I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Extra chapter 3 – Alphonse’s Regret – Part 1

This chapter is from Alphonse’s point of view.

My first impression of Kira was, “extremely ordinary.”

The day I met Kira, I had been ambushed by a pack of Perevils.1 Unfortunately, I hurt my leg in a previous subjugation, and I was in a sticky situation.2

I reassured myself and prepared to fight in desperation, when suddenly the monsters were struck by a wind blade.

Surprised by the unexpected help, I turned my head towards the direction of the wind. Standing there was a person wearing a black robe and hood.

Since the monsters continued attacking, I immediately returned my attention back to the monsters and slew the foes one by one. The pack reduced in numbers all at once, and I was somehow able to get control of the situation.

As I crouched down and let the relief wash over me, the black-robed person approached me, so I called out to him. 

“Thank you for saving me just now. That was a really dangerous situation, so I’m truly grateful for your help. I never thought I’d run into a group of Perevil. My name is Alphonse. What’s yours?”

“I’m Kira, a C-ranked adventurer.”

The man, who pulled off his hood and answered me, had a face so mediocre it could be seen anywhere. 

Since he also lived in Miriel, we went back to the city together. From talking to him, I learned that he was originally an adventurer in a foreign country and had moved here recently, and that he was working as a solo adventurer.

At first, I thought that he was a friendly guy, but over time, I didn’t feel any closer to him.

In the end, I learned very little about him. Even though he started conversations with me, I didn’t feel like he was interested in me.

While I talked with other adventurers when I came back, he disappeared without a trace. And I had been thinking of introducing him to my comrades…

From then on, I tried talking with him whenever I saw him in the guild. He would answer with a few words, but he never removed his reserved attitude.

I wanted to get to know him better, but the distance between us wasn’t getting smaller, so I stubbornly kept talking with him.

When Kira finally changed his attitude towards me, I was overjoyed by the fact that he, someone who kept a polite distance from everyone, was willing to talk to me in a friendly manner, and I became more and more involved with him.

At first glance, Kira seemed like a cold person, but in reality, he was actually quite kind. Even before we became close, he appeared troubled when I kept calling out to him. He never once ignored me and always replied back sincerely, and he somehow listened to most of my requests.

Though he didn’t want to get involved with other adventurers, whenever he saw that someone was in danger during subjugations, he used his magic to help and support them without a word.

Even though he looked mundane, the time I spent with him was very special and comforting to me. Before I realised it, his charm had captivated me. 

One day, when I was talking with Kira, Jill happened to be in the guild. To be honest, I didn’t want to introduce Kira to him. Even from my perspective, Jill was good-looking and a man of character. And as an adventurer, his abilities were on another level compared to mine.

When I had dinner with Jill and Kira, I noticed that Kira seemed to be having a great time talking to Jill—and somehow, I regretted inviting Jill to dinner with Kira and I.

I later asked Kira if he would like a person like Jill, and he replied that Jill was cool-looking and a good person. Then he looked at me and added that I was also cool-looking.

This was very much like how Kira usually was, so I purposely said something in the hope that he would know of my feelings for him.

After returning home and hesitating for a while, I decided not to hide my feelings towards him. There was a good chance he would accept me if I wasn’t pushy and entitled 3.

My plan was to persistently stick to him until my presence beside him became normal for him. And as expected, even though he always complained, he never pushed me away.

At this rate, the distance between us would shorten, and I started planning to seriously ask him out.

Until one day, I learned of his secrets, and proceeded to do horrible things to him.

One day I went to subjugation with Kira when we ended up searching for a lost child who had gone into a forest infested with miasma. I found the child near the area polluted with miasma and carried the terribly pale child in my arms as I returned to Kira.

Then suddenly, we were ambushed by monsters. One appeared behind Kira and as I watched him attack it, another one came out of the bushes to my right side.

Normally I would have noticed its presence, but my body was heavy and my senses had become dull at the time, probably because I had gone too close to the miasma.

I was desperate to protect the child in my arms and covered him with my right arm. Then, I felt a sharp pain there and realized that I had been bitten. I groaned in pain, and as soon as Kira noticed me, he attacked the monster with his magic, blowing it away.

It might have been because of poison in the monster attack, but as pathetic as it was, I lost consciousness.

When I came to, I found that I was being carried on Kira’s thin shoulders. I noticed that there wasn’t a trace of injury left on my arm, and that the child’s complexion had improved. When I asked Kira about it, he told me that he could use healing magic.

Not everyone could use healing magic, and I heard that just by possessing those abilities, someone could get entangled with the higher-ups regardless of their will. I was happy that Kira shared his secret with me.

It wasn’t until a few days later that I learned his big secret.

I was drinking at a pub in the city with my fellow adventurers when one of them told me a story that caught my attention.

“You know my friend’s brother who lives in Klimt? I don’t know the details, but he ended up entering the forest during a subjugation and was infected by miasma. After that, he became absent-minded and extremely weak.”

I remembered the incident with the lost child and inquired further.

“Why don’t you show him to a magician who can use healing magic?”

“That’s… healing magic can’t cure miasma injuries. The Miko from the Argyle Empire can somehow heal this, so left with no choice, they took him to the relief centre where the Miko used to go.”

…What did this mean? At that time, the only ones present were me, Kira, and the child. Did Kira use purification?

At that moment, I recalled the rumours that two Miko were summoned at the time of ceremony.

Kira sometimes used unfamiliar words and occasionally, he would be surprised by common, trivial things. What if all of that was because he was from another world?

One day, as I was living my usual life, I received a letter from my mother.

It said that she and my two sisters were about to be sold off without a chance for our debt to be repaid, and in the worst case, the whole family would be in danger of having our title revoked, what with our repeated scandals. She begged me to at least save my younger sisters.

In my family, I had a father who was a burden to us all. My father was originally the third son of a fallen noble family. With his good looks, he won the heart of my mother, who was the daughter of a wealthy Earl family, and gained his current position. However, his prodigal nature and extravagant spendings quickly drained the Curtis family’s fortune, leaving us only with a huge debt.

Most of my income went to debt repayment, but our situation didn’t get any better. Just as I was about to pay off the debt, my father spent anew and the vicious cycle continued.4

I couldn’t sit still when I thought of my timid, kind mother and my two younger sisters, who had just had their social debut, being sold off, so I was desperate to search for ways to help my family.

Tamago: *sigh* This is depressing…

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1 year ago

I’d just straight up murder the father if he tried to sell off my mother and sisters due to his own ineptitude. But, yeah, he definitely should have spoken to the MC about the situation before allowing himself to be duped by the prime minister. Also, I don’t know why the MC decided to agree to work with the king given that someone under his employ literally just tried to enslave him. My resentment will not be assuaged until I read that the prime minister has been executed.

2 years ago

“Іt ѕаіd thаt ѕhе аnd mу twо ѕіѕtеrѕ wеrе аbоut tо bе ѕоld оff wіthоut а сhаnсе fоr оur dеbt tо bе rераіd, аnd іn thе wоrѕt саѕе, thе whоlе fаmіlу wоuld bе іn dаngеr оf hаvіng оur tіtlе rеvоkеd”

Having the title revoked is worse than selling off your mother and 2 sisters, is it? There Al goes again, showing his callous selfishness. And has the author forgotten the 7:3 m/f ratio? That’s a lot of women. And why is the father in charge of any money?

trans have done a good job, and thank you, but I won’t be continuing

2 years ago

Al’s father is whole ass scam. How are you going to marry a chic for her money and have the audacity to talk about selling her and her children after draining them? Every body else in that family is either stupid or spineless. if divorce cant be initiated by women in that society, then the rest of the family should have voted on slave collar, dumping him in some live-in facility that caters to addiction, or disposal (idgaf he’s a menace lol)

2 years ago

Man, no matter what you say, you still betrayed someone’s trust. If you’re a good and responsible person, you could have just cut off your family’s ties to your deadweight father. Sheesh.