I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 42 – I’m a Free Miko. 

“And, since I’m not ‘Argyle’s Miko’, all my actions outside the empire of Argyle have nothing to do with this country. Promise me that you’ll never interfere with me from now on.”

“I-I understand…”

“Just for your information, he’s also under the protection of His Holiness Ignacia of Renos. If you lay your hands on him, you’ll become enemies with not just Dynas, but also Renos and Renova’s believers.” 

“…I’ll keep that in mind.”

After that, I first visited the relief centre where Kagaya-kun had been giving treatment. Inside, a small church-like building was crowded with patients of all ages. 

I found a nurse-like person at the back of the room, so I approached him, lowered my hood, and called out to him.

“Good afternoon. I’m Itou, and I’ve been entrusted with managing the treatment of patients in this relief centre by the Royal Family. Are the people in this room all the patients we have in the centre?”

That person looked at me with a surprised face, and after that, his face scrunched up like he was about to cry. 

“Good afternoon… are you really Miko-sama? For you to really come here… I’m glad. Just because Kaname-sama came here once, even patients from other countries had started coming here, so we’ve been really overwhelmed. We’ve been getting help from another relief centre nearby, but…” 

A relief centre was like a place that accepted patients who couldn’t afford to see a doctor with their own expenses.

This relief centre was close to the residential area of the lower-income working class, so this centre already had more patients than usual.  And yet, the patients who suffered from the miasma also came here, so it seemed like the whole place quickly became filled to the rafters.

It looked like they had been managing until now by transferring some of the patients to another relief centre. 

But the doctors didn’t come here everyday, so the nurses had been taking care of all these patients with just 3 of them.

Because of this, it seemed like they hadn’t been able to return to their homes for many months… Such a workplace with terrible working conditions… 1

For the time being, I casted recovery magic on them. I felt sorry for them, but they had to hang in there a little bit longer…

After that, it was time for me to treat the patients suffering from the miasma. With the nurses’ help, we gathered all the patients with the same symptoms, and then I cast purification magic on them. 

Once this was done, I casted healing magic one by one to those with normal injuries and those with diseases. 

“The previous Miko-sama was a beautiful person, but you’re different from him. Your black hair and black eyes… it’s the first time I’ve seen such features,” a grandma spoke to me.

“The one who came here before was the Argyle’s Miko-sama, right? I’m a free Miko. Here, I’ve healed you,” I said.

There seemed to be quite a number of people who knew of Kagaya-kun, so I had to repeat the similar conversation quite often.

The day after tomorrow, I looked around the relief centre that had been accepting patients, and for now, I had finished treating the patients in this place.

After reporting the situation to His Majesty Alexis through a letter, I set off to purify miasma inside Argyle’s territory.

As for the pools of miasma, there weren’t many places left that had to undergo purification because Kagaya-kun had already purified most of them. 

What was the most unexpected was the uselessness of Argyle’s knights. They might have originally been capable knights, but anyhow, they looked exhausted now. 

Since the first outbreak of miasma, it seemed like they had never increased the number of knights.

Just because the castle had initially and pointlessly employed a large number of knights, it looked like the knights that worked outside the castle had been dragged everywhere day after day. Perhaps they hadn’t been paid sufficiently and this led to their remarkably low morale. 

The Third Prince, who accompanied me, had that sword with excessively flashy decorations that I once saw at the weapons store in the capital of Dynas. However, he never once wielded that sword after all.

Thanks to the Third Prince, that situation was a continuation of Jill’s leadership in battles against monsters from Dynas to Argyle, and although he was royalty from another empire, he basically led the knights of Argyle into battle. In the end, we managed to purify all the miasma pools reported. 

“Is it really over already? …It’s hard to believe we were able to finish this in such a short time… Compared to Kaname’s pace, this is unbelievable…” 

This was the reaction of the Crown Prince after I reported that we had finished both the treatment and purification. 

“Itou-dono, your magic has really increased considerably. I regret that I was unable to recognise the power you possess. Anyway, on behalf of Argyle’s royal family, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving our empire from this crisis. I would also like to express my gratitude to Your Highness Jillvias for your cooperation.” 

The Crown Prince looked at our direction and bowed. After that, he raised his head, turned to look at me, and deliberately coughed. 

“And… how about it? If you’re fine with it, would you like to keep staying here at Argyle? Of course, with the utmost treatment as befitting a Miko…”

“I have no intention of doing that,” I said. 2

“Aren’t you being too shameless? Just give up already,” Jill said.

It looked like both of us spoke almost at the same time. 

“Then, we’ll excuse ourselves for now.”

We called out to the Crown Prince, who was still saying, “At least to our allied countries, Evesis and Kushuvena…” We hurried to a secluded place, and quickly left Argyle’s castle with my teleport magic. 

Anyway, we left for the castle town. 

When we started walking, Jill opened his mouth.

“And, where do we start first?”

“Eh?” I blinked at him.

“You’re planning to go around purifying miasma from now on, aren’t you?” Jill asked.

“…I haven’t said anything to you, but you already knew it,” I said.

That’s right. I had been thinking for a while that I would undoubtedly be concerned if there were still countries suffering from miasma. 

I didn’t particularly have that sense of duty inside me, but it was just a matter of what I felt was the right thing to do.

Having said that, I would feel burdened if I were to be dispatched to another country as the Miko from Dynas every time, and it seemed like I also had to pay attention to bothersome matters such as political relations between countries. It also looked like it would take too much time. 

“It’s about you, so I think you’ll say something like ‘I can’t leave the other countries alone.’ I’m right, aren’t I?”

“…Yeah. I was thinking of travelling and purifying as an adventurer. I’ve always wanted to visit other countries. That’s why, we’ll be purifying while we’re on a trip. There’ll be rumours about it, but I’ll change my appearance and use teleport magic as much as possible. Things will work out somehow.”

“If that’s the case, you won’t get cooperation from those places in advance and also won’t receive any rewards. Moreover, your achievements won’t be recognised, and in particular, you won’t get any gratitude.”

“I don’t need any more rewards. I’ve earned enough, and the monsters we subjugate along the way will become a good source of income. For cooperation… Even without it, I think it’ll be fine as long as I’m with you. I will eventually reach a point where I can fight reasonably well. And, as long as you know about what I’ll be doing, I’ll be fine with it.”

It’s just that I’ll completely rely on Jill during my purification journey. I wasn’t confident that I could walk around this world alone, so it would be reassuring if Jill was there for me. 

The truth was…a big chunk of me was saying that I didn’t want to be apart from him…

“I don’t know how long it’ll take, but will you come with me?”

“Of course. I’ll follow you even if you refuse to let me.”

Together with Jill, who replied to me without a moment’s hesitation, we set off on a journey to purify the entire continent.


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