way, I heard that Itou-sama also has the light attribute. Aren’t you going to help Kaname-sama?”

“… I don’t have much magic power, and I haven’t learned magic from anyone yet, so I’m afraid I can’t be of help.”

“Just like Itou-dono said, your magic power is that of a newborn child. You can’t even learn magic. Ha ha!” The group laughed mockingly.

“I quite envy that you have so much free time. I envy you so much that I wish I could divide your free time and give Kaname-sama some of it. Anyway, please enjoy your walk.”

I let out a small sigh when I saw them leave at last.

“Itou-sama was the one who was forcibly summoned into this world for our own convenience,” Zack sighed, biting his lips. “If my status was a little higher, I could argue with him but… it’s truly frustrating.”

“Thank you, Zack. I’m grateful to have you by my side, especially because I have so few allies. Well, it must be due to the fact that I’m so useless. For the time being, let’s stop standing around and go to the garden.”

This had become quite a problem recently.

I didn’t know whether it was because of Kagaya-kun being the Miko or his personal disposition, but he was fully displaying his unique charisma, and thus there were lots of people who adored him.

It seemed that some of his believers didn’t like the fact that just because I was from the same world as Kagaya-kun, I was still treated like a formal guest, even though I had absolutely no use whatsoever.

They harassed me with all sorts of sarcastic remarks, and frequently tried to trip me up, especially the younger officials and knights.

If I was the Miko, I would’ve had a higher status than them, but my current position wasn’t stable. I was aware of my lack of power, so I decided to let it go.

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2 years ago

probably not normal to not use formal incantation. I foresee faceslapping in the far future

2 years ago

hm. nice beginning. how often is this story updated?

2 years ago

Baby ~
Thank you for the update!!! <3