I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Extra Chapter 7 – A story about my brother

A man called Jillvias Dynas is an unfortunate first prince. Despite being blessed with talents, he was a powerless and pitiful prince who had no backing because of his mother’s low birth. Such was my brother’s reputation when he was young.

But in all my life, I never felt pity towards my brother. In fact, as he grew up, even his reputation changed completely. 

Our mothers had a good relationship between them and there wasn’t much difference between our ages, he had been my very first playmate for as long as I could remember.

It was always fun to play with him and we never had a fight that could be called a proper fight. 

I never once got mad at my gentle brother, but there was this one single event in my life that left a strong impression on me.

That was the time when I snuck into the city without telling anyone. I had snuck out of the castle with my brother several times before, but strangely enough, on that particular day, I felt like sneaking out on my own. 

As a child myself, I thought it would all be fine as we had been going out on our own. I naively believed it. 

But I came to regret my decision terribly when I was kidnapped, violently dragged away and imprisoned by a group of well-built men. 

As a child who was lost in the bliss and excitement of his very first adventure, I ventured into an area where public order couldn’t properly reach. 

When I tried to resist them, for the first time in my life I was punched in the cheek and immediately I became disheartened. 

Tied up to a shabby chair, despair fell on me when I heard them discussing which would be more profit to them, demanding a ransom from my parents or selling me to slavery. 

When they asked me where I was from, I quickly gave them the name of my cousin’s fiancee’s earl family. There’s no way I could say I’m royalty. Kidnapping a prince was still a serious crime. I thought if I told them the truth, they would definitely kill me to destroy the evidence. 

After the men left, I found myself nearly in tears being left alone in a small dirty room where light couldn’t be properly reached. I deeply regretted my action and felt remorseful about how things turned out. 

I should never have gone out on my own and I should never have taken things lightly. If I hadn’t done that, I would now be happily and comfortably reading books in my room like usual. 

Fear took over my mind and it was now filled with nothing but thoughts of just how long I would be locked up in here, would I ever be able to return back to the castle again. Lost in hopelessness, the door to the room was opened with a loud bang. 

When I thought the room suddenly became bright, the ones who barged into the room were none other than my brother and the guards he brought along. 

My brother ran straight to me, untied me and tightly hugged me with such strong force that it hurt. Then, he angrily shouted. 

“You fool! Why did you wander out alone!? What would you do if something happened to you?! It’s a miracle that I found you this time! Think about how sad Queen Celine would be if you ever got hurt! Father and…of course me too.”

His shoulders were trembling as he hugged me. The moment I was in his embrace, tears that already welled up in me were now falling down like a dam breaking and I couldn’t stop them from falling. 

“Uu….Brother, I’m sorry.”1

Then, my brother got up and let go of me. Turning his back on me, he said. 

“And you’re a prince. You’ll be the one who will shoulder this empire’s future. At least be aware of your own position. I’m sure Queen Celine and father will lecture you more when you get back.”

His voice was shaking and strained. It looked like my brother was also crying. 

After I returned back, my father and mother were very angry at me. My mother, who always wore a gentle expression like a holy maiden, now had the face of a demon scolding me. I had never seen her become angry like that before in all my life. For the time being, I was forbidden to go out and confined in my room to reflect on my actions. 

Later I heard that it was my brother who was aware of my absence, immediately took a group of knights to the city and followed my traces asking eyewitnesses and finally found my whereabouts. 

I learned of the truth even later: that the usual sneak out which I thought I had with my brother was actually preceded by him notifying our knights in advance. It was also my first time hearing that my parents would turn a blind eye to our small adventure as long as I was with my brother whom they recognised and approved of as he was a skilled swordsman with abundant magic even though he himself was still a child.2

We were only apart by two years, but my brother was conducting himself really well. 

As we approached puberty, my brother’s outstanding talent suffocated me. The older we grew, the more my surroundings compared me with my brother as if it was natural. I was a little ahead of my brother in studies but that didn’t mean he didn’t excel in it. 

And when it came to swordsmanship, I wasn’t at a level where I could be compared to him at all. Of course, I also made an effort. I did, but how could someone think of beating that? When my brother was the tender age of twelve, the master, who was the best swordsman in the country, clearly declared that 

“I’m done for. There’s nothing more I can teach you.”

He was a total monster. 

Among the aristocrats, the majority of them supported me, but the main reason for this was because of my mother’s noble bloodline, who was once the princess of the neighbouring country and now the queen of this empire, not because of my own abilities or personality. 

My brother, on the other hand, was overwhelmingly at a disadvantage when it came to bloodline, but was gradually gaining supporters thanks to his outstanding talent and his noble personality. 

I was in a tight spot because of these many situations and I often took out my anger on my brother. 

Every time I took out my anger on him, instead of getting angry, he just smiled like a fool saying something like ‘Just go out with me for a while’ and dragged me around to some places.

Once, he took me to a spring which was recently discovered near a location which took half a day to reach. At other times, a hunting ground deep in the mountains that his junior told him about. Moreover, I had to match his pace, dragged around here and there like a fool, so by the time we got back, I was exhausted. 

However, strangely enough, by the end of the journey, I only felt a pleasant exhaustion, plus my mind became completely refreshed and all my inner turmoil had gone to somewhere else. 

And somehow no matter how much I felt conflicted, I could still never bring myself to turn down my brother’s words ‘Go out with me for a bit.’ Day after day, his noble nature drew people in, but I must be the very first one who was deeply charmed by him. 

When my brother turned 18, he renounced his claim to the throne and joined the knight order. It might be that he wanted to leave the royal palace long ago. It was hard to be around the people in the palace, especially the queens who rejected his mother or the high-ranking aristocrats. I was sure his life in the palace might have felt suffocating for him. 

The moment his mother, Queen Alicia, passed away, he broke off his engagement with his fiancee of many years and left the castle. 

I remembered how sad I was at that time when he left the castle. I thought that for him, I was simply an existence whom he could leave behind. Father, who secretly loved him, was also heartbroken by his leaving, but unfortunately for my father, I think his love was never understood by my brother at all. 

After that, my brother quickly made many achievements as a knight and became the youngest leader of the knight order in history. 

He would always say, ‘I’m a musclehead, you should become a wise king instead,’ but how could someone like a musclehead become a leader of the knight order? 

At that time, there were no proper staff, but he could still manage a role of both the leader and reviewing strategy all by himself.

When my father passed away, I had to succeed the throne at a young age. At the same time, my brother left his leadership position and became a commoner.

“Brother! What on earth are you thinking?!”

“I can fully entrust my position to Claude and I’ve also trained all the knights. I’m sure the knight order will do well without me. That’s why I thought of quitting my position and becoming an adventurer.”

“…Brother, have you ever felt concerned for me, your pitiful younger brother, who was tied down to the throne?”

When I talked loudly, feeling resentful, he lowered his eyes as if he was troubled. 

“I feel sorry for you, but I know that you’re exceptional. And you’re surrounded by capable and excellent close aides. I’m sure you’ll manage the affairs of the empire wisely. Fortunately, you have your sons by your side and there’s no need for you to worry about your successor.” 

“But there’s no need for you to leave your post and become a commoner. If you’re to quit, now is the time to accept all the achievements you refused and take some territory from…”

“Isn’t it better if I’m not in politics?”


I had no choice but to remain silent at his words. The factions that supported my brother were quite enthusiastic and they were still now pushing him to become king. Regardless of my brother’s will who had clearly given up his right to the throne, there were movements of them planning to somehow discard his will and make him a king.

If he stayed in his position as it was, it wouldn’t be strange if he would one day rise to the position against his will. 

“I feel apologetic that I have been living off tax dollars my whole life and I have irresponsibly abandoned my duty as royalty. But even if I live as a commoner, my feeling of wanting to support you from outside the castle doesn’t change.”

“So you will become my strength from now on?”

“Yes, use me to collect information or anything. Fortunately, I haven’t attended most public events, so my face isn’t well known as a member of the royal family.”

When he became like this, he would never change his mind. It can’t be helped. I just have to accept it.Then, I turned to look at him. 

“You said it yourself, so it’s a promise. I’ll use you to the utmost during my reign.”

“Ok…Well, go easy on me.”

I tried my best to respond to my brother, who suddenly had a look of anxiety, with the brightest smile I had. 

Since then, my brother quickly built up a long list of achievements one after another as an adventurer. And the most famous story was the one in which he defeated Ereghil almost single-handedly. What-the-hell?! …Can a human really do such a thing?

There was a saying in legend that the founding king of Dynas defeated the most powerful monster, Ereghil, when he was clearing the wasteland. My father said it was the result of the combined effort of the knight order but it was presented to the public as if the king defeated the monsters to raise the presence of the founding king as a symbol of the nation. 

Before I knew it, my brother became the sole S-rank adventurer in the country and he became a world class famous figure. At the same time, he was properly doing all the investigations that I sometimes asked him to. 

My brother, who had become such a unique existence, had recently found a lover who was also as unique as him. He was a kind-hearted young man with black hair and eyes, said to come from another world. He was also the benefactor of Dynas which had long been suffering from the miasma. 

Ever since he began to live together with Itou-dono, my brother who had been wandering to various places, had now settled down in Miriel. Thanks to this, it became easy to get in touch with him and make requests of him. 

Even though he had always been popular, my brother, who never had a stable relationship with anyone ever since he broke off his engagement with his fiancée, ended up living together with Itou-dono and he now had a much softer expression on his face. As his younger brother, I’m honestly happy to see my elder brother living his life happily. 

My brother’s position at the moment was very ambiguous. He might have renounced his right to the throne, but that didn’t mean he was no longer a member of the royal family. As always he was still an adventurer and even though he didn’t have an official title or position, I secretly made him involved in the state affairs. 

Regarding how I’ve been treating my brother, I didn’t want anyone to complain about it, but I have a feeling that my brother might now accept a title. 

I have now bolstered my own position, so my brother might want to have a calm and settled lifestyle. I’ll take the opportunity to persuade him again in the future.

“Now, what business should I state to summon my brother again?”

Now that I think of it, Edward’s master had been wanting to go back to his hometown. Isn’t this the perfect moment? My brother, who is the strongest swordsman, would be the most suitable teacher for Edward. Furthermore, I’m sure my brother will be able to handle him, who is cockier these days, wisely.

If I request him to coach Edward in swordsmanship, he’ll definitely have to come to the castle regularly for a certain period of time. And I’ll have him also look after the knight order while he’s at it. Even now, there’re still a lot of people who idolise my brother, so this will raise their morale. If possible, I’ll make him a little more involved in official duties. 

I immediately delivered a message to my brother. 

I’m sure my brother will make a troubled face, but he’ll accept nonetheless. After all, he has never refused any of my requests.3

I feel sorry for Itou-dono, but I still have no intention of letting go of my brother yet.

*** THE END ***

Author’s note

Thank you very much for reading until the end! Thanks to all of you who read this story, I was able to complete the story.

Also, the story will be published into a book by Kadokawa Ruby Bunko. The release date will be 24th December 2021. 

The published/book version will have new content written, so if you’re interested, please feel free to pick up the book. I’ll be very happy.

I felt greatly encouraged by all the comments many people gave me during serialisation. 

Thank you very much everyone for all your support. 

(PK : WHAT?! THERE WILL BE NEW CONTENT IN THE BOOK!!!! I DIDN’T READ IT WRONG, RIGHT?! ASDFJKL;ASDFJKL;ASDFJKL; Will it finally be R18…. I’m still hopeful until the end. 

Hi, this is P411, your OP Miko translator. I’m sad and glad at the same time that I’m able to translate the whole series and finally see it to the end. If there’s new content in the future, I’ll be happy to translate it. Hopefully R18. I’m not horny kk. I just wanted to see my characters living healthily and happily. Saraba!)

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