I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 11 – Jill, the Adventurer

(Author note : This chapter is written from the perspective of Jill, who is an adventurer. Starting from the next chapter, the chapter will change back to the protagonist’s perspective, so please bear with me for a while.)

After getting off the ship after a four day journey, I walked towards the city from the harbour, feeling the nostalgia and lively air around me.

Looking at the cityscape for the first time in a while, I stretched lightly.

After nearly two years of participating in the subjugation of demons while gathering information, and traveling to various cities in the surrounding counties, I had returned back to my home, Miriel City.

I passed through the bustling main street and headed straight to the Adventurer’s Guild.

I had been away for nearly two years, so the adventurers’ faces might have changed considerably. Once I stepped into the Guild, I could see that all eyes were on me.

Even with adventurers, the people with higher ranks were more famous. I had become used to this reaction already.

“Jill-san! You’re back! I’m glad that you don’t have any big injuries,” called out Marie, a receptionist who always wore a bright smile. “I’ve heard rumours of you, that you’re always participating in dangerous subjugations, so I was really worried. How long are you going to stay this time?” She looked exactly the same as two years ago, and as always, she was lively.

“I’m thinking of staying longer this time. Actually, I’m planning to settle here for a while. It seems that the monsters’ activities are increasing across the country, so the guild here will get pretty busy, right?”

“It seems like it. It could be the influence of the miasma, perhaps? Our guild is also getting a lot of subjugation requests, but even though we’re doing our best, we can barely keep up with them all. But now that the S-ranked adventurer Jill-san is back, we can finally have peace of mind! How about taking a job right away?”

“No, thanks. I’ve just arrived in the city, after all. I came here because I wanted to check on the guild’s state of affairs. I’m going to find a place to stay and rest early today.”

As I looked around with a bitter smile, a young man in a black robe caught my attention. The adventurers in the guild were paying attention to my conversation with Marie, but the young man, only focused on the request list posted on the bulletin board, didn’t bat an eye at us.

Dark brick-red hair, dark brown eyes, and although he wasn’t short, he looked like he didn’t have much muscle. In my eyes, he seemed to have a lean body type.

As for his looks… when I looked around, I noticed that his features were so ordinary that I could find a number of young men who had the same or similar features to him anywhere.

A young man with silver hair came up next to him. I knew this guy. He was Alphonse, an A-ranked adventurer.

With beautiful facial features, a moderately muscular body, and gentle demeanour, he looked like a young nobleman rather than an adventurer. He was also popular among both men and women.

The red headed young man laughed whenever Alphonse talked to him. I heard him call Alphonse by his nickname. It seemed that they were on good terms.


As I was watching them, my eyes met with Alphonse’s, and I walked up to them when he called out to me.

“Hey, you lady-killer! How’ve you been?”

“So you’re back! Thanks to you, I’m doing well. While I was away from the city, tales of Jill-san’s heroic feats reached even my ears.”

“What exactly have you heard? I’ve also heard some rumours about you, the gentleman adventurer who rose up to A-ranked at an unbelievable speed. What about the guy beside you?”


“I’m Kira, a C-ranked adventurer.”

“So you’re Kira. From your looks, you seem to be a magician. I’m Jill, an S-ranked adventurer.”

“You’re amazing! It’s my first time meeting an S-ranked adventurer.”

The red headed young man’s voice was also mediocre.

After a short chat, the two of them left the guild, saying they were going to have a meal. Were the two close enough to have a meal together…? As far as I knew, Alphonse wasn’t the type to stick with one person when doing something. 

I didn’t know why, but the extremely ordinary appearance of the red-headed young man left a lasting impression on me. 1 

Tamago: Jill is male btw

Lu: :think: ML potential?

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9 months ago

This dude here lookin like Agent 47

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He was average. Everything average. I’m in love. – Jill

2 years ago

Thank you for the chapter~

im excited to see how mc is doing after getting out the carriage

Polished Silver
Polished Silver
2 years ago

Thank you for the chapter, I’m not one for a lot of words. I hope we get more detailing from the author and more world-building in general.