I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 09 – Eavesdropping 

Now, I was free again. Magic tools were actually quite difficult to construct. As for magic, I could somewhat work it out with my imagination, but I still couldn’t figure out what magic spells belonged to what attributes. 

I wished I could solve everything with my imagination alone. For the time being, I wanted to at least be able to gather information either from the royal family or the temple. The reason was that I had no idea what they were planning at all.

Would eavesdropping work? I wondered if it was possible to pick up sound from a distance

I released my magic around myself and concentrated solely on the voices.

“Take these sheets with you.” 

“Hey, let’s take turns…”

Oh, I thought I could hear it…

As I imagined expanding the range of my magic, I searched for the voices of people that could give me useful information.

“… His Majesty isn’t here yet.”

“This matter will eventually…”

“Miko… we need to think about it…”

Wait a minute…? I heard the word “Miko”and immediately focused on the last voice. But I failed to catch the whole thing. 

“We don’t have enough bread. Someone contact the trader…”1

“…done with the cleaning. Next is…”

This wasn’t what I needed. I had to concentrate again.

“Hey, have you heard? Zeno was saying…”

“…I see. The Miko is…”

That is it! I focused all my attention on the voice I heard. The voice was getting clearer.

“…finally able to send the Miko to the purification.”

“It was because Leonard was hesitating to leave before the Miko’s power became stable that he had to select a reliable escort with great ability.” 

I didn’t recognise the first voice, but the second one was definitely the Emperor’s.

“It’s about time we handle the other person. Unless he becomes useful to us, we’d better get rid of him.”

“What? You don’t mean to sell him to an aristocrat? He’ll definitely comply if we say he should become the adopted son of one since he doesn’t have any social standing. That’s why we reached out in advance to those who might want him and even showed him at the cathedral, right?”

A new voice… wait. Did I just hear that they were planning to sell me?

By “at the cathedral”, did they mean the day of the announcement?

“The Duke of Enrich immediately requested to buy him. That man truly has a taste for unusual things. He’s already been surrounded by a boy from a ruined country in the East, a half-beast2 human, and other strange… people. From his point of view, the otherworlder is a perfect pet for him. He gets bored easily, so he might someday release the otherworlder somewhere.”

“Just by having black hair and eyes, people will think of him as sacred. Many will definitely think that he’s the Miko. His existence will also weaken Kaname-sama’s authority as the Miko. It would also be quite troublesome if, by any chance, we hand him to the aristocrats and he gets chosen as a leader. That could lead to a rebellion.”

“We could also make him spit out knowledge of the other world and use it. According to Kaname-sama, he is a lower class government official and there’s no way that he would possess knowledge superior to Kaname-sama’s.”

“Kaname-sama is quite easy to handle. If we praise him a little and come off as incompetent, he will move the way we want. Leonard seems to be quite enthusiastic. Once the purification is completed, I’ll make Kaname-sama into one of his consorts. We can make him serve our empire to the utmost using knowledge from his world. In that case, we won’t need to worry about the other world’s information leaking to foreign countries.”

“Regarding Itou-dono… shall we get rid of him?”

I couldn’t believe what I had just heard and was dumbfounded.

“Although we only unveiled the Miko, Kaname-sama, to other countries, some of them might know that there were 2 people summoned through an intelligence network. If Itou-dono ends up assassinated in our territory, under our watch, this would bring a bad reputation to our empire.”

“If so, how about we have him be chased by robbers and end up in an accident while escaping? If it’s around the Valley of Ashes, the body won’t be discovered easily.”

“Kaname-sama doesn’t seem to have that much attachment towards the other person, but just in case, let’s get rid of him while Kaname-sama is away on the expedition.”

“Then the instructions…”

I was at my limit. The voices became blurred, and I had to concentrate hard to continue eavesdropping. I couldn’t continue it anymore. Exhausted and in a daze, I unsteadily returned back to my room. 

While sitting on my bed, I ruminated on the conversation I had heard a moment ago.

“This is seriously shitty…”

They forcibly summoned me, and if I couldn’t be of any use to them, they would kill me. What the hell did they think my life was?!

I would never die in a place like this. Since my life hadn’t been threatened after coming to this world, I had completely forgotten that I was a complete stranger to this world. I didn’t have a family, and was without a family register, I didn’t have any close friends either. No one would know or care if I disappeared suddenly.

It gave me shivers when I thought about it.

How would I survive? Should I escape immediately? No, I would be caught for sure. Even if I succeeded, they would continue to chase me. I couldn’t bear to live a life in constant fear of pursuers.

Could I just pretend to be dead and flee to a foreign country? For a powerless person like me, just how would I do that? If I only could at least use more magic, there might be some hope.

But recently, my magic power had been increasing. If I keep trying, I might eventually be able to do some more magic.

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2 years ago

Ok hun, better get yo *ss up and run away full speed. Try asking ur escort knight for help in slipping u out of that sh*tty country. Other countries will prolly welcome u in open arms instead. As they said, even without much power, ur appearance is enough to inspire others.

2 years ago

ok so what’s the plan? “wait until his magic increases” doesn’t seem like the safest option. they could just decide to kill him tomorrow and then he’ll be dead before he makes a plan.

was this just a ‘part one’ of the chapter? or did he stop thinking about his plans to survive at this specific moment?

hmm. i wonder if he’ll try to escape into another country. and if that would be a good idea too, since the other country might decide to kill him too…

2 years ago

Oh, that got dark pretty fast.
I know it’s now an establish trope where the summoners are evil, but it feels a bit more scary than usual since Itou is actually hearing it while still being super-weak.
Pretty sure Kaname isn’t going to listen to Itou at all, so Itou’s on his own.
At least he’s got until the expedition’s departure to level up. Though imo he’s already becoming OP; using an eavesdropping spell in a royal palace seems like a pretty big feat.