I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 25 – Kagaya-kun in Those Days

This chapter is from Kagaya-kun’s point of view.


When I woke up and got out of bed, there was a familiar fruit juice with a fancy label on the table by the window.

When Leonard and I went to town the other day, that fruit juice was served at a specific restaurant. When I expressed fondness for it, he was diligent enough to have prepared this in advance. 

I yawned loudly once and went to the table to pour the fruit juice into the glass. I examined the silent garden through the window while leaning against it. One and a half years have passed since I was summoned to this Argyle Empire. 

I’ve always loved to stand out among others ever since a long time ago. I had courage and confidence in my appearance. So when I moved to Tokyo to attend university, I thought about taking a job in the entertainment industry. I’d earned some money by investing in the stock market during my high school years. With that money, I’d thought it wouldn’t be that bad to work my way up from the bottom of the ladder. Contrary to my expectations, I quickly closed a deal with an agency I decided to work for and did my first job with. 

I wasn’t as famous as the celebrities that often appeared on TV, but I was quite popular in university. It felt great to be spoiled and pampered. I also found it fun to go clubbing around many people, and among them were flashy guys in my vicinity.

I had my fair share of enemies. People became envious of my popularity, but I couldn’t care less. 

One day and for the first time in a long time, I went back to my hometown for my high school friends’ gathering. But believe it or not, I was transported to another world! This is wonderful! It was an extraordinary event rarely experienced. Life in Tokyo wasn’t too bad, but this was such a rare situation, what else was left but to enjoy it to my heart’s content?! 

The man that was summoned with me seemed like a simple young man. His face and style weren’t awful, but he looked too plain. If he was compared with me, the protagonist’s position would undoubtedly fall into my hands.

I felt sorry for Itou-san, but I would definitely take the role of Miko. Life was short, so I didn’t want to waste my time on trivial matters or by sympathizing with other people’s circumstances.

Life in Argyle was very enjoyable. There were plenty of reasons for enjoyment. I could use magic. Everyone was friendly and treated me with respect, and above all, I attracted attention wherever I went. The high beauty standard also meant that I fit well among the general populace. And even if there was a higher male ratio, it wasn’t a problem since I originally swung both ways. 

I lived in the castle so everything around me was nothing but extravagant, from the clothes, furnishings, and to my every meal. However, I found Japanese food more delicious than the food here. 

When I returned from my first purification journey, Itou-san was already gone. It seemed he had gone missing and was suspected to be dead in an accident after leaving for an inspection.

Well, I suddenly panicked! Even I would find it surprising and suspicious if the person that came with me died unexpectedly. I just felt that the whole story about it was strange. 

So I then tried to verify whether or not Itou-san was alive or dead. Leonard referred me to a fortune teller that apparently made a living out of searching for missing things and people. Perhaps this person could use that kind of magic to tell me exactly what I needed to know.

And according to him, Itou-san was alive. 

If he was still alive, he was probably doing something somewhere. For the time being, I shouldn’t tell the royal family about Itou-san being alive. At the very least, I wasn’t that clueless and could read the air in the palace.

Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

“Kaname! Good morning. I’m glad you’re awake.”

Leonard came into my room with a sparkling smile. He was head over heels for me. I had stopped feigning friendliness with him for some time now, but his attitude didn’t change. He was a rare beauty, so I didn’t feel bad about his devotion to me. 

But unfortunately, he was three years younger than me. If possible, I wanted to be pampered by an understanding older boyfriend. I tried to look for available, fine men but the Prime Minister and the Knight Captain, including all the chiefs of the important departments were all old uncles. 

“Good morning. Thank you for the fruit juice. It was as delicious as expected.”

“Ah, I’m glad you liked it. Let’s go to the relief centre today. The number of patients waiting for Kaname’s arrival has risen recently.”

“I just went there the other day. They talked to me a lot—and healing took time so I’m quite exhausted—”

“Don’t say it like that, just please do me a favour. I’ve already booked a reservation at Ra Ryuru. Let’s go after you’re done with healing them. You said you wanted to go there once before, right?”

“Ah, the restaurant that has become a topic of discussion these days andis difficult to get a reservation from?! Yes! Leonard, thank you!”

“So, about the purification of miasma…”

“I’ll do it maybe a little bit later. Of course, I’m motivated to do it, but the previous journey was somewhat arduous, right? After that, I had been unwell for some time. I’m not that physically strong, so can you let me rest for a while, please?”

“Right… Certainly, Kaname’s condition is our top priority… But it has already been more than two months since the previous journey, hasn’t it? I think it’s about time…”

“I knew Leonard would understand me! Thank you!”

Even as his face displayed unease, he didn’t push the matter further when I pressured him with a smile. 

The miasma pools were located deep in the forests most of the time. In other words, it was terribly far from the capital. A long journey by carriage was quite exhausting for me. My bottom hurt, and I felt nauseated, so it was a horrible experience all-around. The monsters popped out from every direction like it was commonplace that it was frightening… The meals were appalling, and the inn was also substandard. 

The purification also drained a lot of my magic. If I did poorly, this process would extend over several days. It was just hard for a modern person like me to live in remote places for several days. 

I really loved travelling abroad, so I was dispatched to the allied nations three times. The journey was hard, but it was fun to be treated like royalty. I even got to taste some of the unusual foods and drinks. 

When I told them I wanted to visit other countries, they said explore Argyle first. Since then, I haven’t gone to a single foreign country. There was no fun to be had in other places except the capital of Argyle. 

“Also, the matter from the other day…”

“Hmm… I’ve at least prepared my heart, so can you please wait a bit for my reply? I’ve already recognised how important you are to me, so don’t worry too much.”

Leonard stared at me with worry on his face. As I spoke to him gently, he looked relieved and became delighted. 

In fact the other day, Leonard proposed to me. When I told him I didn’t want to be a concubine, he said if I wished he wouldn’t take concubines. I wondered what they would do regarding the heirdom, but it wasn’t my problem, so I didn’t need to think about it.

Even for the engagement, it was only going to be held after the purification of Argyle was done, so I put it on hold for now.

Marrying a prince and living happily ever after’ wouldn’t be a bad ending for my journey. But if all this just happened, I would have to stay in the castle until the day I died.

…Would this be fun for me?


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1 year ago

I refuse to be swayed by these attempts to humanize that douchebag.

2 years ago

“Stay in the castle until the day he died”, huh? well, once the purification is complete, and unless he makes some escape plans in advance, that might come sooner than he’d expect…

2 years ago

lmao @ “Would this be fun for me?”
Dude SHOULD be thinking about how to pull off a disappearing act during his next excursion. Talking ’bout fun when he’s in the midst of killers, manipulators and liars (like how are you going to believe an only prince who says he’s not going to take a wife or other concubine to continue the lineage? *major side eye*)

2 years ago

Oh, I’m pleasantly surprised.
Kagaya came off as arrogant, and I wasn’t sure if he was in on the assassination plot against Itou.
I don’t think he’s worried about Itou, but at least he’s proving to not be an idiot regarding royalty. I also have no issue with Kagaya taking advantage of royalty as much as he can, considering how they treated Itou. Though if he keeps putting his responsibility off, he’ll probably end up getting axed once Argyle finds out Itou’s alive.