I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 28: To the North Forest – Part 3

“Oho… I just can’t wait to fight them!”

Behind me, Luis-san spoke with his usual languid voice. As for Isis-san, he began walking forward without saying a word. Likewise, the knights were already primed for battle. 

I looked at everyone around me and let my stiff body relax. Then, I felt an unfamiliar sensation of excitement surge from within me. Ok, let’s do this!

Now, I finally got a chance to use my pointlessly increasing magical power. 

Jill and the knights started attacking the horde of monsters and killed them one by one, slowly thinning the herd. Luis-san also activated his ice magic in a vast range and felled as many monsters as possible.

Isis-san flawlessly attacked with both sword and magic. Later on, I heard he was proficient in close combat but unskilled in ranged attacks.

What should I do? For now, I wanted to reduce the number of monsters.

Ah, that’s right! I did have the perfect attack magic for this! It was lightning magic that I couldn’t use when my magic reserves were still low. Also, it was easy to visualise, thanks to anime and games. Anyway, I couldn’t try out most of my magic when I hid my identity as a Miko during my stint as an adventurer. So right now, I wanted to test out those flashy magic.

I aimed a distance away from my allies and released lightning magic with high spirits. 


A flash of lightning struck down after a loud and thunderous roar. Most of the monsters were blown away, but the impact of the lightning strike caused a crater-like opening over a fairly wide area. 

Ah, I overdid it

Luis-san was quite far from me when I glanced at his figure. He stood there, frozen and with his mouth agape.

The knights on the frontlines must have been momentarily surprised. But as expected of professionals, they were already concentrating on the monsters in front of them. 

I also regained my composure and attacked the monsters with a series of less powerful lightning strikes in quick succession. As I carried on striking down the monsters,  I paid attention to not harm my allies.

I endlessly attacked them as if absorbed in the battle at the front. When I finally snapped out of it, the battle was over. Of course, victory was ours! It might have felt like a long time, but from the feel of the sunshine on my skin, it might not have been that long. 

“Itou-san! What was that thing at the beginning?!”

Luis-san rushed towards me. 

“Well, that was… lightning.”

“That was lightning?!… I know you haven’t used all your power, and yet that incredible magic…! But if you were serious, I’m sure you could wipe out a mountain.”

“Ahaha…It’s my first time using it, so I didn’t know how much power I should exert…”

“Moreover, you didn’t even exhaust your magic after casting all that… Such is the power of the Miko…” 

“That lightning, was that your magic? I’ve never seen anything like it. But thanks to that, the number of monsters was significantly reduced, so you helped us a lot.”

Jill, the knights, and Isis-san returned. 

“Itou-san, what actually was that? I freaked out for a moment and almost dropped my sword.”

Eric-kun said excitedly. Leroy-kun also nodded beside him. 

“We were really saved. Thanks to Itou-dono and Hargas-dono’s attacks from the rear, we won this battle with the least amount of damage on our side. It’s quite reassuring to have magicians on the battlefield.” 

Claude-san was impressed with the result. 

“Jill-san was also really amazing! How did you deal with all those monsters at once? I’m sure you easily defeated a larger score of monsters than all five of us combined.”

“We were lucky enough to see the skills of a legendary S-ranked adventurer up close.” 

Even Jade, who was usually calm, was excited. 

“I understand why you’re all excited. I was also taught several practises, but only Jill can do it like that.”

Claude-san said while laughing. 

“It’s quite strange…. I’m supposed to be the genius young magician of the magic tower, but the people around me are so spectacular that I don’t stand out at all.”

Luis-san muttered, then shrugged his shoulders. 

Jill approached me as he scratched his head and said,

“I was worried because you looked quite anxious, but it seemed like it was an unnecessary concern.”

“No, it was the first time I saw a large horde of monsters and to be honest, I was frightened. But I was encouraged because everyone was there, and Jill also cheered me up, so you were all a real help to me. Thank you everyone… Wha…!”

While I was talking, all the strength in my legs suddenly vanished. As I was about to fall, Jill’s strong arms supported me. 1

“Haha, it seemed you released all of the tension at once. You did really well. But first, let’s take a break.”

Jill smiled warmly.

I returned to the fortress with unsteady and wobbling legs. I was certain that I was the only one in this state. 

…Oh well, it was the obvious outcome of an adrenaline rush… My mind can’t suddenly become similar to that of veteran adventurers. Even though I was a lot stronger than before…

The afternoon was spent treating the injured knights and cleaning up the defeated monsters that littered the battlefield. The knights of the fortress did most of the work, so they were a big help. The materials collected from the monsters would be taken to the adventurer’s guild and exchanged for cash in the future. 

Oswell-san was very pleased with the work and remarked that this could become a valuable source of income for the fortress. 

That day, I enjoyed a meal with the knights of the fortress. They treated us to a simple feast but said they were expecting extra income in the future. It seemed that the excitement from the battle that morning had yet to fade, so everyone was quite talkative. 

“Really, it’s the first time I’ve seen such a massive horde of monsters ever since I was appointed here. To be honest, I can’t imagine what would have happened to us in such a situation, but with the help of everyone here, we were able to escape from death.”

Oswell-san laughed with a red face as he held a drink in one hand. Oswell-san’s family lived in the capital, and he was supposed to return to the Capital two years ago, but because of the miasma that raged in the North Forest, it was inevitable that he had remained at his post.

Many knights in this fortress also worked away from their families. All of them said they looked forward to quickly reuniting with their families when things finally calmed down after the purification of the North Forest. 

The young knights here were looking for an opportunity to talk with Jill and Claude-san.

Come to think of it, I didn’t know how Jill became an S-rank adventurer. It was better to ask the person in question, but he would likely talk about it as if it was really nothing. Instead, I decided to ask Jade-kun, who was nearby. 

Jade-kun answered my questions excitedly. According to him, there was an incident 3 years ago with a rare monster considered the strongest. It was called an Elegyl. It went on a rampage, and many countries had trouble defeating that monster. 

Based on a description of its traits, it was not wrong to say that it was a dragon-like monster. It had sturdy scales that couldn’t be scratched with an ordinary sword, a gigantic build, sharp claws, and an ability to fly. 

It was said that Jill defeated that monster almost single-handedly, and from this, he became an S-rank adventurer. 

“It’s a very famous story and truly a living legend.”

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