I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Extra chapter 1 – My Master from Another World – Part 1

(Author Note – This story is from the perspective of Kiel, Itou’s chamberlain.)

I was really happy when I was asked to be the Miko’s chamberlain.

The royal castle’s chamberlains were all excellent people with high social standings and they had gotten their positions through hard competition. It was my pride to work here.

I started working as a chamberlain right after I graduated from the academy, and in my second year of doing this, I became a chamberlain in the royal castle. 

There were three princes and two princesses in the country.

I had been working as one of the chamberlains of Her Highness Venessa, the first princess, but I was relieved of my duties when she married into a neighbouring country.

Shortly after that, I was instructed to become the chamberlain of the soon-to-be-summoned Miko.

On the day of the summoning ceremony, the castle was in an uproar. The reason was because two Miko appeared.

As instructed, I waited in the room, and then a man with distinct appearance and unique features appeared before me.

He had black hair, equally dark eyes, and wore a white shirt with all-black jacket and slacks.

I had heard that people from the other world were of small builds, but this person was not. He had a slender figure and seemed to be the same age as me, but he looked younger.

I called out to the one I would serve; he had a nervous expression.

“Itou-sama. My name is Kiel Twain, I will be taking care of Itou-sama from today onwards. Please tell me anything so that Itou-sama will not be inconvenienced.”

The pair of completely unique obsidian eyes looked at me. Itou-sama wasn’t outstandingly gorgeous, but his well-balanced facial features and slightly yellow skin radiated a warm, pleasant feeling.1.

That day, I was filled with joy to be able to serve this country’s saviour, the Miko, and I was filled with anticipation for the future.

But it seemed that my master was not the Miko. When I heard the story, his tired face on the first day came to my mind.

I thought he was tired because of the unfamiliar environment, but when I thought about it more, he had been forcibly brought here from his own world. 

I didn’t know whether the Miko could be sent back to their own world. But what if they couldn’t…?

In addition, what would he feel if he didn’t turn out to be the Miko? I was ashamed of myself for being delighted and not thinking about his situation.

My master had a firm determination to learn more about this world from me and now, it became routine for me to talk to him over a cup of tea.

My master was not a man of many words. He spent most of the day reading books and seemed to be practicing magic on his own. Once, he proudly showed off his illumination magic.

Recently, Itou-sama had been hit with a lot of criticism. The Miko-sama’s followers harassed him all the time, and they were getting more and more aggressive because the young Crown Prince was quite devoted to the Miko-sama and showed disrespect towards my master.

“Kiel, listen to this. Today, Kaname-sama is going to heal at the relief centre. I hope I can be there to witness him using his miraculous power. Yesterday, I got these cufflinks from Kaname-sama. He sometimes gives gifts to his followers.”

Even my cousin, Evan, who was five years younger than me, talked in a fascinated manner and proudly showed off the decorated jewel.

“It’s a pretty nice gift. Good for you.”

“Yes. Kaname-sama is very beautiful, and even though he is the Miko, he is kind to the lower classes. He’s a selfless saint. I’m lucky to be able to serve him. It would’ve been nice if Kiel also served Kaname-sama, instead of that… that tagalong. Like everyone’s been saying, it’s unfair for him to receive the same treatment as Kaname-sama even though he does nothing.” 

It wasn’t any of Evan’s business even if he was one of the chamberlains and followers of the Miko-sama.

First of all, where did all the money to buy gifts for the Miko-sama’s followers come from? If it was from the royal family, didn’t that mean that it was tax money?

I knew that the Crown Prince had been giving the Miko-sama many clothes, jewelry, and expensive magic tools. The Miko-sama took them as a given and sometimes even pestered the Crown Prince for more. I didn’t mind, as long as they worked for this country, but I wouldn’t call this selfless either.

Besides, the treatment between the Miko-sama and my master was not the same.

The Miko-sama’s closet was crammed with clothes prepared by the Crown Prince. Meanwhile, my master was provided with only the bare minimum. He also didn’t have any money to use.

My master didn’t have anyone to teach him about magic and this world. But the Miko-sama had 4 chamberlains, 3 exclusive maids, and 4 guards, while my master only had me as chamberlain, one guard, maids who came in shifts, and no exclusive maid at all.

The Miko-sama ate the same things as the royalty, and the Crown Prince attended every meal with him. For my master, they gave simple food, the kind servants ate, and he always had his meal alone. The quality of the meal was also significantly less, probably due to the harassment of Miko-sama’s followers in the kitchen.

My master seemed to be aware of all this, but he spent his days quietly without complaining.

Tamago: Poor Itou, has to deal with all this after being forcibly summoned…

PK: Humanity is sh!t even in isekai.

Lu: OIOIOI Evan, how dare you! Kiel is a must protecc tho~

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1 year ago

Kiel you are so nice.

2 years ago

Kiel T_T
He really respects Itou, and he’s realized the open cruelty from everyone.
I’m really hoping he’ll leave and they’ll give each other again

2 years ago
Reply to  MaskedTwilight

I’m not spoiling a thing he hehe he but— hehe hehehe