I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 16 – The Lost Child and the Miasma – Part 2

“I’ll go.” Al said to me, as I hesitated.

“…I’m sorry. You can use this; it’ll be better than nothing. Try your best not to inhale the gas.”

I gave him my handkerchief from my dimensional storage bag. It was pathetic, but that was all I could do.

I didn’t attempt purification– if the miasma disappeared all of a sudden, not only would Al be suspicious, the townspeople would be too.

“Thank you. Please wait for a bit.”

Al smiled to reassure me. After that, he tied the end of the handkerchief around the back of his head, covering both his nose and mouth, and then headed towards the child.

He came back carrying a child in his arms. But then, I heard the growl of a beast behind me. When I turned around in a fluster, three bear-sized monsters were trying to attack me. I immediately killed them with my wind blade. 

When I thought I had finished them all off, I heard Al groan behind my back. A monster had bitten down on Al’s right arm. It probably came from a different direction. But with the child in his arms, Al wasn’t able to counterattack.

I immediately slashed the monster with my magic, and as soon as it let go of Al’s arm, I blew it away with all my might. After it was thrown violently against a tree, it finally stopped moving. 

“Al! Are you okay?!”

I rushed towards Al, who was sitting down. The bite on his right arm was deep, and the bleeding was severe. I tore off part of the sleeve of my robe and bandaged his wounded arm. The child in Al’s arms had no visible injuries, but his breathing was rough, his face was pallid.

“I’m sorry… I was off guard for a moment. The situation was urgent, and I didn’t have time to put him in a safe place.”

Al’s complexion was pale. Starting from the bite wound, his arm was discolouring. His body was shivering, and his wound was still bleeding. That monster attack might have had venom in it.

My hand also trembled as it held Al’s arm.

“Don’t worry. I’ll do something about this, so please stop talking.”


There was a frown on his beautiful face, and his whole body was drenched with cold sweat. He seemed to have lost consciousness, and his blood wouldn’t stop flowing.

There was no time for hesitation.


In order to reassure myself, I cast a normal healing spell instead of one without chanting. After an antidote spell, Al’s complexion improved.

I also tried healing the child, but nothing much happened. This could be… I didn’t know if it would work, but I would try purification for the first time ever.

When doing the purification, I somehow thought of light. I chanted, imagining the child wrapped in light, and it seemed that his body shone with a faint glow. It wasn’t exactly what I had imagined, but his breathing had steadied, so I considered it a success for the time being.

I carried the two unconscious people near the entrance of the forest. As I walked towards the town, Al woke up. He recovered quickly– as expected of an A-rank adventurer.

“Ah… was I saved?… Kira, I’m sorry. Put me down.”

“Are you really okay? I don’t mind carrying you like this. I use magic to lighten your weight, so it’s not that hard for me.”

“I can walk on my own… eh?! The wound is gone! I’m sure I was bitten quite hard! How?!”

I couldn’t deceive him, so I decided to answer honestly.

“That’s… to be honest, I can use healing magic. Please don’t tell anyone.”

“Eh?! Kira, you can use healing magic?! Does this mean you have the light attribute? That’s amazing! I understand, I won’t tell anyone. So that’s the reason… haha, I ended up being saved by you again. Thank you very much!”

Then, Al smiled. I was glad to see it again.

When we arrived in town, I handed Ivan to his mother. The woman went pale when she saw that Ivan’s eyes were closed, but she was relieved when she heard his regular breathing as he slept.

When we arrived back in Miriel City, it was already dark. After receiving our reward, we had a quick meal at the guild and parted ways.

I was relieved that Al didn’t ask about Ivan-kun’s treatment after that. I still had no plans to tell him about my purification abilities.

But there were times when I thought it would be okay to tell him everything.

I had been working with Al for a while now, and I had been quite forgiving towards him. I even thought of him as my close friend.

I had never thought of being in a relationship with someone of the same gender, and I couldn’t say for certain that I like him in that way, but it was comfortable to be with him. I thought that, just maybe, I might someday end up liking him back.

I also thought it was about time for me to find someone who I could stay beside comfortably, without hiding anything in this world. It was quite hard to live keeping all my secrets to myself.

What would Al say if I told him that I came from another world? I hoped I could tell him all of it someday. While I was thinking about this, I fell asleep. 

“Hey, you! You’re a magician, right? I heard you’re a C-rank. Make a party with me.”

As I was looking for a request today, I was approached by a troublesome guy. He had short red hair and a muscular physique, not unlike a gorilla. 1

I had never seen him before, so he had probably arrived in the city recently. He also looked a lot younger than me.

“I’m working solo. Please invite other people instead.”

“Well, don’t say that. You don’t look like you’ll be able to fight physically, and with only magic close combat will be difficult. I’ll be your vanguard and protect you! It’s not a bad idea, right?”

“I don’t particularly have many troubles. I’m fine, but thank you.”

I had decided on a request to take, but as I headed towards the reception, he grabbed my arm with all his strength. It hurt!

“Please, let go!”

“Wait a minute! I want a magician! I don’t want one with a low rank, but on the other hand, all the higher ranking ones refused me… don’t you see? Please!”

I didn’t know what he was referring to, but I was in trouble. I couldn’t compete with him in raw strength, but to use magic in a place like this wasn’t…

Tamago: Oh no, Itou…

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2 years ago

Al! Al! We need you!

2 years ago

Classic setup inc.
Itou is clearly flustered, and Jill’s gonna swoop in and save him.
Then Jill will probably convince him to join him for a bit in return for saving him.

Also, Itou’s thoughts on Al in regards to “liking him one day” do not bode well. That safe comfortable option with lukewarm feelings almost never pans out 🙁