I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 44 – The Maxwell Company

“It’s okay for you to come out now.”

“Thank you very much.”

The one who emerged from the wagon was Dariel-san, the head of the trading company.

I had thought the head of the trading company would be a stout middle-aged man, but Dariel-san wasn’t like that. He was a beautiful young man with a slender build. 

I was now in a country named Shiruse. My purification journey around the entire continent had been going quite well.

To be honest, I didn’t know whether it would be quicker for me to go around purifying the continent, rather than wait for the miasma to disappear naturally. But, once my journey actually started, it went much faster than I expected.  

In truth, the time we spent on travelling was greatly reduced by my teleportation magic. Originally, if I were to be doing this by myself, even though I could purify an area in an instant, I would still need to track down the miasma locations. 

Thanks to Jill’s great social skills, we had no difficulties gathering information at the adventurers’ guild wherever we went. 

Everyone generously told us the information we needed and even information we hadn’t asked for. 

We shared our destination with the head of the Naiad Trading Company, and so we were allowed to ride their carriage there in return for ensuring their safety during the journey.

For a while, everything was peaceful without any incidents, except that we had recently encountered some bandits.

But no matter what, we had the adventurer Jill-sama on our side, so the end result was already determined even before the fight even began—an overwhelming victory, of course. 

I too played a pretty active role during the battles. I also thought of strategies for dealing with opponents just in case I ever needed them. 

But no matter what I said, I would never be able to kill a human being, even if they were thieves, for example. I was also unable to use high-level skills like Jill, wounding and suppressing our opponents just enough that they stayed alive. 

That was why I had been mostly attacking them with restraint and sleep magic. I had recently started using this sleep magic, and during hunts, I could occasionally use sleep magic on the monsters depending on their species. It was quite the useful skill indeed.

“Wow, these guys are probably that Tanishiro Gang.1 They match the description of the bandits from that gang: baldies with three old scars on their foreheads. I think the bounty on them will be huge.”

The eyes of Jihar, who was the youngest member of the trading company,  sparkled as he pushed the bandits, sleeping and restrained by magic, into the wagon.

We were planning to hand over the bandits we caught to the nearest guard station.2

“Sir! We might be able to use this deal to recover our losses all at once!” 

“Hey! It was Jill-san’s group that caught them. How could we receive the bounty?” Dariel-san chided. 

According to what I had heard, the trading company came from afar because of a business deal. Contrary to expectations, they weren’t able to secure a good deal. It didn’t help that a landslide along their way had stranded them, causing their travel expenses to go up significantly.

They didn’t have enough money to hire an escort at the guild, so they were beyond elated when we offered to take their escort request. 

“I don’t mind if the Naiad Company receives the bounty money. You’re also fine with that, right, Jill?”

“Yeah, I’m fine with that. We’re not in urgent need of money for now. It’s fine as long as you give us a ride to our destination like you promised.” 

“What… I’m grateful enough that such skilled people like you agreed to escort us for next to nothing… I’m indebted to you. Meeting you two was the best thing that could have happened to me on this journey.”

In the end, we dropped off near our destination and parted with the Naiad Company. Dariel-san gave me a paper with his contact information, telling me to reach out to him should I ever need anything. 

After we finished the purification, Jill suddenly told me he wanted to stop by at a certain place. 

The weather today was bad—rather than warm, bright sunlight, the sky was blanketed by a gloomy, tepid rain. 3

Jill took me to a three-story brick building located in a narrow alleyway. It was a short distance away from the main street, where all kinds of shops were standing in rows on both sides of the street. 

On the beautiful metal nameplate was written “The Maxwell Company”. 

Just what was with this place…? 

Jill knocked on the door and called inside. 


When I saw the man who came out the door, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic when I saw him. 

A gentle face with bright green eyes framed by dark brown hair.


“Erm… who are you?”

Kiel had a puzzled look on his face. I forgot—I was still using the “Kira” appearance. Jill explained the situation and once we entered the room, I removed my disguise magic. 

“Itou-sama! You’re really alive! I’m really really glad… I was still skeptical when I heard the news from Jill-sama.”

It seemed like Jill had been searching for Kiel’s whereabouts. 

We were guided into the reception room and he made black tea for both of us. As expected, the tea Kiel made was really delicious. 

“What have you been doing since then? I can’t count how many times I regretted not stopping you on that day, even if I had to use force…”

“I happened to learn that they were planning to assassinate me, and I thought that was the only chance for me to escape. So I ran far away, to Dynas, and have been living as an adventurer since then. I met Jill there. All the things you told me about the adventurer’s guild and everything else—they really helped me.”

“I see… You’ve been through a lot. I’m really sorry that I couldn’t protect you.”

“No, don’t be, I’m just happy that I can see you again. How have you been doing?”

“I’m… after that, I was devastated and completely disgusted with the people in the castle, no longer wanting to work there. I was thinking of leaving the country altogether, but a friend from my student days invited me to open a business together with him. He’s a trustworthy person, so can I introduce him to you?”

Kiel headed to the back room and called out a man with short, dark green hair. Although the man was surprised by my appearance, he nervously introduced himself as Oliver. 

“Originally, my father ran this company, but I ended up succeeding him. It would have been too much for me to handle this business alone, so I started looking for a business partner. That’s when I remembered Kiel, who was a brilliant student. So I asked him, and I wasn’t expecting a positive response, so I was very surprised when he accepted.”

This place seemed to be one of the offices of the Maxwell company. Making Shiruse their base of operation, they had been distributing goods to neighbouring countries, and their business seemed to be thriving. 


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