I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 18 – A Subjugation Request with Jill

When I was approached by another gorilla-like guy at the guild, Jill again appeared just in time. 

“What! Again?! You really are popular.” He turned to the gorilla guy. “Sorry, but this guy adventures solo, so don’t come back again, just try to get someone else instead.”

The gorilla guy backed down reluctantly. 

“Ah, right! It’s that time of year, so there are lots of monsters near a village not far from here, located to the east. The guild has been asked to provide reinforcement, so I’m currently on my way to gather other people and provide assistance there. You should come too. I won’t ask you to form a party from now on.”

“That… do I have the right to refuse?”

“Of course not.”

Then, I was dragged halfway to the subjugation site by the half-joking Jill. 

I had heard that the monsters appearing were only small to medium-sized types, so I didn’t think that the problem would be that serious. But I thought wrong. The numbers were insane. 

When we arrived at the village, all we could see were swarms of monsters, occupying a large part of the vast plain, from the village to the forest.

According to what I heard on the way to the village, the village on the other side of the forest had already suffered from monster attacks a few days ago. The villagers were evacuated in time, thanks to a quick-witted guard, but a great deal of damage and loss had already been done.

It appeared that those monsters had come here.

Our subjugation squad consisted of 20 people, half of which were the local guards; the other half was the adventurers’ party, led by Jill. The local guards were tasked with guiding and evacuating the villagers, while the remaining members fought the monsters.

All the adventurers that came were seasoned experts in their field, and their movements were professional and splendid. I didn’t hear of their individual ranks, but they were undoubtedly high rankers. 

Although no one was directing them, they somehow coordinated their attacks and individual styles, then marched through the crowd of monsters, raining down on them and defeating them all.

Among them, Jill was even more incredible. With his long sword imbued with flame magic, he cut down the monsters surrounding him as if he was mowing them down in one go. His battle style was bold and powerful, and even though I shouldn’t have been like that, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

Together with another magician, who was an acquaintance of Jill, I attacked the monsters that escaped through the vanguard and blew away the ones that attacked our allies from blind spots.

I was glad that, thanks to my adventurer life so far, I had become even slightly useful!

There was no sign of the monsters’ numbers reducing, so we kept attacking. By the time we thought all the monsters were gone, the sun was already setting.

Jill approached me during his break on the quiet plains. 

“Kira, your magic’s activation is fast, fast enough to engage in close combat. Your aim is also precise, and you closely watch your allies’ movements, making it easier to fight. No wonder Al wants to form a party with you.”

“I’m not that great. This time, I was with Sein-san, so I could concentrate on my attacks without caring too much about my surroundings.”

Sein-san, an acquaintance of Jill, was an A-rank magician.

“It’s amazing enough. I’ve worked with many magicians, but Kira-kun’s activation speed is the best I’ve seen. It seems you also have an abundance of magic power, so you’re not likely to run out of magic easily. In the near future, I’m planning on taking a large-scale request, so I’d love to have you as a helper in my party.”

“I’m glad to hear that, but I’m a solo adventurer, and this time, Jill-san just dragged me along, so…”

“Really? That’s a shame, but I’ll invite you again!” Sein-san said, smiling.

After that, our subjugation party returned back to Miriel, and we went drinking as soon as we arrived. All of Jill’s acquaintances were cheerful and nice, so for the first time in a while, I wound up having a great time, with no reservations.


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2 years ago

thanks for the chapter ♡
the chapter number is messed up in the url and on novel updates?

2 years ago

Oh, my prediction came true a chapter later. They even re used the same set up lol.
Surprised it was a large subjugation request though. Definitely thought it’d be a chance for private time with Jill.