I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 17 – A Blond Beauty and My Feelings

“Hey, what are you doing? Can’t you see that he isn’t comfortable with that?!”

Nice timing, Jill-sama!!

“Huh? It’s none of your business… eh– aren’t you an S-rank…?”

“You know what? Don’t you know that he’ll become a potential party member if you invite him into your party? What’re you gonna do if you make him dislike you? This guy is my friend and a solo magician. He won’t be in your party. If you understand, then get out of here.”

“Ye- yes. Then, excuse me, sir.”

That short haired gorilla guy escaped with a pale face, and I then thanked Jill.

“Thanks to you, I’ve been saved. Thank you very much.”

“Ah, more importantly, recently, you seem to be going on subjugations with Al quite a lot. You said you were going to be a solo adventurer, but what, have you finally decided to form a fixed party?”

“No, not at all. I won’t be in a fixed party, and even now, I’m still solo!”

“What? You still haven’t formed a fixed party with him?! Then, what are you planning to do?”

“What do you mean about what I’m doing?”

“No, I mean, it’s too obvious… I think Al is excellent material as a partner. He has top-notch looks, a good personality, and he’s always been popular. Or are you saying that you already have someone else in mind?”

“No, there’s no such person…”

“Then, what are you dissatisfied with?”

“It’s not that I’m dissatisfied… no, and Al hasn’t said anything to me yet!”

“Is that so… It seems there’s actually someone who won’t fall for his supreme lady-killer appeal. It’s only a matter of time, but anyway, just do your best!”

Please stop grinning!

In the end, nothing was said for sure, and Al and I frequently had meals together, walked around the city, and sometimes went to subjugations. These unchanging days continued. 

But recently, Al frequently seemed absent-minded, as if he was lost in thought. I had offered to lend an ear to him if he were troubled about something, but Al never told me about anything.

Was I not trusted? … I felt a little lonely.

I finished my solo subjugations and headed back to the guild. Then, I saw that Al’s arm was caught by a beautiful woman with blond hair at the dining hall.

At times like this, if I liked him in a romantic way, I would definitely get jealous, but for now, my feelings were more like envy.

“Hey, Kira! So you’re back. Come here! Your favourite, Kirk-san’s ale, has arrived.”

I looked at the beautiful lady to confirm if come, and she smiled back. I hoped I wasn’t a hindrance. 

The woman’s name was Carla, and she seemed to be an adventurer. She was probably the person who introduced Al to the restaurant we went to together before. She possessed wavy, gorgeous, blond hair, but like an adventurer, she had a sturdy body with good shoulder width.

The three of us talked and drank together for a while. When another group of adventurers unexpectedly called Al, he was dragged away from us, and I ended up alone with Carla. 

After Carla drank the sake in a single gulp, she suddenly opened her mouth to talk.

“I want to talk to you– Kira the magician, whose name suddenly rose to fame recently.”

“Famous? Is it because I’ve been hanging around Al and Jill-san?”

“You’re right. After all, that aloof Al has suddenly become devoted to someone, so of course it became a hot topic! So how’s really going with him? Are you already going out with him?”

“I’m not going out with him, and it’s not like he’s asking me out.”

“What?! Then, you mean that the two of you are just really good friends? But… no… that behaviour of Al’s… if it’s like this, can I really approach him?!”

Carla stared at me as if interrogating me. 

“By all means, you can act the way you want, even if you don’t ask for my permission.” 

“My… how are you so relaxed? Now I’m embarrassed for being so desperate. Al is… anyway, he’s popular. I’ve been keeping an eye on him since he joined this guild, but there’re so many rivals and he’s well guarded , so I couldn’t get close to him at all. When I finally thought we were getting to know each other, you showed up.”


“You think we get along well, but in fact, I have a hard time inviting him to meals. Even now, I still haven’t gone out with him alone. I wanted Al to invite me first, so I told him about a good restaurant, but he just said ‘thank you, I’ll go there next time’. I truly felt miserable that time… Eventually, he went with you. It’s fine, though, really.”

“Ah, it was really delicious….”

“Right? That restaurant is really good. I also recommend the cafe across the street. You know, a man like you wouldn’t understand, but when you’re an adventurer, you tend to miss your chance at marriage. And then along comes some good, excellent material! Appearance’s good, personality’s good, and no fiancé. Al is the last hope for veteran single female adventurers!”


Carla was completely drunk. Contrasting her prideful appearance, her frank manners were amusing. I was having some fun. 

“Hey, I’m beautiful, right? Don’t you think it’s high time someone fell for me? Or maybe I’m not as beautiful as I think…”

“It’s not like that. You’re already beautiful enough.”

“You’re right. Thank you. You’re so kind. So why aren’t I popular? Is it because I’m well-built…?”

Carla complained constantly. I was of the opinion that her frankness was the problem, but I didn’t say anything – it wasn’t any of my concern anyway.

Carla was a bright and charming person. I was sure she would find someone good someday.

After a while, Al came back, wearing a strange expression on his face.

“You became so close with her in such a short time. What did you two talk about?”

“Well, we talked about the future of Carla’s career.”

“Hmm? She seems pretty drunk. Did she say anything strange to you?”

“Nothing really. Carla is a pretty good, interesting person. I think we mesh pretty well together.”

“I’m envious. You don’t get even a tiny bit jealous whenever she holds my arm.”

What was he talking about all of a sudden?

Carla had kicked me out, telling us to stop flirting in front of her. After leaving the diner, I realized that it had been quite a while since I had been in that kind of lively atmosphere.

As I left, Carla advised me to seriously think about my relationship with Al, in case he confessed to me, but I had already decided my answer .

One way or another, a kind, younger youth had moved my heart.


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2 years ago

moved your heart….but in what direction though? lol

2 years ago

This chapters weird.
Everyone’s like “Al like you. He’s perfect. Why aren’t you with him yet?”
Totally expected a live triangle established by now.