I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 13 – Alphonse

“Are you planning on going to Kunai Village today?”

“Yes. I’m taking the Kamal subjugation request. Medicinal herbs grow in that area, so I’m thinking of collecting some that might be of some worth on the way back.”

“So that’s what you’re planning to do. As I’ve said before, with your strength and ability, you should take on requests with higher rewards, like subjugating large monsters. How about taking on the Maligu subjugation request with me? It’ll reward 10 silver coins per monster. The location is kinda far, but if you hunt a bunch of monsters, I think we’ll be able to make quite a bit of profit.”

“No, I won’t! As I’ve said over and over again, I’m a solo adventurer.”

“That’s such a pity. Just the other day, you worked together with me. It’s more fun to be with others rather than being alone, am I right?”

“That time, I had no choice! Your other party member doesn’t have to be me. Aren’t you popular enough that many others would like to go with you?” 

Alphonse shrugged his shoulders and smiled bitterly, as he had been rejected yet again.

Adventurers either formed parties or worked solo. Those who formed parties were able to take high-income, high-risk requests more easily, since it was with larger groups, it was safer than acting alone.

In the case that adventurers decided to make a party, it was essential to get someone strong in the group.

But I chose to be a solo adventurer.

First of all, I was a self-taught magician. I did read several magic books to some extent during the time I was at the royal castle, but I barely remembered the contents. So in the end, I was doing magic with my intuition alone. In other words, my magic depended on my imagination; all my magic was an embodiment of my personality. 

Over the course of these one and a half years, all of my cheat-like magic was further refined, and I had mastered all the magic attributes. I stopped checking my status after my magic power exceeded 50,000


Furthermore, there was no doubt that I was the Miko, so I attempted healing magic. Who would’ve known, I could do it.

I was afraid that someone would catch on to my overpowered state if I was careless, so taking on requests with someone else was a minefield for me.

I didn’t want to stand out! Ever!

That’s why I adventured solo and tried to not associate with anyone as much as possible. 

But this man, Alphonse, became an exception.

I met with Al shortly after I arrived at Miriel. 

As I was walking through the forest for a collection request, I spotted a young man a short distance away, surrounded by monsters under a large tree. Those monsters were medium-sized wolf types, and a total of ten surrounded him.

The young man seemed powerful. While using a magic tool to defend with a barrier, he skillfully created a gap and counterattacked with his excellent swordsmanship. However, he was struggling with such a large crowd of monsters, and at a closer look, his leg seemed to be injured. 

After standing around worrying for a while, I decided to help. I aimed at a monster that was relatively far from the man and slashed it with a blade of wind. The young man turned his head at me for a moment, but he soon looked back to the monsters, killing the remaining ones, then crouching down.

I could leave him as he was, but I thought it wasn’t a good idea to leave him with his severe wounds. So I approached him.

The young man noticed me and raised his head.

“Thank you for saving me just now. That was a really dangerous situation, so I’m truly grateful for your help. I never thought I’d run into a group of Perevil. My name is Alphonse. What’s yours?”

His voice was gentle and pleasant to the ear.

The smiling young man had a surprisingly well-proportioned face. He had straight, shoulder-length silver hair and cool, ice-blue eyes. Even though he worked as an adventurer, he had white skin that didn’t show any signs of sunburn. He wasn’t muscular, but he was well-toned, like the so-called “thin and muscular body type.”

As soon as I returned back to the guild with Alphonse, all the adventurers gathered around him. I quietly separated from the crowd and left the guild to receive my reward from the request I took. It seemed that Alphonse was extremely popular.

After that day, he often approached me. I would be thrown into the spotlight if I was with him, so I ignored him, giving only bare minimum responses if absolutely necessary. But eventually, I gave in to his persistence, and we became friends. 

My current appearance consisted of dark, brick-red hair, dark brown eyes, and even a changed face. These ordinary among ordinary looks were the result of my research.

And for some reason, Al had invited this very ordinary-looking man several times to go to subjugations with him, and in the end, unable to refuse him, I occasionally accepted.2

“Let’s eat dinner together today. I was told about a good place.”

“That’s fine. But make sure the place actually serves good food. You’ve taken me to several good places before, but, to be completely honest, the food from the restaurant the other day was horrible.”

“This time, the restaurant was recommended by Carla, who is a food expert. So, it’ll be fine.”

“Okay, okay. I have high expectations of this one. Then, see you at the guild.”

Al might have been four years younger than me, but we were still able to talk casually.

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2 years ago

Guess it’s skipping the bland travel and making new identity part after the carriage accident.
I guess the magic that doesn’t fall into a category is transformation magic maybe? And he’s so OP it’s always on.

2 years ago

I gotta ask.
Does he have body transfiguration magic?
He was able to change both his eyes and face. The hair was explained last chapter with his visit to a barber, but not his eyes and face.
I doubt there’s contacts in that world, and unless they got amazing make-up artists, I’m not seeing how he can change his face into a common on.

Also, knowing that he’s now far past 50,000 mana, he can probably obliterate at least a palace in a single hit now. If only he’d do that~