I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 39 – Dispatch Request from Argyle 

Life in Jill’s mansion had been most comfortable so far, and in fact, it was too comfortable that I had no motivation to look for a new house at all. 

The servants in Jill’s mansion, except for the time they were needed, didn’t show themselves often. They had already cleaned my room and provided me with all I needed before I even noticed I needed it, so they had been maintaining the mansion in perfect condition without my noticing them. 

Thanks to them, I didn’t feel like I was troubling them at all. In fact, I was completely in their care and was in such a comfortable situation that I couldn’t have asked for more.

According to Martha-san, Jill had a mansion on the outskirts of the capital before, but since he rarely came back there in the past few years, they couldn’t help but be bored. 

Even here, Jill and I did most of the work ourselves, and the mansion wasn’t that spacious. When there was no work for them, all the servants here spent their time as they wished.

She laughed and said there were no other places as comfortable as working in Jill’s mansion; she even thought she was being overpaid. 

And ever since I came here, Heize-san has been making delicious coffee for me every morning. It seemed like Jill had been buying beans from a coffee shop in the capital. 

Now, it has become my daily routine to talk and drink with Jill as we ate dinner… I was being careful not to get drunk. 

One day, after spending my peaceful days in Miriel for some time, I received a summons from the castle. I headed to the office and met face-to-face with His Majesty Alexis, who was sitting on a chair with his elbows resting on the desk. 

“A request for a Miko dispatch has arrived from Argyle,” His Majesty Alexis informed us. I knew this would happen someday, and as expected, the time had finally come. 

“A request for dispatch… Did they say anything else?”

“No. They just requested a Miko dispatch. I wonder where they got this information from. But it wasn’t something we could have hidden (for long).”

Well, I had been quite active in Lenos, so I expected that Argyle would become aware of my actions sooner or later. But I felt a little surprised that they directly requested a dispatch. 

The king continued. 

“If possible, you don’t want to get involved with that country, do you? I’m thinking of refusing the request, is it alright?”

“But won’t this worsen the relationships between countries?”

When I asked him because I was concerned, the king suddenly laughed.

“This isn’t something you need to be worried about. Diplomacy is our job.”

“And according to the information from the reports of our informants, it seems like that country currently has no military forces left to confront us.”

Sachez-san, who stood beside the king, added. 

“This… does this mean that the miasma in Argyle hasn’t been fully purified yet?”

“Yes. According to the rumours, I’ve heard that Miko-sama has become unwell and presently in bedrest, therefore, he hasn’t appeared in public for a long time. It’s because of this reason that they were unable to dispatch Miko to their allied countries, and so, her ties with their allied countries have worsened.”

What did he say?

This had suddenly become quite unsettling.

Certainly, Argyle was a bigger country compared to Dynas, but 2 years had passed since Kagaya-kun started purifying the miasma. And yet, they didn’t finish the purification in that time span… What was the meaning of this? 

I was quite concerned about the fact that their Miko wasn’t appearing in public. He became ill and had to lie in bed…? Kagaya-kun could use healing magic, so why?

If this rumour came from a decent country, I wouldn’t have to worry to this extent, but this was from that horrendous Argyle! 

I had only talked with Kagaya-kun for a short while back then, so even if you asked me, it wasn’t that I actively wanted to get along with him. 

However, as a fellow Japanese that was forcibly summoned to this world at the same time, I wished he could have a good life if possible.

At least, I felt bad if he got treated badly. 

“The relationship between Dynas and Argyle can’t be called harmonious even though we’re not in a cold war. But still, to formally request for a dispatch, they must be in quite a dire situation.”

After I thought about it for a little while, I answered. 

“… I think I’ll go to Argyle.”

His Majesty Alexis looked quite worried. 

“Won’t it be dangerous to accept their request without fully knowing their true intentions?”

“If something goes wrong, I’ll return immediately with transportation magic. I think my current abilities can destroy most obstacles in my way even if they use a tool to seal my magic.”

“… However…”

“Thank you for your concern. I’m sure I’ll be fine. After all, I’m quite concerned about Kagaya-kun … and…”

I turned to look at Jill. 

“Of course, I’ll be with you every step of the way. It has been a while since I’ve been to Argyle.”

Jill naturally responded with a smile. 

I was glad. It was a relief that an OP character like Jill was going to tag along with me. 

In terms of ability, I felt that my magic could deal with almost all by myself right now. But if I got too full of myself and marched there alone, I would definitely fall into a crisis.

If I requested, a knight or so would accompany me, but I didn’t want to increase the number of people accompanying me. In case something unexpected were to happen, I would like to escape quickly with magic.

“Ah, I think I want to use teleportation magic to travel this time. I’ve been to the castle town of Argyle before, so I can teleport with Jill.” Akira said.

“You have to cross 2 borders to reach Argyle. Will your magic be enough to reach that castle town?” His Majesty Alexis asked in concern.

“I’ve never done it before, and while I don’t have confidence, I think it’ll probably be fine. If I exhaust my magic, I don’t mind passing via Klimt. I just don’t like the fact that I have to spend a few more weeks on a one-way trip because I was called by Argyle.

Well, I don’t mind, but… If it’s teleport magic, we’ll arrive instantly. Anyway, we need to send an immediate response to inform them that I accept their request.” Akira firmly decided.

“Yes, I’ll immediately arrange a response… Even so, to be able to move between nations with teleport magic… A Miko truly is extraordinary. If you arrive at Argyle, please think about your safety first. If something were to happen, don’t hesitate to come back at once. In the worst case scenario, I don’t mind if you leave my brother behind.”


“If it’s my brother, even if he’s left behind by himself, he’ll manage to escape somehow. He’s more or less a member of Dynas’ Royalty, so they won’t kill him easily.”

His Majesty Alexis said such scary words with a nice smile.

“Itou-sama. Please wear this.”

Sachez-san handed me a bracelet-like thing.

“This part of the magic stone functions like a button, and if you press it, it’ll light a lamp at the magic tower. If something goes wrong, please send us a signal with this. We’ll dispatch the army immediately to save and retrieve you from dangerous situations.”

Does that mean that, depending on the situation, we would plunge into war?

My hand trembled from the weight of responsibility and the implications of carrying this bracelet…


In the end, on the day when the notice was expected to arrive Argyle, Jill and I teleported to the castle town while holding the letter that certified we were official envoys from Dynas.


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Camille Wheeldon
Camille Wheeldon
2 years ago

Hmph, that place doesn’t deserve our mikos help after what they did

Thank you for the chapter