Please Wait Until Spring

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The Spring in My Heart

The sound of Davis’ chuffed laughter echoed above Rick’s head. It was because Davis was hugging Rick very steadfastly into his bear arms.

Davis was chuckling for a while before the room became silent.

‘Does this mean…’

Perhaps, Davis had agreed to go to the amusement park with Rick. At this point, it sufficed to say that they had officially become lovers.

‘Umm… What do I even say in this situation, I wonder?’

Rick just had to make sure that he wasn’t getting the wrong idea. That he was not the only one who thought they had entered into a relationship. And whether or not it was right to call each other a pair of lovers.

‘Argh, as someone completely new to love, this is already a lot to take in…’

Even while handing the tickets to Davis, Rick’s rapidly pounding heart was already about to burst. It was reaching its limits on how much of his feelings it could handle, even more so when he was trapped in Davis’ arms.

First, Rick had to do something about Davis, who was currently holding on to him. Not that it was unpleasant, but Rick was unable to move in the slightest.

‘Now I know what it’s like to be in love. It’s indescribable…’

Rick wasn’t even able to think. Helplessly giving up, he wrapped his arms around Davis, returning the hug. It was the only thing he felt he could do at the moment.

Rick buried his face in Davis’ sweater, and he could smell the bear’s scent every time he inhaled, no matter which direction he faced. As Rick had both of his hands placed at Davis’ sides, he was hesitant, unsure of how long he could hug the bear or if he was allowed to do this in the first place. Rick wanted to be assured of whether he was doing the right thing.

Rick could only surrender himself to Davis’ embrace until he felt the large arms around him loosen a little.

Just as Rick noticed it, Davis cupped the squirrel’s chin in his large hand.


Davis lifted Rick’s head so the other would be looking straight at him. To Rick, it seemed as if he was about to be kissed. Then, he finally understood that he was right.

‘I see. It’s not something you can only convey with words; it can be shown through your actions as well…’

Rick thought that there was still a lot for him to learn. He felt like he had been too confident for all this.

As Davis’ face slowly drew closer to his, the squirrel tilted his head to the side before their lips touched.



The room was still filled with silence, but this time it was coupled with an underlying air of awkwardness. Rick felt utterly helpless.

But Davis was quick to regain his composure. Holding Rick at the chin again, he leaned in for a kiss once more.

In response, Rick promptly turned his head to the left, causing Davis’ lips to land on his right cheek.



Absolute silence filled the space between them. After turning his head, Rick stayed that way, unable to face Davis before him. At the same time, he could feel Davis’ gaze piercing right through him.

“Rick?” Davis called, breaking the silence.

Rick sheepishly responded, “Y-yes?”

“I want to kiss you,” Davis declared.

Of course, Rick thought. Given the current mood, the situation between them at the present time, it was certainly the right occasion for them to kiss. However, Rick kept avoiding it, for some reason. He shut his eyes tightly in embarrassment.

“No, it’s just -” Rick stuttered. “I’m not mentally prepared for this…”

“I thought you’ve had a few kisses before this?” Davis asked in confusion.

As Davis was giving Rick a puzzled look, the squirrel frantically nodded; he was not denying it. Indeed, Davis was not the first person Rick would kiss. However…

Rick shook his head, “I mean, t-t-this…”

“Anything’s wrong?”

Rick opened his eyes and reverted his gaze back towards Davis, who was still looking at him in a state of befuddlement. Then, unable to meet Davis in the eye again, Rick casted his gaze back down.

“T-This would be the first time I kissed a person… who is my lover,” he shyly whispered.

Having said that, Rick buried his face in his hands and let out a long sigh.


“W-We’re lovers now, right?” Rick asked; his voice was loud, and yet it came out muffled in his hands. “Is it okay? For me to assume that…?”

Davis appeared like he was about to say something, but he was interrupted by Rick’s frantic questions. Rick could not stop once he had started, maybe since he was able to spit out everything that came to his mind while hiding his face, and at the same time blocking Davis from his view.

Whilst covering his face, Rick continued to talk.

“I’m not getting the wrong idea, right? You will go to the amusement park with me, right? This is my first time asking someone out, so I didn’t want to jump to conclusions! I don’t know if I was using the right words, even if I had practiced them before this!” 

Davis looked at the squirrel in concern. “Rick…”

Davis grabbed Rick by the wrist, but the squirrel still stubbornly covered his face. Although it seemed like he did not want to remove his hands, it was more like he was unable to. Nevertheless, Davis grabbed Rick’s wrist again, with more strength being put into it this time around. Slowly but surely, it became worth the effort. Rick finally gave in and had to move his hands away from his face.

But then, Rick exclaimed, “I don’t know if it’s okay for us to kiss when I don’t even know if we have truly become lovers at this point! Though I do know that you’re serious about kissing me. You’re not going to make fun of me – I can see it myself… But still!”


Rick’s face, which was now situated right before Davis’ eyes, revealed the anxiousness that the squirrel had been trying to hide.

“I’m sorry…” Rick apologized; his voice was much softer at this time. “I’m already nineteen years old, yet, I’m being this childish…”

Rick could feel the blood rushing to his cheeks. He was also feeling quite ashamed of himself. He thought that he was pathetic, that he became too embarrassed to even breathe before Davis’ presence. 

The fact that Rick was nearing his twenties made it even more embarrassing, and he thought he should be thinking and behaving more like a sensible adult. Though, in his defense, he was dealing with something he was not familiar with. In addition, Rick has always been an awkward person anyway, so he was only being himself at this time.

Rick hung his head low before Davis, his wrists still grasped within the latter’s hands. Rick felt truly crestfallen; he had no more energy to resist Davis.

As Rick lowered his head, Davis’ face was no longer in his line of sight, his gaze had now fallen onto the bear’s strong, rigid neck.

Till then, Rick heard a sound coming out from Davis. “D-Davis…?”

Rick’s ears perked up in surprise. It sounded like Davis was letting out a bear’s growl, probably out of exasperation.

Rick was confused, “Oh?”


It was indeed a growl from Davis just now. He spoke to Rick with a deep voice, originating from the back of his throat. 

Davis continued, “Whenever I’m with you, I feel so happy. All the times we’ve shared have been so fun, and I’m blessed to have you here with me. However, honestly speaking, there are times where this pains me… so much.”

Rick was taken aback, “P-, pains you?”

“Since you’re an adorable little squirrel, I think it would be easy for me to do something that may hurt you,” Davis explained.

“Adorable, little…?”

Those were totally not the right words to describe a nineteen-year-old young man, Rick thought. He chuckled, assuming that Davis was joking, but the bear didn’t even smile. Hence, it seems he was not messing around at all.

“But that’s why I’m in love with you. I’m completely head over heels for you,” Davis added. “I want to be by your side, as a lover.”

Rick quickly accepted it, “O-Okay then! We’re lovers now!”

Davis sounded even more serious about being Rick’s lover than the time when they shared a bath after Rick had fallen unconscious. Davis was slowly enunciating his words, as if to make sure that each of them clearly reached out to Rick, and at the same time ensuring that he was choosing the right words. It was so unlike Davis, who tended to directly say whatever’s on his mind.

In order to seal the deal, Rick nodded his head without much thought. After that, he wondered if they were now on the right track, but Davis did not seem troubled at all, and hence it was safe for Rick to reach that conclusion.

Now that this thing had been settled between them, Davis went on to address the second matter, “I will come with you to the amusement park. I don’t mind if you want to go there right now.”

“W-well…” Rick felt speechless. “I don’t think now’s the right time…”

Rick glanced out the window to confirm his doubts. Seeing that the sun had already set, he shook his head.

“We’ll go tomorrow then,” Davis suggested.

Rick was clearly flabbergasted, “Tomorrow…?”

He did not expect Davis to be this eager on the date. Hearing such a suggestion, the squirrel felt as if he could sense his eyes about to pop out from their sockets.

“You’ll be leaving this place soon, right? Your workplace is farther away from here too, so I thought…” Davis reasoned, but he could not continue with his words.

Meanwhile, Rick could immediately discern Davis’ point. “Oh, yeah, that’s true, but…”

Rick paused to clear his throat. Then, he tapped Davis’ shoulder, prompting the bear to look up. As Davis raised his head, his eyes met Rick’s, who was smiling at him.

“I did say that I have two places to consider,” Rick reminded. “The first one is closer to my workplace, while the other…”

Rick was giving a meaningful smile. As it turned out, there was more to the story than Davis had expected.

“Well, the other place where I planned to move in is within this neighbourhood,” he confidently declared.

Davis was confused, “Oh?”

“Starting this spring, we will be neighbours,” Rick smiled.

Rick said so whilst pointing at himself and then at Davis, as if emphasizing the fact that they’re would-be neighbours. 

“So that’s what I’ve decided on,” Rick declared his decision to Davis. “I hope you won’t mind.”

Rick tilted his head, wondering if Davis would find this weird since he was specifically looking for a place close to the bear’s house. Davis looked at Rick’s face. Then he gave quite a broad smile, to the point that Rick felt as though he could see flowers blooming around the cheerful bear.

“I do like the sound of that,” Davis said meaningfully.

Rick was confused, “Oh?”

“We’re going to be neighbours too, huh?” 

They were now both lovers as well as neighbours, Davis noted to himself. Overjoyed, Davis pulled Rick closer and embraced the squirrel in his large arms once again.

“Rick, my lover next door…”

“Your soon-to-be lover next door, to be exact,” Rick corrected.

The correction was actually pretty needless though, Rick thought to himself while chuckling. The tense atmosphere from earlier had dissipated considerably, and he was able to relax in Davis’ arms without having to worry anymore.

Rick leaned against Davis’s chest, as he thought that he finally felt what it was like to have a lover. Rick was so comfortable surrounded by Davis’ warmth that his eyes began to droop, feeling completely at ease. Though, peculiarly enough, it also caused Rick’s mind to be in disarray at the same time, perhaps due to their growing closeness. Experiencing such conflicting emotions at the same time, even though it should be impossible, turned into a great annoyance to Rick.

He eventually closed his eyes and let out a chuckle. To him, spring was already here.

The warmth and comfort which led him to let his guard down and rendered him vulnerable were akin to spring itself. Although spring has technically yet to come, Rick was already experiencing it in his heart.

“No, it should be my soon-to-be lover next door, who is very adorable,” Davis corrected Rick.

“Very adorable, pfft…” Rick chuckled. Then, he teased, “Yes, did you call for me?”

“Yeah, I would like to make a request. I want to go to the amusement park with you tomorrow… Please?” Davis pleaded.

Rick buried his face in Davis’ sweater and deeply inhaled the bear’s scent. Setting his whole heart into it, Rick replied with a loud “yes”.

“Thank goodness…!” Davis gasped in response.

In a state of euphoria, Davis slid his hand across Rick’s temple and ran his fingers through the squirrel’s shortened bangs.

“Now that we’re lovers…” Davis stroked Rick’s hair. “Can I kiss you?”

Hearing Davis’ request, Rick stuttered, “P-Please k-kiss me… In the way lovers would.”

Rick was still perceptibly nervous about the idea, hoping that Davis would not mind it. Trying to do his best, Rick raised his face towards Davis; his eyes were already closed for what came next.

“If you don’t mind, I would like to start kissing you more and more often after this,” Davis confessed.

It was another earnest request from Davis – more mentally challenging than the previous one – which greatly troubled Rick.

“You’ll need to go on a date with me first, tomorrow… If it’s successful, then…” Rick embarrassedly replied.

Tomorrow, huh? Davis muttered to himself in satisfaction. Rick had indirectly agreed with Davis’ request for them to go to the amusement park the next day. To think they would be able to have a date this soon, Rick found it baffling. But in the end, he couldn’t afford to say no.

“Davis…” Rick opened his mouth, until, “Mmmh? Nnnh…”

Before Rick could continue, his lips were captured by Davis’. And just like that, Rick was pulled into a passionate kiss.

For tonight, Rick had decided to save all his worries for the following day.

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