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Chapter 26: To the North Forest – Part 1

(Back to Itou’s POV.)


The purification of the Keets Forest was successful without any hitches.

The fruit called Keets, which was the origin of this forest’s name, was generally eaten as a dried fruit.

The area near the Keets forest produced local specialty meat products, such as ham and sausages. Strangely enough, the salty sausages and very sweet Keets fruit went well together.

When I stayed in the village near the forest, I had my fill of ale, with sausages and Keets fruit on the side. It seemed that dried Keets fruits were popular on the market in other towns. I was glad that there was a chance I could enjoy this even after I left this village. 

I had been with them the whole time, so I became familiar with this group who accompanied me on the journey. I was a bit troubled when even Jill told me to stop using honorifics. Although he was older and royalty at that, the person himself told me to stop using them, so I yielded to his request.

For a long time, I had already addressed him without honorifics, so I felt a closeness with him. Only my tone towards Luis-san hadn’t changed, because it had already become a habit to me. 

Now, we were on our way to a forest in the north. This forest, also called the Dark forest, was the biggest forest in the country. It was originally a region where monsters frequently appeared. It was quite far from Miriel City, so I didn’t previously know of this forest, but it was by far the region with the highest number of subjugation requests—it had been like that for a long time. 

It also wasn’t really unusual for a crowd of monsters to come out of the forest, so for defence, a fortress had been set up on the border between the forest and the nearby village. There were also knights stationed permanently at said fortress. 

In the past, the fortress was on the verge of being destroyed because of the monsters’ attacks; this was truly a dangerous place.

The journey this time was quite difficult, as the road to the northern forest was not well maintained. In the past, we had been able to relax at inns along our path when night fell, but I was quite exhausted having to spend the entire day in a shaky carriage day after day.

But I was the only one who frequently cast recovery magic on myself to relieve the exhaustion. Luis-san, on the other hand, was unexpectedly energetic, even though he was slimmer than me and looked like he had the lowest stamina. 

We passed through a small village, then got off the carriage and walked through a grassy place. After some time had passed, we finally arrived at our destination. Compared to the capital, the temperature here seemed lower. 

It might have been because the sky was cloudy, but somehow, it exuded loneliness. 

The fortress was built upon a small, modest hill, but it was still a magnificent building worthy of being called a stone fortress. When I scanned the fortress’s walls, there were traces of repair, showing its history. 

At the entrance of the building, we were greeted by a line of knights from the fortress. We were guided to the reception office inside and listened to what Oswell-san – the representative of the fortress – and his aide said. The representative for our side was the knight captain, Claude-san. 

It seemed like Oswell-san had been working here for 5 years. He seemed to be a middle-aged man who was around 40 years old. 1

“You must be tired from your long journey. As you see, because this is a remote place, I can’t welcome you properly.”

“We came here to help with purification, so you don’t need to be concerned about that.”

“I was told this beforehand, but I’d like to confirm—is it true that the one who can purify miasma is in this group?”

“Yes; this is Akira Itou-dono, the one who will purify the miasma.”

As Oswell-san gazed at me, I gave a slight bow to him, lowering the hood that covered my head. 

“That appearance… Are you perhaps Itou-dono, a Miko of the Argyle Empire?”

“No, I’m not a Miko of the Argyle Empire, although it is true that I’m a person from another world.”

Oswell-san was confused. That was natural, as there was no country other than the Argyle Empire capable of summoning people from other worlds.

I just didn’t want to reveal myself as the Miko of the Argyle Empire. 

Jill continued the conversation.

“…Well, for various reasons, he is cooperating with the Dynas Empire. Can you tell us the details about the location where the miasma is, and how the situation here has been?”

The northern forest spanned from the east to the west, and there were 3 fortresses built in total. This fortress was the only one that had any degree of magnificence; the other two were simple, very basic, built in a rush after the miasma broke out. 

The places where miasma appeared were scattered throughout the forest, and there were 3 places with large pools of miasma. 

“By the way, are the knights who welcomed us to the fortress the only ones you have? Their numbers seem to be fewer than what I’ve been previously told.”

“Ah, actually, we were attacked by monsters 2 days ago and several knights were heavily injured and are resting in the infirmary.”

“I heard a magician with healing magic was dispatched to this fortress. Can’t they heal it?”

“It’s true that we used to have one, but the magician resigned due to family matters. We requested a replacement, but the person hasn’t arrived yet… For now, we’re calling a doctor from a nearby town.”

In this world, although healing magic existed, there were few people who could use it. For that reason, people researched medicine in their own ways, medical professions like being a doctor existed, and medicines effective for different diseases were sold. 

We were planning to enter the forest the next day, so after lunch, the fortress’s knights guided me, together with Jill, to the infirmary. 

As soon as I stepped into the room, the pungent odour of antiseptics hit me. There were about ten beds arranged in the room, seven of which were occupied by patients, and one of the unoccupied ones held luggage.

“Ah, Jill-san. The person beside you is…?”

It seemed Jill had participated in the subjugations at the northern forest several times before, and was familiar with the knights of the fortress. The knights were excited with the arrival of Jill, and I wanted to heal them without delay.

The first person I was going to heal lay on a bed near me, his leg injured. As I held my hand over the wound and cast healing magic, it disappeared in the blink of an eye. 

“Th-thank you so much! The pain has completely disappeared”

“I’m glad. Then, the next person…”

I felt like a doctor. I was happy that I was able to help people in this simple way. 

A fracture, a bite wound, a cut—all sorts of injuries—I healed them all. For the time being, I had finished treating all the injured knights. 

Jill was talking about something to the newly-healed knights. 

I was curious about the bed with luggage, and I thought it would be better to wait a bit in the case that the patient was coming back. So I called out to the person next to that bed. 

“Um, is the person using this bed also injured? Will he be back soon?”

“Ah, that, the person using that bed…”


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