I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 23 – First Purification Journey Part 2

“Akira, can you go?”

I nodded back to Jill, who turned around to look at me.

I got closer to the miasma pool, and stopped at a suitable distance away from its centre. I wasn’t sure how close I should get, but I thought this spot here would be the right place. I could feel everyone’s eyes on my back.

I recalled the time when I purified Ivan-kun. At that time, I was sure I did it with an image of light that wrapped around his body. The light of purification… This time, it needed to have a wide range.

I put my hands closer, with my palms faced upwards, and prayed hard. 

Little by little, white light burst forth and when it was about to overflow, the light was released around the area. Then, light slowly flowed into the miasma pool.

The white light gradually covered everything, and its brilliance blinded all of our eyes for a moment. When I opened my eyes again, there was neither the trace of the black fog nor the white light, and it left only the ground covered with withered grass.

“It’s a success.”

Before I noticed, Jill arrived beside me and said in a low voice.

“I never knew purification magic could be this beautiful.”

I heard Isis-san murmur from behind me.

The tension on my shoulders swiftly fell. I’m glad… I said that I didn’t mind performing purification in front of the king, but as a matter of fact, I was quite nervous that I would disappoint him.

We decided to spend another night in the same town on our way back, and drank together to congratulate ourselves on a successful mission.

The small tavern quickly became crowded with our presence. IIf I didn’t raise my voice, I’d hardly be able to carry on a conversation with the person beside me. I didn’t want to stand out, so I still kept my hood up.

It was a surprise to know that Jill-san was the former Captain of the Knights before Claude-san.

“When my career plateaued, Jill-san was the one who led me to this position. That’s why I tried hard to get promoted so that I could be useful to you. Despite that… despite all that, you imposed captaincy to me and quickly changed your job to an adventurer! I said I would follow you anywhere!” 

A drunken Claude-san repeatedly grumbled about this while he pressed his forehead against the table where he sat beside Jill, who had a bitter smile. He sometimes banged his fists on the table and I just wished he would stop doing this.

“Hey! It spilt again..!” Jill-san put back the glass Claude-san knocked over and wiped the spilled alcohol on the table… Claude-san, were you fine with this?

By the way, Claude-san had been repeating the same thing over and over again since a while ago. I heard that he would become like this every time alcohol entered his system. 

I didn’t know if he had a good metabolism or not, but he was clearly in better shape than usual the next day compared to yesterday!

Unlike the hyperactive knights, the magicians quietly drank at their own pace. I believed both of them drank a considerably large amount, but there were no changes in their complexion at all. 

Luis-san took part in the conversation with a carefree smile. Meanwhile, Isis-san still paid attention with curt responses but silently ate and drank most of the time.

I have started to understand everyone’s personality now. 

With sudden curiosity, I spoke to Luis-san next to me.

“Jill-san is from the royal family, right? How was he treated when he was still in the Knight Order? Claude-san still calls him Jill-san.”

“Well, that person entered the knight order as a newcomer at the age of 18 and took his mother’s surname so that most of the knights wouldn’t know of his true identity. Maybe high-ranking aristocrats and knights that escorted him in the past might know about him.”

“Knights that knew Jill-san’s identity would be awkward while working with him…”

I imagined if my brother happened to work in the same place as me… I would feel extremely uncomfortable! At least I could neither be careless around him nor give him advice. 

“You might be right. I don’t know how the situation was like in my knight unit, but I’m sure it must have been difficult for Jill and the people around him. I think the young knights are unaware of Jill-sama’s identity for sure. The members in this mission also think he took part in this mission as the sole S-ranked adventure in our country. Ah, do you know about Captain Claude?”

So these things happened to JillHis situation was kind of complicated.

“Luis-san and Jill-san are related right?”

“Yes. They aren’t closely related, but they were relatively closer in age, so they played together when they were young. For me, Jill-sama and his majesty are like my older brothers.”

“So his majesty, Alexis, is also like your brother…”

“Yes. Jill-sama always cares for and looks after me, and Alex-sama is always wise and teaches me many things; they are both my dearest brothers. For now, It’s hard to meet them, so it’s lonely for me as a younger brother.”

He smiled and showed a gentle expression.

I thought it was nice and recalled my cousin’s older brother that I used to play with when I was young. Then, a ridiculously loud voice called out to me.

“Itou-san~, You were so awesome today~.”

It was an extremely drunk Eric-kun, the knight, as he cackled beside me. I talked with him when he was sober, and he was like a good older brother.

I thought Leroy-kun was sitting next to me a while ago, but Eric-kun seemed to have pushed him away somewhere.

“I thought the story from Argyle was a legend. I didn’t know I would meet the Miko here. It’s the first time I’ve seen someone with black eye colour. At first, I thought it would be a bit scary, but it looks beautiful now that I’m used to it.”

“Ah…thank you for that.”

For some reason, his face came near like he was looking into me while he laughed. And so, I instinctively backed away.

“Hey, stop it! You’re scaring Itou-san.”

It was Jade-kun who grabbed and pulled Eric-kun by his neck. He didn’t have a single drop of alcohol as he said it would interfere with his escort mission tomorrow. Such a splendid knight! The epitome of a knight!

We stayed up quite late that night as the atmosphere was full of activity and excitement. We returned to the capital by carriage while dozing off. I felt a little bit sorry for the knights and Isis-san.

And so, my first memorable purification journey came to an end.


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