I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 12 – From the Valley Floor to the Port City

It had been a year and a half since the day I was thrown into the Valley of Ashes, along with the rest of the carriage.

Now, I was currently living in Miriel City, a port city part of the Dynas Empire, located west of the Argyle Empire, which was where I was originally summoned to.

The city was prosperous, mainly because of the trading, and a lot of different cultures and foods from foreign countries were jumbled together, making Miriel City a lively place. People on the city’s streets had such diverse appearances and physical features that even if a foreigner came here, they wouldn’t feel alienated.

I liked this city, because it was lively, without any prejudice.

That day, when the carriage began to fall, I was almost immediately thrown out. I controlled the speed of my falling with magic, and landed safely on the valley floor.

Strengthening my arms with magic, I removed the rope around my hands, then the rope from my legs, and finally the cloth in my mouth. My wrists were chafed and torn a little.

After waiting for the sun to set, I teleported myself to the back-alley of the city I visited with Kiel. Actually, I wanted to teleport straight to a foreign country. But all my attempts resulted in failure, since I couldn’t visualise my destination. 

When I got to the city, it was already pitch black outside, and I had no choice but to stay the night at an inn. I was really nervous to enter the inn. 

For the time being, I changed my hair and eye colour to brown and put the hood over my head to hide my appearance. But what if the royal castle had already put out a notice?

Even if they hadn’t, this would be my first solo adventure, in another world, no less. That night, even if I somehow managed to fall asleep, I woke up because of small noises again and again, and I could hardly get a good night’s sleep.

From there, I rode a stagecoach to a city near the border region of Klimt, a country west of the Argyle Empire, and headed towards the Adventurer’s Guild.

I heard from Kiel that I couldn’t cross the border without an ID card. He told me that, if anything unexpected happened, I could go to the Adventurer’s Guild and get an ID card. Really, Kiel-sensei had taught me a lot.1

After giving my name and magical attributes to the receptionist, they gave me a brief explanation, and an adventurer card with my name and rank was provided. This could be used as a replacement for my ID. 

I chose the magician class for myself. My registered class would be used as a guide if I ever looked for party members in the guild. If I had, in addition to my attributes, registered the amount of magic I had, I could get requests more easily, but of course, I didn’t register it. 

To join the guild, the only thing required was enough money. This was especially helpful for nobles in tricky situations or just people who wanted to conceal their status. 

They didn’t check the identity of an applicant, so an alias could be used. I registered my name as Kira Albran.

This was a good place for those in need. 

After that, I entered the neighbouring country, Klimt, as an adventurer, and started earning money by completing requests. After going here and there and everywhere, I ended up at the Dynas Empire.

My whole journey might have seemed to lack obstacles, but in reality, it was full of pure hardships.

I at least expected that I would be in a sort of easy mode, since I somehow became overpowered, but the unfortunate truth was that I was simply a Japanese guy, just a former civil servant. For me to think and act independently like this… no one, not even I, could imagine my anxiety.

Even if the variety and amount of magic I could use had increased, it didn’t mean that I could magically do everything.

There were times I failed because of my lack of imagination and my panicked state. Only with repeated practice could I move and act as I wanted. 

Every time I walked through the gates of a city, I got so nervous that I thought I would suffer from arrhythmia; every time I was approached by a guard, I thought everything was over. In the end however, I was still fine.

It was only after I was able to cast a barrier inside my room that I was able to sleep soundly. 

Everytime I took a guild request, my life was at risk. I preferred to take requests that involved collecting and cleaning, but if I got unlucky and encountered monsters, I had to push back my fears, which caused my mind to halt, and unleash magic.

Since I myself controlled the magic, it could definitely miss its mark at times. In a mission, a momentary delay in reaction could very well be fatal, so I got very nervous every time.

Moreover, I had never hurt a living being before, so for a while, I threw up afterwards until I got used to it.

After a desperate struggle and some ridiculous luck, I finally arrived in Miriel City about half a year ago.

I thought I’d done a great job! Someone should’ve praised me for my efforts so far.

I rented a small house in a corner of the city and I started living there.

It had been a year, and since I hadn’t encountered any pursuers, I thought it was time to settle down and stay in one place. I was quite lucky to have arrived in this city.

Today, I visited the guild and searched for a suitable request for me, as per usual. 

Kamal subjugation, 2 silver coins per defeated monster.

This request might be good. The location was Kunai Village, about an hour and half away if I travelled by carriage, so I decided to take the request.

A Kamal was a rabbit-type monster2. It was the size of a pig and had unusually large, bulging eyes, so it wasn’t cute at all.

When I reached out to peel off the request card from the bulletin board, I heard a familiar voice from behind me.

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2 years ago

I’m really curious about Alphonse and Jill, if they become romantically involved with Itou – what about Kiel? Will he ever see Itou again I hope things work out… Thank you so much for the update!

2 years ago
Reply to  Rus

It hurts my heart, but Kiel is probably outta the picture for a helluva long time.

Alphonse sounds like a dreamboat, so I’m personally rooting for him. Last chapter made it sound like Jill is getting interested, so it’ll probably swing his way?