I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 14 – A Suggestive Remark?!

The day had been quite eventful. We brought the five Kamals we hunted and some rare herbs to the guild, and received plenty of rewards in return.

Al didn’t seem to be back yet. I was conflicted between returning back home, or waiting for him a little longer, but in the end, I decided to wait for him, and had a cup of coffee at the guild’s dining hall. 

“Oh, you returned from the subjugation? Is it okay for me to sit here?”

I turned towards the direction of the voice. Jill, an S-ranked adventurer, was pointing to the seat next to me.

“Yes. I’m going to have a meal with Al, so I’m waiting for him here.”

“You seem to be on good terms with him. Are you in a party with him?”

“No. I mostly work solo. It’s just that I sometimes go on subjugations together with him when he asks.”

I was nervous just talking to Jill. The dignity of an S-ranked adventurer was on a whole other level. I heard that he was two years older than me. It was unbelievable that he had such presence and dignity, even though he was only a bit over 30.

Moreover, he was such a good-looking man. I didn’t know if this world was just filled with beauties or something, but I was astonished when I first met him.1

With a sturdy body covered in thick muscles, he looked like a strong adventurer. His blond hair with a unique calm shade, wild blue-grey eyes, and manly, muscular facial features with a hint of roughness– he was so cool. 

“Magicians are pretty rare, so they’re quite popular, right? Or did you not find a good enough party? I think teaming up with Alphonse isn’t a bad idea.”

“It’s more comfortable for me to be alone. This time, I still won’t form a permanent party with anyone. How about you, Jill-san? What do you usually do?”

“I don’t have a fixed party these days either. Depending on the request, I sometimes enter the party as support. Working solo isn’t bad, but working in a party is also pretty fun. You get to meet more people.”

After we had chatted for a while, Al came back. 

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting. Oh, you’ve been talking with Jill? Since he’s also here, would he like to join us for a meal?”

“Is that okay? Then, let’s go.”

I shouted inwardly, Please, no, no! This would definitely make us stand out!

“I’ll just have a meal alone with Kira another time. Let’s go before the place gets crowded!”

With the S-rank Jill, and the extremely popular Al, our table stood out quite a lot. Even I, who was the epitome of ordinary, was stared at.

The food was delicious. Jill told us stories about his journey to various nations, and the meal ended up being a lot more fun than I expected. 

“By the way, it seems the Argyle Empire didn’t dispatch the Miko to foreign countries much this time. He was summoned around 2 years ago, but from what I’ve heard, purification hasn’t been completed even within the country.”

I almost choked on the ale I was drinking when the word “Miko” came out of Jill’s mouth.

“Speaking of Argyle’s Miko, there was a rumour that two people were summoned at that time. But after that, nothing particular about the event came up, so was that just a mere rumour?”

Al’s remark cornered me even more. I hoped my face wouldn’t reveal my shaking

“The Miko of this generation seems to be an amazing beauty. Will Argyle dispatch him to foreign countries in private?”

Al listened with a keen interest.

“I don’t know. We’re not allies with the Argyle Empire. They only dispatch the Miko to allies in return for over-the-top political demands. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to go that far to get a Miko.”

“The Dynas Empire seems to be managing itself for the time being.”

“I hope it stays that way. But if the situation continues for a long time, it’ll become quite hard to handle. Ah, the Duchy of Lenos doesn’t seem to be having many problems with miasma. I went to a subjugation with their priest unit– it was amazing! I don’t want to wage a war against the Duchy”

After that, there wasn’t any more talk of Miko, so I gently patted my chest. 

After we finished our meal, Jill said with a broad smile that he had fun and that he would treat us.

His smile was so good-looking that I ended up watching him absentmindedly.[efn–note](TL note: I really wanted to translate this as your smile melted me so I was ovulating!) (TL note: whatever beauties do, they’re out of the ordinary.)[/efn_note]

After Jill left, Al and I were walking in the alleyway when Al said something quietly. 


“Kira, is Jill your type?”

“Huh? Why? I think he’s cool and like an elder brother. Ah, I think Al is also cool.”

Al looked like he was depressed for some reason, so I gave him a subtle follow-up.

“I see… then I still have a chance.”

He smiled, his beautiful face illuminated by street lamps. It seemed that Al was, for whatever reason, happy. 

Speaking of which, someone of the same sex could be pursued romantically in this world.

It couldn’t be! Just now, did it have that kind of meaning?! He didn’t explicitly state anything, so I decided not to think about it for the time being.

I thought I had been imagining it, but ever since Al had seemingly suggested that he was pursuing me romantically, he had been very sweet to me.

In addition to inviting me to subjugation requests as usual, he had started inviting me to meals almost everyday and accompanying me to non-work related things, like shopping. He had been sticking to me pretty excessively.

How could I describe this? Every time Al was with me, he smiled at me sweetly and was in a complete lady-killer mode. Whenever we walked along a busy street, he gently guided me as if he was escorting me. This made me feel embarrassed to an unbelievable degree. 

I wasn’t a young woman, I was a man already nearing 30– please don’t do this to me!2

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2 years ago

Dang, Al’s so serious.
I’m rooting for him~

Although I say that, Jill is a tall, hunky S-ranked adventurer. If he gets more screen time I may switch over ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)