I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 22 – First Purification Journey – Part 1

On the morning of the departure, I left the inn together with Jill after I finished getting dressed. For the time being, we headed for the castle. We were guided into the room where all the members involved in purification were all gathered.

There were 4 knights and 2 magicians. It was less than I had expected. Maybe the king was being considerate towards me knowing that I didn’t want to stand out as much as possible.

Except for Jill, all of them observed my appearance. Then later, Jill spoke up.

“I am adventurer Jill, and this person here is the Miko, Akira Itou.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you all. Please take care of us.”

“I’m the captain of the knights, Claude Kaldor. It’s an honour to meet you, Miko-dono.”

A man with a dignified aura greeted me as he stared. He possessed short gray hair with reddish brown eyes. He might be older than Jill. 

“They are my subordinates. From left to right, Eric, Leroy, and Jade. They are all young, but rest assured, I chose them based on their abilities.”

The knights bowed to me as a greeting, so I also gave them a slight bow.

“It’s been a long time, Claude. Is it fine to leave the knight order and come here, captain?”

“There’s no disturbing movement in particular at the moment, and nothing is more necessary than purifying the miasma right now. Also, our aide is excellent, and so he can handle matters without me. I’m happy that I can work together with Jill-san again.”

Claude-san said with a happy face. Jill-san and Claude-san might be acquaintances.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Itou-sama. My name is Luis Hargas, I am the deputy head of the royal court magician.”

A man directed a beautiful smile at me. He was wearing a monocle, and had bluish-silver hair loosely tied in a low ponytail. A monocle…! It was the first time I had seen someone actually wearing it…

“Luis is my relative. Is the leader doing well?”

“It’s been a long time, Jill-sama. Leader Marlon is doing well and full of spirit. He was rather excited , so it was quite hard to coax him to stay at the capital. I had to persuade him many times regarding who would control the barrier protecting the capital if he came with us. He tearfully wept,but he finally allowed me to go as his proxy. I have now been given a chance to witness Miko-sama’s magic, and so when I return, I will be sure to brag about this to the leader.”

Luis-san said with a pleasant smile and then, he introduced the muscular guy next to him.

“He is my co-worker, Isis. He is a person with an unusual background and also an ex-mercenary. He might have been a court magician for only three years, but he’s well-experienced in actual combat and has guts, and so you can count on him.”

Isis-san was a man with short indigo hair. His pale gray eyes matched his well-tanned skin.

The sizable scars on his left cheek and right temple clearly made him look more like a warrior than a magician. When I met his eyes, he silently bowed to me.

After their introductions were finished, it was finally time for departure.

This time, we were heading to a forest in the western region. We planned to stay for the night at the nearest town before entering the forest tomorrow as it would take a day to reach it.

Isis and the knights would travel by horse while Jill, Luis-san, and I would travel by carriage.

“Even so, I never thought I’d be able to accompany the legendary Miko. The friend I met in Argyle last year worships the Miko like a god. I am sure he will be jealous of me.”

“Ah, I think it’s probably a different person. They didn’t treat me like a Miko in that country.”

“Oh, I see. I didn’t know about this, and I’m sorry if I offended you.”

“No, please don’t worry about it.”

The atmosphere became awkward for some reason, so when I tried to think of something to say, I was grateful for the help that came from the person beside me.

“Akira had been working as an adventurer. He’s excellent even in the fight against monsters.”

“So, you have experience of working together in subjugation. You also have the approval of that strict Jill-sama. I’ll have high expectations of you.”

Then, Luis-san chuckled with a ‘fufufu’. 

“I have a water attribute, and am proficient in ice magic. There’s not a lot of magic I can use, but I do have No-attribute magic. Isis has a fire attribute. What about you, Itou-sama?”

“You don’t need to use honorifics with me. I’m. I’m proficient in wind magic.”

“I see. So you have the wind in addition to a light attribute.”

Somehow it was hard to say that I had all the attributes, so I purposely deceived him.

The journey went smoothly without encounters with particular bandits of any sort. I had motion sickness and back pain on the way there, so I cast recovery magic on myself.

Luis-san was worried about why I used precious recovery magic on this, but we would be staying at an inn today, so it didn’t matter.

The good thing about being recognized as a Miko was that I could openly use recovery magic, unlike the days where I had to use it in secret.

In the evening, we arrived at the town and spent the night in a suitable inn.

We entered the west forest the morning after. We briefly halted at the entrance of the forest, and Claude-san called out the knights who would lead the way into it.

“The location of the miasma is supposed to appear quite deep into the forest, and there is a chance that monsters will attack us. So from here onwards, everyone must constantly stay alert.”

Monsters appeared at random after we entered the forest for a while. Under Claude-san’s instructions, the knights slew the monsters in a well-organized pattern. In this case, there would be no need for further assistance. I felt very secure.

In the beginning, I leaned out of the window and observed the battle every time the carriage stopped, but midway through the skirmish, I relaxed enough to completely entrust all the battles to the knights. 

(PK : Itou-san can also be lazy.)

…I was just preserving my stamina and energy for now. I was not slacking off at all.

In the end, no one was injured, and we were approaching the location where miasma was supposed to appear. We stopped the carriage and walked on from here. 

After walking for a while, we saw an area enshrouded with black fog.

“Yikes. It’s the first time I’ve arrived near a site where miasma is supposed to appear; how can this feel so unpleasant?!”

Luis-san frowned.

“It is harmful to the body if you inhale the miasma. I think It’ll be fine if you don’t go near the miasma, but please be careful.”

Claude-san said, looking at us. 

I could see that many demons swarmed the vicinity of the miasma pool. As we got closer to the centre, the surrounding monsters started to become aggressive toward us. 

“The monsters are in the way. Luis, can you get rid of the monsters from this distance?”

“Of course, I can. ‘Ice Spear!’”

Luis-san quickly cast ice magic. Icicle-like spears appeared in the sky, and fired all at once towards the direction of monsters. Then, the monsters that had been attacking us were slain one by one.


Lu: We’re finally done with the consecutive extras (for now) and are back on track with the main story uwu~ Also… I finally made my first cameo ever!! (Jk)

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btw, not sure if you’ve already made a note of this but when does the romance appear?

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It was just starting to appear before the plot shanked it in the kidneys.