I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 19 – To the Capital with Al

One day, Al mentioned that he wanted to visit the capital with me.

Hmm… Even though it was in a different country, bad memories had been made with a royal family. And for some reason or another, I didn’t feel like going to the capital city…

“Miriel is pretty comfortable, but don’t you think it could be fun to visit other cities once in a while? I know lots of shops and beautiful places that Kira would like, so I want to take you there. Can’t I?”

… In the end, I was here, standing in the plaza of the royal capital. I was such a pushover to Al’s requests.

The circular plaza had flower beds and a large fountain in its centre, surrounded by a green lawn that expanded outside it. Around the border of the lawn and the square, tall trees from tropical countries were planted in orderly fashion.1

On the plaza’s benches, people were having meals, friendly chats, and just relaxing in their own ways.

“Kira, is it your first time in the capital? Over there is the royal palace. The main street runs from the south of the plaza. There’re shops displaying and selling the latest magical tools and imported goods, so let’s go there later.”

“Oh, really… They’re all very well maintained. The plaza is also thorough in that aspect, there’s hardly any waste here.” 

“This is one of the spots for tourist attraction. Can you see the engravings on the fountain? This is the work of a famous sculptor, and it has great artistic value. After the current king ascended the throne, he put great effort into the city’s sanitation. This isn’t the only place that’s clean; almost all of the capital is in this same clean state, except for the slums.”

“You know a lot. Was it because Al used to live here?”

“Yes, until about 4 years ago. My friends still live here, so I sometimes come back. Well, let’s go to the main street now.”

I first went to the magic tool shop. The tools sold here weren’t that different from those in the Argyle Empire. I didn’t know magic stones were cheap here, but generally, the price was reasonable.

There was a wide variety of products in the imported goods shop. There were even items that I’d never seen, both in the capital city of Argyle and Miriel City, so it was an interesting experience for me.

My eyes were caught by textiles with rich colours and delicate patterns, and I decided to buy one as an entrance mat for my house. Although I was able to narrow it down to two, I couldn’t choose one over the other as I liked them both.

“Hey, Al. I want to buy a sheet to lay at the entrance of my house. Which one do you think is better? I like the colouring of this one, but the pattern on this one is also hard to give up… Al?”

“Eh? Ah, sorry… what was it you were talking about?”

“Well, which one do you think is better to buy?”

Since morning, Al’s mind had been wandering in the most random moments. It didn’t just happen once or twice, either. Was it perhaps related to why he’d been so deeply absorbed in thought lately? …I was concerned about him.

After leaving the store, we lunched at a tail steak restaurant that had become popular recently. In the end, I didn’t know what kind of tail it was, or where it came from, but the flavour was just according to my tastes, and it was delicious.2

When it was a bit past noon, Al said that there was a place he really wanted to visit, so I followed him. We left the centre of the city and climbed the steep road up the hill for some time.

When we finally arrived, we were on high ground, where we could see the panoramic view of the city. The city busked with an orange sunset before dusk was breathtaking. The breeze also felt nice.

“I really love this place. Even while I was still a student, even after I joined the knights after graduation, I came here whenever I needed time to think alone. When you watch the cityscape from here, you can see many people working, right?

“So many people are living their lives to the best of their ability… Whenever I see this view, I feel like most of my worries aren’t so important, and that I can do better tomorrow. I wanted to come here with Kira no matter what…”

“Thank you. I’m happy.”

The atmosphere became very much like we were on a date, and I couldn’t calm myself down. I was happy that Al brought me to this place so important to him, and I felt a sort of warmth in my heart. 

I was a little bit embarrassed, and to hide that, I walked towards the fence that was put at the edge to prevent falling. 

As I looked over the city, I heard a clicking sound around my neck.

“I’m sorry.”

“Eh? What?”

I looked back, but before I knew it, there were men wearing black robes standing on either side of me. By the time I realized they had seized my arms, my surroundings had changed completely.


PK : Ok, one ship sank. Another ship will sail but it won’t be soon. Please, forgive this poor man, Al. Itou may be the one he likes but not his number one priority right now. The way the author cuts off potential lovers is….. All in all, Al becomes a JERK. Will he be forgiven? That’s for later! LoL. I know I have a soft spot for Al just like Itou.

Tama: Holy– it’s now?! Alllllllllllllllllll ahhhhhhhhhh

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4 months ago

gasp YOU CUN-

8 months ago

What?! Messed up. I hope he some how redeems himself but I thought something was up when he wanted to travel…. But still messed up.

8 months ago


Al is evil?! No wonder everyone in the last chapter was praising Al. THEY SET US UP!

We need best boy Kiel to come back now. Please?

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Reply to  MaskedTwilight

I also wanted to make a joke about how they’re getting some tail, but I had completely forgotten about it with the big reveal.

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