I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 41 – Kagaya-kun Really Was Awesome After All

Wait a minute… I felt like the major premise of my life in another world for these past few years had been completely overturned?!

Eh? But the Archbishop told me on the day I was summoned that there was no way to return to my original world.”

“The temple didn’t know of this! The royal family has been keeping it a secret…” 

It looked like the Miko from two generations ago had always wanted to return to the original world, and the magician, who loved that Miko, had been secretly making a device to return to the original world.

But the development took a very long time and it still hadn’t been completed by the time that Miko died. The magician who invented it died before accomplishing his goal and handed the project over to his disciple’s disciple; by the time the device was completed, it had already been confiscated by the Royal Family, and all the research materials were destroyed.

Ever since then, that device had been under the control of the Royal Family. 

…So, this Royal Family of Argyle had been the worst since a long time ago!

I guessed there were people who always wanted to go back after all. I hoped there were discussions about ‘let’s stop summoning Miko’ at that time. 

Eh? Then, can I also return?”

“No, that’s impossible.”


“The device was originally designed to be used only once, and it broke when Kaname used it. The research material had been destroyed a long time ago, so there’s no one who can repair or remake it.”

“…Are you sure?” I doubted them.

“I’m telling the truth! The device was quite damaged by the time we found it, but I can show you its current state. The research material… and the sole document that we kept which mentioned the device usage was taken by Kaname.”

Hey, Kagaya-kun! At least let me know about it too!

But I was supposed to be a dead man, so it couldn’t be helped….? 

Surprisingly, an opportunity to return had just passed by my shoulder without me knowing about it. 

I felt like I was losing my sense of reality after I realised that there was a way to return and that I had lost my chance of ever doing so. 

The following was a summary of what the Crown Prince mumbled afterwards. 

Before anyone noticed, Kagaya-kun snuck into the library where the Royal Family’s confidential documents were kept and obtained information about the return device.  

He aimed for the time when the Emperor was absent, stole the key for the storage room from the emperor’s chamber, activated the device by himself, and returned to his world.   

…No, Kagaya-kun really was awesome.1 I just wanted to butt in and say, “Are you some kind of skilled agent?!”

“There is still one-third of the miasma left in our land to purify, and we only dispatched him to our allied nations a few times… And the relief centre where he had given treatment has been flooded with patients from many counties suffering from miasma.”

“There are strong oppositions towards the Royal Family, both inside and outside the Empire… By no means can we publicly say that the Miko has returned to his world. We announced to the public that the Miko became sick and had to be confined to bed rest. However, it’s been nearly half a year since Kaname left, and we’ve finally reached our limit.”

“However, at the same time, we heard the news that a Miko had appeared in Dynas. And just like that, we were able to meet with Itou-dono. The fact that you came back to our Empire means that God hasn’t abandoned our Empire yet, am I right?” 

The Crown Prince said this with a forced and exhausted smile. 

It seemed like immediately after Kagaya-kun’s disappearance, the Emperor went under treatment and threw all government affairs to the Crown Prince. 

I thought he used to be a sparkling and flashy beauty, but now that he had lost his youthful glow; the way he smiled was somewhat melancholic. 

…Huh? Was my story of almost being killed treated like it was nothing? 

“No, that’s not what I’m talking about,” Jill, who had been listening with his arms folded, said bluntly. 

“Akira, what do you want to do? We’re done with our business, so shall we go back to Dynas?”

“Hmm…” I hummed.

No, Itou-dono, please wait! I beg you! I deeply apologise for our poor treatment towards you. That’s why, please…  There is still miasma in Argyle, the patients… a-and we also need to deal with monsters… We can no longer take on more knights. We can also no longer maintain relationships with our allied nations! We’ll be able to solve everything if you work as a Miko in Argyle…!”

The Crown Prince literally clung to me. 

What should I do?

But still, I didn’t think I wanted to help those who tried to assassinate me. Or rather, let them burn!

But most of the people who lived in Argyle were just living their lives to the best of their abilities.

“…I don’t mind purifying miasma in Argyle and treating the patients in the relief centre while I’m still here.”

“But then, our relationships with our allied nations will…”

“For that, just take care of them by yourselves.”

“In exchange for the Miko’s dispatch, I’ve heard that you’ve been asking overbearing political demands. It’s high time you show some of your diplomatic skills?”

Jill grinned wickedly as he looked at the Crown Prince. 

The Crown Prince looked completely dispirited. From this meeting, my impression of him completely turned into that of an unfortunate guy saddled with heavy responsibilities. 

I looked like I was bullying a junior; I was kind of a little sorry, but I still continued. 

“But there’s a condition. Your Majesty Leonard is the Crown Prince, so that means you’re going to be the next king, right? With your name, promise me that the Argyle’s Royal Family will no longer summon a Miko again. If possible, with a written document.”

“That…! That sort of thing –  it’s not something I can do with my will alone…”

“If you don’t promise me, I will no longer cooperate with you. You’ll promise me, right?”

“…That’s… that’s impossible. Because… What are we going to do with the miasma! If the person isn’t a Miko, no one can purify it…”

To begin with, I had something to say to these people.

“Has Argyle ever attempted to do serious research on the miasma? Have you properly investigated all the past records? Have you ever considered another option besides purification?”


“For now, there’s no alternative besides purification, but other countries have been increasing their defence budgets to take measures against monsters by themselves. So, what about Argyle?”

“Well… that’s…”

“In other words, I want you to put a little effort on your own. It’s this world’s problem, and yet isn’t it strange that you’re throwing away your own problems by making an otherworlder solve the problems of this world?”

The Crown Prince opened his mouth, then he became silent and was unable to find the right words to refute mine. Then, after hanging his head for a while, he said with a feeble voice.

“…I understand. I promise. I’ll also make a written document.”


The aide beside him refused to back down, but the Crown Prince looked at him and shouted. 

“…Then, what are we supposed to do?!  Like Itou-dono said, our country has not planned any measures against miasma except for summoning the Miko. At this point in time, what can we do by ourselves?… Kaname is no longer here…” 2

“Then, I’ll leave the drawing up of the document to you. Jill, can I request you to keep that document in Dynas as well? I don’t know if the miasma will occur again in my lifetime.”

“Ah, Alexis will keep it safe. Dynas will make sure to look over this matter of whether they fulfill the promise or not.”

This was a promise with no penalty for breaking it. Even if this was made into a document, there was no particularly binding force behind it. But still, I thought that it was better than doing nothing. 

In fact, I wanted to destroy the summoning method itself, but there was no way for me to confirm that they properly destroyed it or not. And I felt that they would say another lame excuse again. 

But with this, I hoped that this would make them seriously think of measures against miasma by themselves without summoning an otherworlder against their will. 


Rus : Small steps for Itou to stop these bad guys from kidnapping otherworlders – yAS!

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1 year ago

what?! no! it should be a written contract that if itou help them they will destroy the knowledge how to summon Miko.
or at least make a returning item for itou