I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Extra chapter 4 –  Alphonse’s Regret – Part 2

After giving it some thought, I decided to go and meet the current Prime Minister, Aubery Ryan.

To be honest, he might be my distant relative, but I’d only met him a few times at family gatherings, and so I couldn’t say my relationship with him was at the level of being acquaintances.

But I still went to him, asked for a loan, and clung to him as my last hope.

“To think the reason for your sudden visit is to pester me for a loan. I have already known the Curtises family situation from the rumours, but of course, I’ll have to refuse.”

“Can you at least do me a favour!? I want to save my mother and sisters.”

“What kind of benefit will I get if I give you the loan? What kind of fool will lend their money knowing they will never get it back? I don’t have a hobby of throwing away my money.”

…I couldn’t say anything back, but everything would be over for us if he refused. We were already ignored by any decent moneylender.

I was in a hurry, and desperately thought. Was there a card left in my hand that I could use for negotiation? Was there anything… Just anything left in me…

At that moment, the thought of Kira had crossed my mind, and this would become the biggest mistake of my life.

“Have you heard the rumours of the Argyle Miko?”

“What are you talking about? Speak clearly.”

“The rumours that two Miko were summoned.”

“I’m aware that there was such a rumour, but ever since then, only one Miko has been active, right?”

“I don’t have enough proof, but I might be able to bring another Miko who is always behind the scenes.”

“Hmm… Tell me in detail.”

“I know someone who can heal and purify miasma. He doesn’t have the same appearance as the Miko from the legend, of having black hair and eyes.”

“He might’ve changed his outer appearance with transformation magic. I’ve heard this kind of magic exists. Even if he is not the Miko, he’ll be useful if he can purify miasma.”

“I’ll ask him if he can lend his strength. That’s why, if I can bring him here…”

“Hmm. If we can present to His Majesty a person who could perform purification, this will be a great achievement. Fine. If you can bring him here, I will pay the debt of your family. I’ll also use my influence to prevent your family from being deprived of a title.”

“Thank you very much! Then I will first …”

“No, if he escapes for some reason, we will be in trouble. Just bring him here without saying anything. Yes, I think it would be better to bring him directly before His Majesty. I’ll give you instructions.”


“If you don’t obey me, this negotiation will be all for naught. Don’t you worry, I’ll only bring him and let him directly talk with His Majesty. Just so you know, don’t do anything unnecessary.”

“This will only be a talk with his majesty, right? He- he is a very important friend of mine, so please promise me you won’t hurt him.”

“Huhh… You have already tried to sell out that friend of yours, and yet you dare say this. Fine, I’ll promise you that I won’t hurt the Miko.”

Ever since then, it has been extremely painful to live my everyday life.

The time I spent with Kira was so enjoyable that my conversation with the Prime Minister was pushed to the corner of my mind, and I tried to behave as usual. It was selfish of me, but if it was possible, I wanted to spend my days without a single thought of my family and the conversation with the Prime Minister.

Just how many times have I regretted telling the Prime Minister about Kira and thought of stopping this whole business with him many times? Kira was my important friend who saved me twice, and he was also my beloved. To betray him like this, I was the lowest of the low.

But there was no other way to get rid of the debt, and I couldn’t even choose to abandon my family.

Then at that time, my brother who was staying in the territory called me.

“I’m sorry to call you, but you already knew our family situation from mother, right? I don’t think we can hold on anymore. You have to quit the knight order you have worked so hard to enter, and even with all the rewards that you get as an adventurer, it’s no longer helping us at all. I’m sorry for all of this…”

“Father’s prodigal nature is already well-known, and so it won’t be a surprise if our family falls into ruin. But this will definitely cause disorder in our territory, so I plan to give up our title and merge our territory with a proper noble family. Father definitely won’t listen, but I’ll somehow make this work. But even after all this, we still have debts left to pay.”

My brother, who was 6 years older than me, showed a sad smile. He always cleaned up our father’s mess and protected us for a long time. It was always thanks to my brother that all of our siblings properly graduated and were more or less able to live like aristocrats. 

I let out a deep sigh, and said to him,

“…Wait a bit, please. I may have a plan.”

I had to be prepared to make the worst decision.

I really enjoyed sightseeing in the capital with Kira. But when I thought about what would happen after this, I became restless and felt pain in my heart. This might be the last time I could meet with him, and so I at least wanted to have a memorable time with him.

I saw his true form for the first time when I used deception to bring Kira to the Royal Palace.

His jet black hair and lustrous black eyes; even his face and skin were somewhat different, unlike people in this world. His looks weren’t mediocre at all.

When I found out that the collar the Prime Minister instructed to put on Kira was a slave collar, I was panicking and thought I should quickly do something about this situation. But Kira ended up destroying the collar with his magic. I was surprised to know that he truly was the Miko.

My heart was heavy with guilt, and I couldn’t dare to look up at him. To a person like me, Kira calmly asked what had happened and admonished me to not easily trust the words of those with power.

I could feel the apathy from his words as he talked to me with such calmness and composure. I would have felt relieved if he was at least angry and cursed at me.

From the time I decided to make a deal with the Prime Minister, I had been planning to apologise to him until he forgave me. But in the end, I vanished from his sight without having a proper conversation.

In hindsight, I should have ignored the words of the Prime Minister, and at least consulted with Kira himself.

For some reason, Jill was present that day. I had done nothing except hurt Kira, but Jill might be able to comfort him.

Kira’s true name was Akira, but I wondered if the day when I could call him by his true name would come.

I was sure that I could never confess to him in this lifetime.

After some time, with recommendation from the royal family, the Ryan Family would shoulder our family debt. As all of my father’s cases of illegal gambling and fraud came to light, he was removed from the position of family head and confined in prison for aristocrats. 

My mother and sisters cried tears of joy; my brother, who became the new head of our family, thanked me, but I didn’t feel right at all. I was able to protect my family and the Curtises Earl household but spent my coming days in a state of apathy, with a sense of loss and deep regret.

When I came to myself, I found myself with thoughts of nothing but how Kira was doing, except there was no way for me to find out now.


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2 years ago

Thanks for the update!
Dumb dumb Al should quit being woe is me and go apologize, so he can move on

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Poor guy T^T, thank you for your hard workkkk.