I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 47 – The End of a Journey and The Beginning of a New One

“Are those all the monsters?”

“Yes. That’s a lot more than I expected.”

Fu— I worked really hard. While wiping away the sweat on my forehead, I looked down at the monsters that we had defeated scattered in all directions.

Just when we were heading to the location of the final miasma pool, we encountered a horde of monsters along the way.

Even so, I thought that I had levelled up wonderfully. Normally, anyone would probably think I would be a Rank-A adventurer or higher, or a guy who had taken part in subjugations with multiple parties. 

I had been working with this Jill-sama, but to be able to cleanly deal with all those monsters with just the two of us, weren’t we quite good at this?

As usual, after I finished purifying the miasma pool, I took off the hood that I was wearing. It was a nice robe and quite breathable, but nothing can beat fresh air without a hood. 

Looking at the purified site where the miasma pool was once located, I was gradually filled with a sense of accomplishment. I felt like shouting out loud. 

“I’ve finally done it!”

“Yes, you’ve done a really great job. To be honest, the idea of going around the whole continent purifying miasma pools, I’d once thought about how long this would take, but when we actually did it, it worked out well somehow.”

“Right! Thanks for accompanying me throughout this whole journey. Thanks to you, we weren’t stopped by anyone in particular and didn’t encounter any danger.”

“No, I’m the one who should be thanking you. Thank you for saving this world, and also thank you for choosing me as your partner… Ah, it’s almost lunch time. Let’s go back to the city, have some delicious meals, and celebrate with a victory party.” 

All right! Let’s order and start drinking a cold ale from noon. 

Then, we teleported to a place where we were out of sight and headed to the city. This city, even though it was right beside the forest, was quite prosperous. 

We were heading for the restaurant that was famous for its delicious meals that Jill heard from the Adventurer Guild, but the way there was so congested that we couldn’t move forward easily. 

When we finally arrived at the restaurant, there was already a queue. Well, it was about lunchtime, so…

After waiting in line for a while, our turn finally arrived. The interior of the restaurant was much more spacious than I thought when I looked at it from the outside. We ordered a couple of other dishes in addition to today’s special dish. 

While we were waiting for the food, we overheard a conversation from the table next to us. 

“Hey, have you heard of it? Recently, the miasma pools have been disappearing one by one. I thought this was only a rumour from other foreign countries, but it’s happening here too.”

“Aa, I heard those rumours too. The miasma pool inside the Akville forest actually disappeared. The requests for monster subjugations seemed to have died down a bit, so my cousin working as the guild staff member said he was glad that he could finally relax.”

“Then, did you also hear of this? There are witnesses saying that they caught sight of a group of two men who look like adventurers near the site of the miasma pool that vanished.”

“A group of two men who are like adventurers… isn’t that commonplace?”

“That is, one of the two guys had rare black hair and the other guy seemed exceedingly handsome. I’m quite curious to know who they are~.”

Oh—. It was becoming a rumour after all. By the way, I never tried to purify miasma with my original appearance, so the information about black hair was false. It was because I was wearing a hood most of the time. 

I guess the wrong information most likely spread out from somewhere… 

Whenever we went to the places we were planning to purify, I changed Jill’s outer appearances such as his hair and eyes colour. 

I needed to have a clear image of what it looked like if I wanted to change facial structure, so I was quite troubled. If it was about copying someone else’s face, it wasn’t that difficult. 

After that, I had tried to cast some memory-disruption magic spells that made it difficult for people to remember, but my spells hadn’t been able to hide his handsome aura. 

It was worth waiting in line, all their food was delicious. And the sense of liberation after finishing the whole journey was really cathartic. 

After having our meal, we left the city and decided to take a short break by a small lake bank. There was also a nice shaded spot where we could rest. 

I found this place while we were on our way to the purification site and had my eyes on this place as a comfortable rest spot. 

“Hey, we’re finished with all the purification, right? What are you going to do from now on?”

“Umm… For now, I want to return to Miriel.” 

“Are you going to be an adventurer again?” Jill asked.

“Adventuring is also fine, but… what should I do now? Well, I’ll cross the bridge when I get there.”

After a while, Jill asked me with a serious look. 

“Akira, do you still want to return to your world?”

“… Why?”

“… Argyle has that return device, right? After the investigation, all the materials and people who were related to that research, there was nothing left of them, but it still existed, so it’s possible to rebuild it again.” 

Jill said this with a downcast look. 

“After we went to Argyle, I asked Luis to look into the matter of crossing between worlds. But unfortunately, with Dynas’ level of magic, he had no idea about how to make a return device. However, he said that the magic empire from the Eastern continent might have some clues on how to help you go back home. That’s why, if you wish…”

… I see. That shitty Argyle, they really did a lot of pointless things, huh.

When I heard that Kagaya-kun had returned to our world, I also thought that I could do the same. That meant there was still a possibility that I could return back to my world.

But those magicians of Argyle, they had been working on it for several decades before they even finished making it. Moreover, I felt that they said there was this ridiculous huge magic stone or something like that. 

Let’s say, even if they were able to make the return device, I wasn’t sure whether I would still be alive by then. 

I was all set to spend the rest of my life here, but because I had been shown that slightest possibility, I’d felt that complicated feeling countless times already. In the end, I also made Jill concerned about it. 

“… When it comes to that… honestly, tell me you’ll never let me go. So, is this the reason why you’ve had that gloomy expression lately?” I asked Jill.

“Of course, I don’t want you to go back. But you still have a lot of precious things in your own world, right? Like family and friends.” He said.

Well, that’s true, but that didn’t mean I gave them up easily. It was just that, ever since I came to this world, I took a lot of time to sort out my own feelings, even if forcibly… But…

“…No, you no longer need to search for a way back. I can’t argue with the fact that there’s still a chance that I could return there, but it is still pretty unlikely, isn’t it? But spending all my life clinging to a hope that may or may not exist, I don’t think it’s a very good way to live.” I said.

But to keep searching for a way to return, it would be like spending my whole life always thinking of the fact that this wasn’t the world I used to live in. I didn’t even think that I still wanted to keep living on as the ‘otherworlder’ forever. 

“And, you know what, I’m really happy that I can confidently say that I’m fine with this, for now. I’ve also made a friend here. And… at this point in time, I can’t think of living a life without you…” I admitted.

Jill was holding his hand over his mouth in surprise. Wa—, did I end up saying something embarrassing…? But I really meant it.

“…Are you fine with that?” Jill asked.

“I’m saying it’s fine. My strong point is knowing when to give up, so once I’ve made up my mind, I probably won’t complain nor would I regret my decision. Besides, you’re going to make me feel that living here is the right choice for me, aren’t you?”

“… Aa, I promise you that you’ll never regret living with me.” Jill smiled.


After he took a breath, he laughed.

“I’m glad. To be honest, I was worried about what to do if you ever told me you wanted to go back. I knew that I had to respect your feelings, but I still couldn’t control my own emotions… Then, will you stay with me from now on?” Jill asked.

“Of course!” I said.

Now, I felt really great. It wasn’t that something had changed drastically, but maybe it was because of the clear blue sky, so I felt really refreshed. 

I was accidentally brought into this world, but I was determined to plant my roots here. I felt that someone was telling me, ‘bloom where you’re planted.’

“Ok, then let’s go back to Miriel.”

“Yeah, let’s go back to our home. I’m sure both Heize and Martha have been waiting for us to return.”

Well—, going back home together, didn’t it sound nice? 

What should I do from now on? I still wanted to continue being an adventurer. It seemed fun to go around to many places in a team with Jill. But if that was the case, there was no turn for me to take the spotlight. 

And while I was at it, I might as well make use of knowledge from my world. How about coming up with a new product and letting it be handled by Kiel’s company?

I should think of a few other things that would sell well here. But first, I needed to do some market research. 

Alright, I would be fine here.

I took Jill’s hand and headed back to our beloved port city, Miriel. This was the best feeling I’ve ever had since I had come to this world. 

(A/N : This is the end of the main story. Thank you so much for sticking with me for your long-term support! I’m planning to post 2 more chapters as extras to the main story, so I’ll be happy if you read them too.)

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