I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 33 – To the Duchy of Lenos! – Part 2

“I’m glad to hear that. I swear to God Lenova that none shall harm you here. You may relax and enjoy your stay.”

The Pope’s gaze was really gentle. 

I was sure I had not told the Pope what I had been through until I reached this palace, but he spoke as if he knew everything. Did I look that vigilant right now?

As I stared at him with nary a thought, he smiled back at me. 

“We prepared a banquet for the evening. If it isn’t too much trouble, please feel free to participate in the feast this evening. It’s a modest party, and only royalties in the palace will attend, so let’s discuss matters later.”

About that… The Pope certainly said this was just a modest party. 

….Eh– no matter how I looked at it, this wasn’t a modest party at all!

In the large hall, we were guided to a group of people that stood in line. Moreover, this was a buffet-style banquet. 

Were they all members of the royal family? Just how many were they…? There were also children… I felt as if my image of the Pope, who was supposed to be [The Priest], had changed…

No matter how I looked at him, the Pope, who was facing the audience, was so beautiful to the point that he looked like he was still in his mid-20s. But according to Jill, he was already over the age of 50.

It looked like his outer appearance hadn’t changed at all since Jill was young… Such a mystery.

The most shocking fact was that there were about 30 queens, and it seemed like not all of them were present at this banquet. Even if they were called queens in this world, they could be of a different gender than their title suggested. Just from their appearance, half of them were female and half were male.1

Shortly after the banquet began, people who might be queens were sitting on the sofa at the corner of the hall and seemed to be having a pleasant chat with each other. 

“Does the meal suit your taste?”

The Pope asked in a gentle tone. Although we had greeted the other members of royalty earlier, Jill and I had been talking to the Pope since the banquet began.

“Everything is delicious.”

“If there’s something that appeals to your taste, please let me know, and I’ll have them prepared again for your enjoyment.”

“…Um, that… there are quite a lot of queens here.”

“Were you quite surprised? It’s a custom of the Kings of Lenos to welcome numerous queens into the Royal Family. But compared to the previous Pope, this isn’t a large number at all.”

The Pope answered as he lifted his teacup in a graceful manner. 

“Starting tomorrow, we will take you to different places in the order by which the miasma appeared. I won’t be able to accompany you, but I will entrust one of the princes as a guide. The head priest will also accompany you, and so if there is anything you require, please do not hesitate to ask him.”

After those words, the Pope said he had to attend the evening prayer and departed. It seemed like his position required him to attend the prayer that occurred in the morning, afternoon, and evening at a fixed time. 

After the Pope left, one of the queens approached us. 

“It’s nice to meet you, Miko-sama. I am the 20th queen, Elizabeth.”

She was a beautiful lady with milk-tea-like soft brown hair and clear white skin. She gave off the feeling of a mature woman. 

She also wore a dress with an elegant design2 in the same colour as her light purple eyes.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Itou Akira.”

After she gave me a light smile, she turned to Jill. 

“Jill-sama, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you. You’ve grown so much.”

After saying this, she looked at Jill straight in the eyes and showed a gentle smile. It was a lot different from the smile she showed me before. 


“I’m glad to see that you’re doing well, Elizabeth-dono.”

Jill replied in the same manner as usual. 

“What happened after that? I’d love to hear more about it. Why don’t we sit down and talk? Please join us as well, Miko-sama.”

Then, she pointed to the sofa we had sat on during our previous conversation with the Pope. 

“I appreciate your offer, but we already have plans for the purification tomorrow, so we would like to return to our rooms.”

“I see. That’s a shame, but you will be staying here for a while, right? Then, let’s talk some other time.”

Queen Elizabeth thanked us with another gorgeous smile and left in a leisurely manner. 

“It’s also time for us to return to our rooms. Eric and Jade must be bored waiting for us.”

It seemed like the escort knights weren’t allowed to attend the banquet, so Eric-kun and Jade-kun had to wait at the entrance of the hall. 

We were guests here, so I wasn’t sure if we could return as we pleased, but I guessed this wouldn’t be a problem. Moreover, it seemed a small banquet like this evening was held every day while guests stayed here. 

All the hosts and guests left the banquet at their convenience, and it didn’t look like you had to attend the banquet every day. 

“Are you and Elisabeth-sama acquaintances?”

I was curious about it, so I asked him while we headed to our rooms, which were adjacent to each other.

“Ah, she was originally the daughter of a Duke of Dynas and my former fiancée.”

Former fiancée? He was a former prince, so he might have had someone like that. 

“It was a story from when I was the first prince, and it’s an old story from 10 years ago already. She broke off our engagement and was married off to Lenos, so I haven’t seen her since then.”

“…I see. She must have been beautiful even then.”

Jill had a slightly troubled expression. 

…It was nothing…! But maybe just a little bit, I was a tiny bit curious about it. 

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