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Part 1

Prologue : The Thousand Years Wiseman,Received a Daughter

The Wisemen have 3 Dreams.

First, to get an immortal body with perpetual youth.
Second, to make the Philosopher’s Stone 1
Third, to create life from scratch.

I, in order to fulfill all the three dreams, spent all my time in research for more than a thousand years.

Firstly, this body can live a thousand years, it seems as if I have partly fulfilled the condition of immortality, but it is still not perfect.

Surely, my physical appearance is youthful, but that is eternal youth and not immortality.

That life force and resilience is unnatural, but if you cut my head off, as one would expect, I’d die. But, I have the confidence that I won’t die if my arms were cut off.

「Well, we have to research even more on immortality 」

I address the maid who is my assistant.

She is a girl having silver coloured hair.

「If it is Master, I’m sure you can achieve it. 」

Saying so, she smiled.

By the way, she is the byproduct during the creation of the second dream, the『Philosopher’s Stone』.

The girl having silver hair, she dressed herself up in Maid clothes. She was a pretty girl no matter how you looked, but she too doesn’t grow old.

She is made to look just like a human, but she is just a doll.
She is a mechanical doll, having a pseudo-Philosopher’s Stone in the place of a heart.

If it was a perfect Philosopher’s Stone, she would be a machine that could run for all of eternity, but unfortunately if you don’t regularly perform maintenance on her heart, replacing the pseudo-Philosopher’s Stone, she won’t work.

「This too is incomplete」

「But, there a few Wisemen in this world, who have achieved eternal youth, and succeeded in creating a pseudo-Philosopher’s Stone 」

She proudly praises my achievements

「The age of the oldest Wiseman in this world is 3000 years. For Kite-sama counting from the top will much faster to preserve your longevity.2

「But lately, I’ve gotten tired of living a long life. Umm, I’m just about 1000 years now, right?」

「You are a 1000 and 26 years old」

「I see. I too, have finally crossed the 1000 year mark. I became an Arasaa 3 Wiseman .An around thousand-year Wiseman. 」

「Didn’t you count your own age?」

「A human, if he lives for so long, will surely get tired of living. Counting one’s age is also troublesome. Well, I don’t have any intentions of dying till I complete my research though.」

「That is a remarkable resolution」

After saying so, the silver-haired girl started speaking.

「By the way, Master, I have something very difficult to request of you?」

「What is it? If it’s the pseudo-Philosopher’s Stone, Didn’t I just replace it a while ago?」

「That’s not it. Actually, the Wyvern with a second name that I raised on an experimental basis, seem to have escaped」

「What. Is that so?」

「To ask such a thing……」

「They mustn’t have gone very far by now. Besides, I will now be able to procure the raw materials from the Wyvern to fulfill my third ambition. Perfect.」

Saying so, I wore my robe an headed toward the laboratory building.

「Master, is it fine to not carry your wand?」

「Does Chloe think that I’ll struggle like the Wyvern?」

「That’s true」

The mechanical girl said so while smiling brightly.

When I proceed to the laboratory building, it is badly devastated by the Wyvern. The cage is destroyed and the documents are scattered.
It seems that, due to being confined in a cage for so long, they had pent-up stress.

「Seriously, the Wyvern hasn’t been disciplined at all」

「If there was a Wyvern that accomplished something, I would like to see it 」


After saying so, I began the fight with the Wyvern.

A few Minutes laterーー.

The girl in Maid clothes took out the pocket watch from her bosom, and muttered in a short sentence.

「It took a minute and 4 seconds」

I who heard that let out a sigh.

「It took so much time? In my heydays, I’d been good in 30 seconds flat though」

Saying so, using acceleration magic, I went for the Wyvern’s throat and grabbed its neck and broke it with a snap. The Wyvern hung its head limply.

「It’s probably because I’ve only done research for a millennium. My arms must have weakened. Well, whatever」

My ambition, is to achieve the 3 most dear wishes of the Wisemen. I was anyway prepared for the fact that my abilities would weaken.」

「Well, then, shall we challenge the greatest obstacle of the 3 most dear wishes of the Wisemen? Perfect, I’ve just got the raw materials too. 」

I look at the Wyvern that is at the fag-end of its life.

「Are raw materials from a Wyvern necessary in order to create a new life? 」

「I don’t know. The child inside the laboratory flask――. In other words, a Homunculus4, the Wisemen who have tried to create it are numerous as the stars in the sky, but no one has succeeded」

「Master is the one who leads the charge in this enterprise right?」

「It would be nice if it were so. Anyhow, it seems that it is written in some literature that the liver of a Wyvern powerful enough to have a second name is required to create a Homunculus. I am thinking of testing it out」

Saying so, I take out the dagger from my breast pocket and try to stab it into the stomach of the Wyvern. I thought of taking out the liver, and putting it in the laboratory flask.
However, I made a miscalculation there.
The Wyvern that I thought was dead for certain, rampaged the moment I stabbed it’s stomach.

I thought of breaking its neckbones, and rob it of its fighting strength, but as expected it’s a Wyvern with a second name. Its tenacity is considerable.

Chloe, seeing its figure panicked, saying 「Oh no, my my!」, but I brought down the Wyvern calm and collectedly. I changed the point of stabbing the dagger to its heart instead of its stomach.

The dagger stabbed the heart. But still, the Wyvern showed resistance till the very end.
When it spit out a fireball from its mouth, it aimed at Chloe and released it.

Damn it! You should read at watashiwasugoidesu.wordpress.comshould read.

I didn’t think like that. Chloe is a mechanical Maid. If her fighting strength is greater than an average Soldier, she can settle this with just a single hand. The truly damnable things, were the kinds of chemicals behind Chloe.

In secret medicines, there are miracle drugs, in explosive chemicals, there is a fine powder of Mithril too.
If fire falls upon them, this laboratory building will easily vanish.
I, who thought so, grabbed her shoulder using 《Acceleration》Magic, and like that cast a 《Protective Wall》Magic.
The moment the Protective Wall Magic was deployed, a thunderous roar resounded across the experiment facility.

The shockwave filled the room, and precious chemicals and books were scattered. The laboratory building that had a sturdy design, a part of its wall and ceiling also crumbled completely.

Just to make sure, I look towards Chloe’s direction,

「Are you injured?」

I asked her that, but she smiled, saying 「Thanks to Master, I don’t have a single wound」.

It was a doll-like inhuman smile, but I’m glad there is no injury.
As I was thinking like that, Chloe let go of my hand and turned toward the wreckage.
And she took out something from the wreckage.
Bringing it to me, she spoke.

「Master, Master, it is serious」

「The experiment facility disappeared, the valuable Mandrakes and Elixirs. Many kinds of rare books were set ablaze, is there anything in this world more serious than that?」

I said so cynically, but she paid it no heed.

「There is, Master. It seems Master can now call himself a great Wiseman. The way it seems, you have attained the dear wish of all Wisemen, the truth of sorcery」

As Chloe says that, she shows me the thing she embraced in her arms.
In there was a small life, waving its hands vigorously.

He, no, she, as if to display her newborn life,

「Ogyaa, Ogyaa」

So she wailed.

Chloe telling me to embrace that child, said,

「Master. Master is the first in the word to succeed in completing the child inside the laboratory flask, the Homunculus」

Chloe took a short breath there and added this.

「And at the same time you have become the father of this baby. Now that you have become a Papa, please give her a name」

Chloe, who insisted without any malice, started searching for pieces of cloth that could become baby clothes in the scattered room.
When I gaze at that figure as someone else’s problem, the baby started sucking my thumb.
It seems that she is under the impression that it is a breast.
That frantic appearance somehow seems really cute.
A somewhat strange feeling fills my chest.

Whether that is paternal instinct, consciousness as a parent, I’ll figure out on another day, but honestly if I have to put my thought while embracing into words, it would be this.

「Damn, my daughter’s cute」

Thus, the Wiseman became a father.

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