I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 37 – Let’s go back to Miriel

The day before we departed from Lenos, we were granted another audience with the Pope. There were also priests lined up today, so I was a little nervous. 

“Thank you very much for complying to our request. Lenova will never forget your kindness. To you who hailed from faraway, may God bless you.”

Along with those words, he gave me a pendant as a protective charm. If I showed this charm to a Lenova church, no matter where I was, my message would immediately be conveyed to the Pope. 

I hoped that there would never come a time when I had to use it, but I would keep this safe.

His Majesty Najika looked really lonely as he told me that it would’ve been better if I was his real elder brother. But I might be too old to be called his brother….

He said he was planning to study abroad at Dynas one of these days, so at that time, he definitely wanted to meet me again! I was kind of looking forward to him coming over to Dynas. 

We stopped once at the Dynas capital to report to His Majesty Alexis, and then we just returned to Miriel. At last, I was able to come back to the port city, Miriel. 

For the time being, we headed to the Adventurers’ Guild and called out to the receptionist, Marie. 

“Ah, Jill-san and Kira-san! I’m glad that you’re finally back. I’ve been keeping Kira’s belongings for the duration of his absence.”


“It’s a request from Lobenz-san. Isn’t it great? It looks like you don’t have to pay the move-out fee.”

Lobenz-san was the owner of my rented house. 

Ahhh! Just as expected!

I hadn’t been paying rent for the past few months, so I was worried about my house. And just as I thought, the contract had been terminated, and I was driven out. 

Depending on the requests, the adventurers might take a longer time than they had expected to complete their requests. Because of this, there were cases where they couldn’t and quickly easily return. 

For that reason, in case they were driven out of their rented house, the guild would have taken care of their belongings. 

“Kira-san doesn’t have much personal belongings, so I’m saved. If there were a lot of  luggage, I would have needed to use a dimensional storage box, but the amount it can store is limited….” 

We were guided to the back of the guild where storage rooms were. At one corner of a storage room, all my belongings were neatly put together. 

…I was quite shocked…. I was quite fond of that house. 

Just as I began to feel disheartened, Jill called out to me. 

“If I tell Alex, he will definitely do something about this, but… if you don’t mind, would you like to come to my place? I have too many vacant rooms at my house.”1

Eh! Is it okay?”

To be honest, I was grateful. The demand for a rental house was quite high because people from different places came to Miriel all year round.

Since the rate of competition was high, it was extremely difficult to rent a new property that one took a liking to. It was fine to stay at an inn all the time, but I didn’t know how long I could last…

Jill’s house was located in a quiet residential area away from the centre of the city. It was a splendid house that fit the description of a mansion, but that didn’t mean it could qualify as a manor. No one would have thought that this was the residence of the King’s elder brother at all….

When I followed Jill and passed through the gate, we were immediately greeted by a butler-like person. He was an elegant elderly man. 

“Jill-sama, welcome back. Is he your guest?”

“Yes. He will be staying here for a while. Please prepare a guest room for him later.”

“I understand. Please come in.”

He guided me with a kind smile, and I went into the mansion. 

The interior of the mansion wasn’t particularly extravagant, but it was well-maintained and gave off a warm atmosphere. The furniture designs were simple, but they were made of the finest quality and kept in a spotless condition. 

“Do you like it?”

“Yes, it’s a lovely place.”

“I just received this not too long ago. It’s too big for me to live alone, but I’ve taken a liking to its location and architecture. I’ll lead you to your room when the preparation is done. You may also use other places as you like.”

The butler-san’s name was Heize. I only met Heize-san and a maid, Martha-san, but it seemed like there were a few more servants employed here that I have yet to meet. 

“Itou-sama is the very first guest we have welcomed into this mansion, and Jill-sama rarely brings guests, so Martha and I are very enthusiastic about this.”

Heize-san had a peaceful smile as he prepared tea. All the servants here were tight lipped, and inside the mansion, they were living as their true selves. At first, all the servants here, including Heize-san, were surprised to see me with Jill, but they soon got used to it. 

“I’m glad that you’re able to find a good friend, Young Master.”

 Heize-san said this with a smile after he watched us talk with each other. 

Young Master?

I looked at Jill and he seemed embarrassed. 

“…Please don’t call me ‘Young Master’ in front of the guest…. Heize has been my servant since I was in the castle. When I told him to stop addressing me as ‘Your Highness’ a long time ago, he started addressing me as ‘Young Master’ instead. Even when I became an adult, he didn’t change the way he referred to me.”

“Fufu… You two seemed close, so I thought you wouldn’t mind it. To me, a Young Master is always a Young Master.”

Heize-san retorted calmly with a smile. From their exchange, I saw that their relationship was built on long-term trust. It was beyond that of a mere master and servant.

This was a very warm place. 

In the room that was perfectly prepared by Martha-san and the others, I slept more soundly than usual that night. 


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