I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 08 – The Miko Announcement

Before I knew it, the day Kagaya-kun would be announced arrived.

First, he was presented to the major aristocrats of the country at the cathedral, then to the public from the royal castle’s balcony, and finally, to the neighbouring countries’ royalty on the night the banquet was held.

Before, I had been told to participate as someone from another world. Apparently, this meant that they allowed me to participate in the cathedral’s announcement ceremony, but for the rest of the events, I was instructed to stay in my own room.

The cathedral was spacious enough to hold more than 100 people, and its white walls gave off a solemn feel. The room was filled with representatives of all the major aristocrats in the empire, and their colourful hair made the room all the more vibrant.

I stood quietly near the entrance, along with the young priests.

“Thank you all for gathering here. For the first time in 300 years, miasma has invaded our country. But fortunately, we have succeeded in the summoning ceremony, and we were able to get a Miko. Today, I would like to introduce the keystone of our nation, our saviour, to you all. Kaname-sama, please come this way.”

The dignified voice of a crown-wearing white-haired man echoed. This was the first time I had seen His Majesty the Emperor since the banquet on the first day.

Kagaya-kun, wearing a white robe with extravagant gold embroidery, stood in front of the altar, a large stained-glass window surrounding it facing his back. The light shining from behind him illuminated his beautiful figure. The Crown Prince stood next to him, a proud expression on his face.

“Thank you, everyone, for gathering here today. My name is Kaname Kagaya. I’m from another world, and I was summoned to this world under divine guidance. For the sake of the country’s future, I, as the Miko, will devote myself to work together with everyone to eliminate the threat of miasma. So please, I ask that you all kindly give me your full support.”

As he greeted everyone with a dignified voice and a smile that seemed to be hiding something, Kagaya-kun looked like a divine being.

That would surely get him more followers. In fact, all eyes were on him.

Perhaps he would’ve been a good actor back in Japan.

I wasn’t specifically introduced, but I still did get quite a lot of stares from the leaving participants. They probably guessed I was also an otherworlder based on my appearance. 

After Kagaya-kun, the participating aristocrats, and everyone else involved left, I was urged by a priest to head to my room. It was still a mystery why I needed to participate in the presentation, but that was all for my schedule.

According to the rumours I heard the next day, Kagaya-kun was very popular among the public. Bright brown hair like Kagaya-kun’s was the most common hair colour in this country. Feeling a sense of familiarity with the holy figure, the people’s hearts were easily grasped. I didn’t know how the banquet went, but if it was him, I was sure he could handle it without a hitch.

It had been 3 weeks since the announcement ceremony, and Kagaya-kun, together with the troops led by the Crown Prince, set out for the first time to purify the miasma. I wasn’t there at the time, but according to Kiel, it was quite a grand departure ceremony. They were heading to the forest, which would take about one week to reach from the capital.

Nothing was said about my future. To put it bluntly, it was ominous. My position was extremely unstable, and I felt so uncomfortable; I would rather they released me to the city…

Today was one of the rare days Kiel didn’t come to the castle– he had some business to attend to at his parents’ house. He had requested a replacement chamberlain,but no one showed up, even though I waited till noon. Zack was also out for training. 

I wanted to get out of my room for a change, so I went to the castle’s branch of the Royal Library, thinking that it wouldn’t be a problem to walk alone in the castle. 

Unlike the Royal Library, which was opened to the general public, this specific room, though it didn’t have any particularly specialised books, was only accessible to people related to the Royal Castle, and no one really visited it. 

When I came here with Kiel before, I learned that this was a good place to be alone. The only other person present was the librarian, an old man who was asleep most of the time, unless I was mistaken.

I sat down in the small reading space with a book about magic tools. Ever since I saw the magic tools at the magic store, I wondered if I could make one myself.

But after reading the first few pages of the book, I decided to give up. The formulae and theories about operating and linking magic stones and tools were written there in clear, crisp letters, but I didn’t understand a single thing.1

All I could understand was that I needed to be able to access a certain type of magic in order to make a magic tool with its effects.

I didn’t think I could make a magic tool by myself.

QC: “I didn’t think I could make a magic tool by myself. ” Is this foreshadowing? :think:

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2 years ago

I wonder what Kagaya is hiding. Is it foreshadowing him as a villain, or as a victim?
Probably the latter I bet.

11 months ago
Reply to  MaskedTwilight