I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 29 – Conversation on the way back

As Jade-kun had been enthusiastically telling me about Jill, Luis-san, who had been listening to us, also joined in the conversation.

“That person is exceptional. He has great swordsmanship, and that flame from his sword… no matter how much I look at it, I don’t know what kind of magic effect is attached. He also has magic power that could rival the magicians in the royal court but he didn’t particularly practice any other magic and I thought that he was just single-mindedly doing that flame magic, but before I knew it, he was already…”

“Has he been like that since a long time ago?”

“He’s been like that ever since he entered the academy at 12 years old. Back then, it was still a simple flame. I did once ask him how he did it but all he gave me was a vague explanation like he did it only by using his intuition so I couldn’t understand a single thing and couldn’t even use it as a reference.”

Jill might as well be a strong cheat character. He has been fighting with a flame-magic sword since he was a boy so he was like one of those heroes in Shounen manga. 

For the next two days, we went deeper into the north forest to purify it. This forest was regarded as dangerous and we encountered monsters a lot more than before, but compared to what we had fought this morning, this was a breeze. Some of the fortress’ knights also accompanied us so we had more allies than usual. 

After purifying Selphia Forest, we headed back to the royal capital, while occasionally purifying small miasma pools along the way.1 The road from here on was said to be safe because there were only few encounters with monsters and most of the regions were occupied by populated and prosperous towns. I also thought that most of my work was almost done. 

Today, only Jill and I were in the carriage.2

Luis-san suddenly complained that he got tired of the carriage and forcibly rode together with Isis-san’s horse. 

Isis-san looked annoyed at first but when I took a look at them during break, they were rather getting along better than expected.

Jill asked me reservedly as I was absent-minded in the carriage.

“Akira, can I ask you about what you’ve been through before you came to Miriel?”

I was a little hesitant at first, but I decided to tell him. He had already known about most of my situation.

“It’ll take some time so….”

I started talking to him about the day I was summoned to the Argyle Empire, my life in that empire, how I was about to get killed but ran away from it, how I moved from city to city… Everything became muddled but I tried to explain to him one by one. After all, it was my first time telling someone. 

Jill listened quietly and after I was done telling him, he put his hand on his forehead and closed his eyes. 

“…Did you come to dislike this world? I know the empire has requested your help but now I really like working together with you.”

“The problems of this world are too heavy for me. I neither like nor hate this world. Bad people can be found no matter where you go. There are many kinds of bad things, including betrayal, but all of them happen in my own world as well. There are kind and considerate people in this world too. His Majesty Alexis seems like an upright and decent person, and that made me think that I should do what I could even if it meant that I couldn’t run away anymore.”

“…So that’s how Akira has been thinking…”

After saying that, Jill kept looking at me.

“You’ve been through a lot, right? In this foreign world, with no one to rely on, you’ve been doing your best all along… You’re really amazing.”

Just now, we had been talking casually but all of a sudden, when he said those words while sincerely looking at me, I suddenly felt a pang in my chest and a sniffle inside my nose. The tears that had been welling up started to fall at once and in a panic, I hurriedly turned my head to the window. 

“…Am I? Maybe I was just running away but… there were also people who were good to me…. It’s not that I was always alone…”

I had been mumbling with my trembling voice while looking at the window so I was a bit embarrassed.

Jill, who had been sitting diagonally across me, came near me, lightly put his hand on my head and tightly embraced me. It had been a long time since I felt the warmth of someone so my tears kept falling more and more. 

As he wiped away the tears that kept falling from my eyes with his fingers, I felt that all the vigilance and tension that I kept carrying almost unconsciously, loosen. At that time, I felt somehow relieved. 

After that, we talked about how my life was in my world and all sorts of things.

“What about your family?”

“My parents and my younger brother. We get along well.”

“So you’re just like me, we both have younger brothers. Does he look like you?”

“Well, I don’t know. If you saw his face, you might think that we look alike, but we have different personalities. My brother is more lively and outgoing.”

“Well, you’re a lot calmer. So he does look like you… I’d like to meet him once.”

“It’s only if you look at us closely, but if you look at us at a glance, we might not look alike. But, his majesty Alexis and Jill don’t look alike that much.”

“Well, we’re half-brothers so our personalities might be quite different, right? Ever since a long time ago, what we wanted to do and the things we desired were different so we never conflicted with each other because of that.”

“His majesty Alexis is more like an intellectual type than a warrior.”

“Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been practicing with a sword whenever I had my spare time, while Alexis was always reading books. But we both liked to go to the city on impulse so we did take turns sneaking out of the castle. And, the one who stayed behind had to use all sorts of tricks to avoid being caught. It was good that nothing unexpected happened but looking back on it now, it wasn’t something to be proud of.”

“Really?— So you got along well with each other since a long time ago. I had thought that the relationship between brothers might be much colder because both of you are royalties.”

“No, I only get along well with Alexis. I did have a sister but we hardly ever spoke and just like that she was married into another country. …Akira, do you want to go back to your world?” 

“I want to, if it’s possible. But I heard there’s no way to return back. I was told that on the day I was summoned. I have no choice but to somehow make a living here…”

I continued to have a quiet conversation with Jill until we arrived. 

Then, we finally arrived at the town we planned to stay the night. When I got out of the carriage, a wobbly Luis-san came to me in tears.

“Itou-san-, can you help cast a recovery magic on me?”

“It’s fine. Horse riding seems tough…”

“It’s exactly as you say. It’s been a long time since I’ve ridden a horse so my thighs and hips are in bad shape. I mostly depend on my teleportation magic to transfer between places that I’ve been to, but it seems like I’m losing my muscles… So it’ll also be a problem if I seek too much convenience. The carriage was comfortable enough…”

“But you said you’ve had enough of the carriage, haven’t you? Or did you have a change of mind?”

“Ahh, that’s just an excuse. It was such a rare opportunity so I thought I would be a bit selfish. I’m aiming for Isis. Ah, I haven’t told the person himself so please keep this a secret. Fufufu…”

As Luis-san was saying this, he had a flirty smile. ….how should I say this, he was like a bewitching fox. The gap between his usual silly and easygoing character was too amazing. 

Because of his monocle, I almost forgot that he had an androgynous appearance that could be described as stunning. He was probably very popular and I was sure the person himself also knew this fact.

Luis-san was a high-ranking nobleman, so he usually wore this sophisticated, elegant aura but sadly, right now, he was merely a predator who set his sights on his prey. 

I put my hands together in my heart and then, I wished the best for Isis-san. 


Lu: sorry for the late chappie people, editor san kinda tired :((

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8 months ago

Man,, I relate to itou somehow,, I could just go on with life but the moment someone comfort and encourage me for doing great I will just combust in tears lol

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thanks for the chapter X3

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Camille Wheeldon
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I dont really see anyone comment (unless I’m blind which I wouldn’t put it past me), but thank you for the chapter