I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Editor: Tamago

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Chapter 10 – Planning to avoid death

“Damn! I wish I could check my own status. Isn’t there some kind of status window opening thing?”

…I felt like it did come out.

Name: Itou Akira

Attributes: Otherworlder, Miko

Magic Attribute: Light, Wind, No-attribute

Magic Power: 5400/6000

My magic power had increased tremendously! There were also more attributes, and above all, “Miko”?! Did it mean that Kagaya-kun and I were both the Miko? Or was this all reflection of my desires, because my own magic was used in the activation?

Even if I was the Miko, I had no intentions to help this empire. Kagaya-kun was there for them, and I thought that they most likely wouldn’t need me.

The real fight would start when I had fallen from the cliff. The assassination would be carried out during the expedition, so it wouldn’t be long till then. I decided to wait for the coming day.

From then on, I tried to eavesdrop frequently to check whether there would be a change in the assasination plans or not. But ever since the time they decided to assassinate me, I hadn’t been able to pick up anything concerning me.

In order to devise countermeasures, I tried jumping from a wardrobe and practiced magic to slow down my speed and soften the impact. I felt bitter since I could only practice in my room.

At first, just like in a fantasy movie, I tried to imagine falling slowly, as if gravity didn’t exist, but that didn’t work out. Only after casting wind magic from below, did it work.


There were times when I couldn’t activate my magic in time or couldn’t maintain my balance well. I thought I would end up nearly losing my legs, but after some successful attempts, I managed to tone down my anxiety.

I really wanted to try using teleportation magic, but my fear of being caught held me back. 2.

I put all of my personal belongings– a leather bag and money from when I was summoned– into the storage bag, and I always kept the bag with me.

I gave Misanga-like bracelets to Kiel and Zack as a token of gratitude. I wanted the only two people who had been good to me in this world to remember my existence. 

To be honest, I wanted to give them something from Japan, but unusual things would catch attention and bring trouble, so I stopped my thoughts there.

I couldn’t sleep for days because of the nervousness, but finally, the day arrived.

A middle-aged official, who I saw for the first time, came to my room.

“Itou-sama, His Majesty has ordered me to accompany you to the western temple for an inspection today. I will escort you there when you are done preparing.”

“I haven’t heard of such a thing. Why are you suddenly taking Itou-sama, who is not the Miko, to an inspection? Is it really a royal order?”

“Without a doubt, it is His Majesty’s order.”

“In that case, I will also accompany you.”

“You are not needed. A chamberlain like you shouldn’t interfere.”

It was no wonder Kiel was suspicious. They had been neglecting me and now suddenly, they decided to send me to an inspection. The destination was a mystery, and I felt nothing but uneasiness. I also had no right to refuse even if I found the whole thing suspicious, so did it even matter if Kiel complained a little?!

“Kiel, I’ll go.”


“I don’t know where exactly the western temple is located, but it’s still outside the royal capital, right? It’ll be my first trip outside the capital, so it could also be a nice change of pace for me.”

“Please be careful…”

I didn’t even need to prepare. I put on the black-hooded robe, took one deep breath and went to the gate. The official was waiting for me in the corridor. 

Thinking this was the last time, I hesitated and looked back to my room before leaving. I saw two green eyes full of worries.

“Kiel, thank you.”

I’d been relying on him so much. If I survived, I wanted to meet him again. 

Once I was out of the castle gate, I saw a small carriage, two knights standing beside it. Urged by the official, I boarded the carriage. 

I wondered how much time had passed. It was my first time traveling such a long distance with a carriage, so my butt was sore. The shaking was terrible and I felt extremely uncomfortable.

The sun was finally setting and the official sitting across from me hadn’t said a single word since we left; he had just been reading his documents and looking at the scenery the whole time.


Suddenly, the carriage stopped. The door opened, and I put myself on guard. The one who looked through the door was none other than one of the accompanying knights.

“Well, we’ve arrived. What should we do? Should we just kill him here?”

This was getting dangerous! I had practiced enough to escape after the carriage was dropped, but if they attacked me here, I wouldn’t be able to handle it. My heart rate went through the roof.

“No. Even if you just drop him from the cliff, he can’t do anything. Why bother putting in more effort? But bind his hands and feet just in case. I heard that he has almost no magical power, but it’ll still be troublesome if he uses even a little bit. Cover his mouth too.”

“I’ve held down the coachman. What should we do?”

I heard another voice from outside the carriage.

“We’ll be in trouble if the coachman speaks of this event at all. Dispose of him and throw his body away.”

“Yes, sir.”

I heard the man’s scream with the knight’s reply before it was cut short. An image of the back of the man from the time I went into the carriage flashed across my mind.

After confirming that the knight had tied my hands and feet with ropes and gagged my mouth with a cloth, the official stood up.

“You are one unlucky person… goodbye, human from another world.”

The knight and the official got out of the carriage. A few moments later, the carriage began to move, along with the neighing of horses.

Then the carriage rushed over a cliff, into a deep valley, with me still inside it.

Tamago: Yes, Itou-sama, grow more powerful and take revenge on the kingdom I forgot the name of! Make them rue the day they decided to eliminate Itou the Wallsexual!

Lu: I’m going to fucking riot, that’s it.

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1 year ago

Tamago, I find the labeling in your comment very disturbing. You know… Walls need love, too. Respect the walls! Don’t objectify them, even if they… well.. are objects.

2 years ago

I would be so much more pissed off tbh. Thanks for the chapter~

2 years ago

Just rude AF. As if just giving him an allowance and continue to exist would they even notice.

2 years ago

Suddenly this reminded very vaguely of solo levelling hahahhaha. This pointless kingdom is totally doomed

2 years ago

Get that kingdom wreck! Those shitty people
I hope Kiel and Zack would be safe if ever

2 years ago

I wonder… since Itou-sama is labelled as the Miko + plus has black hair/eyes…does that mean that Kagaya-kun won’t be able to purify the miasma? That would be fun to see.
Also damn Itou-sama has levelled up fast. If he’s already at 6000… how much more will his level increase?

2 years ago
Reply to  Bexi

He can but not like how Itou did hahaha

2 years ago

Poor carriage driver T_T
And Kiel is so worried for our MC! He’s gonna be wrecked when he finds out. I hope Kiel leaves the castle of his own accord.