I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Extra chapter 6 – The Story After

When I opened my eyes, I met blue-grey eyes that were staring into mine. 

“Ah, morning.” Like always, he welcomed me with his soft gentle smile.

What I learned after I decided to sleep together with him was that he’s more dangerously charming in the morning than at night. 

Bathed in morning sunlight with his languid demeanour, coupled with his disheveled clothes and the slightly hoarse voice, my eyes still shy away from looking straight at him. This godly figure in front of me is the one thing I still can’t get used to no matter how many times I see it.

“You’ll be at Kiel’s place today, right?”

“Yes, there’s a meeting for a new product. He said he finished making a new design. And you’re called by the castle?” 

“Yea, that guy Alex, he called me again without even stating the business beforehand.” 

“I hope it’s not something troublesome. Will you be able to come back tonight?” 

“I don’t know what kind of business he had with me but I plan to come back tonight. I think he’ll at least allow me to go back if there isn’t anything urgent.”

These days Jill had been summoned by Alexis Majesty from time to time and it seemed like he’d been carrying out all kinds of requests for him. Even during the time while we’re on a journey, he’d been collecting information that might affect his country. And for a while after we returned, he’d been running back and forth between the castle and the mansion. 

When I talked with Alexis Majesty once, he showed his dazzling smile and said, since his elder brother pushed him into this troublesome position called King, he was planning to work him to the fullest as his hands and feet during his reign. 

Despite all this, he still basically left Jill to do as he pleases. That’s why I thought he might be a younger brother who is fond of and cares about his elder brother. 

After having a leisurely breakfast with Jill and finishing a cup of coffee made by Heize-san, I prepared myself to meet with Kiel and Oliver-san. 

I wanted to try my hand at making a Japanese product a hit in a different world at least once, so after I discussed it with Kiel and his team, he immediately made me a business consultant at Maxwell trading company.

After coming up with several ideas and having many meetings, the product we finally decided to put on sale was unexpectedly…. a clip.1

Yes, a clip. A stationary clip. I also thought it was too plain and simple even for me. 

But I can’t help it. 

Since the moment I was born, I’ve been a human with no fashion sense. That’s why fancy clothes, accessories…nope, it’s not possible for me. 

I don’t have a single idea about cosmetics and for medicine and electronics, I may have used them everyday but I don’t know how they’re made. 

Unfortunately, magic embedded cool and refreshing bedding and a high-functioning winter outfit were already on the market. 

…and so what finally came to my mind was that little thing which was always used at the office. 

Ah well—, I remembered the time when I myself was plenty busy at my own department, another department took my subordinate, making things even worse. I ended up working until late at night, arranging the documents and clipping them all by myself alone.

Most of the time, just before the deadline, a last minute revision popped out from somewhere and it became late by the time printing started… If there was a lot to print, it took too much time just to print them all. And the copier at work almost always started acting up while printing. 

I knew that it was my job and I knew it was important, but this kept happening every single day, so it made me feel frustrated and depressed.2

When I talked to Kiel about these bitter memories while being immersed in the past, the stationary clip was unexpectedly commercialised and surprisingly, this became a big hit. 

As a stationery item, these clips were in high demand and we had been selling them to all sorts of places – the royal palace, government offices, companies and guilds, as well as for general household use. 

There would be a full range of clips, including paper clips, bulldog clips and double clips. If we can keep up with this sales rate, I’m sure this will become the best selling product in no time. 

The craftsmen affiliated with the trading company who made it possible to mass-produce the products were really amazing as they were able to make the products exactly as I imagined even with my vague explanations. 

In addition, with Oliver-san’s sister’s idea of a hair clip accessory, they were selling like hot cakes.

A simple design for the general masses, and a fancy and delicate design decorated with gems and jewels for the aristocrats.

They were also much easier to use, so it seemed like they became more popular than traditional hair clips. Now that I think of it, I kind of felt like there were hair clip-like things in Japan too.


Even to this day, Kiel still talked formally with me. I’d been begging him for a while and just recently he started calling me Itou-san.5

“Ahh, I’ve heard about it from Jill, but I don’t know the details though.”

“The second prince, who had been exiled to a remote area, staged a coup d’etat. The former emperor died during this chaos and the crown prince showed no particular resistance against his brother and accepted him ascending the throne.”

I remembered the exhausted face of the red-headed crown prince. The last time I saw him, he was quite worn out…

“All those who were close associates with the former emperor were dismissed without exception, and the entire palace was reformed. The crown prince also took responsibility for the chaos he had caused the country and will be sent to a small territory in a remote area.”

Kiel looked extremely happy telling me this information. 

“Oh, I see… you sound happy.”

“Of course. I know you won’t say much about it, but I had been angry about them for a long time. I felt refreshed after hearing the whole story.”

“I see…”

“There are rumours that the reason why the second prince was exiled was because he opposed the summoning of the Miko. With a new system, I think they will change the way they previously dealt with the miasma.”

“I sure hope so.”

After this, we discussed ideas for a new product and agreed to consider making some of them. 

“By the way, I want a new pen case, is there a good one out there? If possible, I prefer one with a stand.”

I thought of my favourite one on my old desk, a type that could also be used as a stand when you opened the fastener. It was quite convenient because it prevented my desk from being full of clutter. 

“With a stand…? Can you please tell me more about it?”

“…Uhmm, the base is hardened to make it stable when it’s upright. The top half has a fastener attached to it and you can close it when you’re not using it and you just need to open it when you use it and it can be used as a pen stand as it is, so all the pens won’t be all over the desk…”

“What is a fastener?!”

“Ah, right. There’s no fastener here. ….Um? What if we make fasteners first, then we can make all sorts of things with it like bags or clothes…”

“In detail please!!”

I gave a detailed explanation of fasteners to those two businessmen who were looking at me with sparkly eyes. Then, we immediately decided to work on the product creation and commercialisation of it. 

After the clips, now fastener…

Oliver-san’s beaming face clearly showed that he was overjoyed at the prospect of a new hit product.

“Let’s also make the pen case that Itou-san wanted! Do you have any preference for the fabric?”

“I’d like it to be as light and durable as possible, and also one that is less likely to get dirty.”

“If I’m not mistaken, I once heard that there’s fine fabrics in the Naiad region. It seemed popular and I’ve been curious about it for a long time, but… It’s just that large trading companies have been monopolising the market, so they’re less likely to make a deal with newcomers like us…”

Naiad, I’ve heard of that name before… Ah, it’s Dariel-san!

“It’s as you heard. I don’t know if this will help us or not, but I know someone from Naiad trading company. It might be possible that he will bridge a connection for us. This.”

I handed over Dariel-san’s contact information to Oliver-san. 

“Huh?! This person, isn’t he the son of the president of that company?! Just how do you know him?”

What the! It looks like that beautiful Dariel-san is the son of that big company. I thought he looked young for the head of the trading company, now this makes sense if this was the reason.

“I happened to meet him when we were on a journey… If you tell him that Kira introduced you, I think he’ll understand.”

“I’ll be visiting him very soon! With this, they’ll definitely receive us. If things go well, we’ll be able to open up a route for new markets… Itou-san, you really are the god of our business!” Oliver was saying energetically as if he was really going to start worshipping me. 

After that, we went over the design of the hair clips that we’re planning to sell, and we ended up having the meeting until late evening. 

Oliver-san looked like he was overjoyed about the fastener and Dariel-san, so he was in a merry mood all the time. 

Kiel told me that a new delicious cake shop had opened recently, so I planned to stop by at the shop before returning back to Miriel mansion. 

Unlike me, Jill doesn’t like sweets, but somehow he always eats the cheese cake. That’s why I’ll just buy the cheese cake this time around and go back. 

When I was back at the mansion, Jill was already at home. 

“How was the meeting?”

“It went well. We might be able to come up with new products again.”

“That’s good to hear. I can easily picture how excited Oliver was.”

“Yes, he was very happy. And what you told me about Argyle the other day, Kiel happily told me all about it.”

“You mean the news about a new emperor. Well, it’s going to be a mess for a while, so I’m sure we won’t catch sight of him for some time. They’re just about to start mending the relationships with their ally nations. Let’s see whether he can save or ruin the whole country… Are you happy to hear that the previous reign collapsed?” I found it a bit hard to give an answer to his question. 

“Umm. When Kiel told me that the new emperor was against the Miko summoning, I was kind of glad, but I’ve got nothing to do with Argyle now. …Well, the former emperor was terrible, so it’s not that I don’t have that teeny tiny bit of ‘serves him right’ in me.”

“I see.” Jill laughed. 

“So what did Alexis majesty say?”

“He wants me to teach Edward swordsmanship.”

“His highness Edward is the first prince, isn’t he?”

Alexis majesty has two sons. I think the eldest’s name is Edward. 

“Aa, he originally had another teacher, but it looks like he returned back to his hometown. I told him to request Claude instead, but well… In addition, he told me he wanted me to train those candidates who wished to join the knight order while there’s still peace.”

“Then, does this mean you’ll have to go there regularly? If it’s like this, I’ll also show my face at the castle when you go there. Luis-san asked me to come visit the magic tower.”

“That’s nice. It’s troublesome to go to the castle but as long as I’m with you, it’ll be fun no matter what.”

“Let’s also go shopping and have a meal in the capital while we’re at it!” With this, we’ll have our small date. When I started thinking about the places I wanted to go, I felt happy.

After that, we had our meals together and slept together in the same bed as always. 

I love the time spent conversing with Jill until I fall asleep. 

“Jill, talk to me about something.”

“Let’s see… Then, I’ll tell you a story about the Nazca Empire, the place you’ve told me that you wanted to go the other day.” The story of the time when he was travelling as an adventurer begins. 

I know that I’m being rude. If it were me, I would be troubled when someone suddenly asked me to talk about something. But Jill didn’t seem to be troubled by this, he just told his story of his adventurer days.

I was getting sleepy while listening to his pleasant low voice. Maybe I was just tired today. 

“To my amazement, the girl I met at that time was the third princess. And… you’re already asleep.” I heard Jill’s voice from afar. 

After I barely heard his gentle voice saying ‘good night’, I finally fell into a slumber.


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