Refuse Harem

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Editor: Beeberry

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Chapter 002 – Dear Tenma, Apparently I was Reincarnated as a Baron’s Daughter

Tenma, apparently, I was reincarnated as a Baron’s daughter.

Although it might sound crazy, it’s a fact.

I’ll say it one more time.

I, who was Nakamura Tasuku in my previous life, was reincarnated as Sophie Linier, the daughter of a baron. Do you understand?

Well, I was confused about it, too.  It’s hard to wrap my head around it.

Maybe because of the shock, I fell unconscious for three days after I regained my past life memories. With these memories, even after I recovered I was confused.

However, there was one thing I knew for sure.

That was the feeling of wanting to meet you, Tenma.  I am well aware it’s impossible. But if it were possible, I would like to meet you.

And I want to… brag to you!!

Look at this shining white skin, black hair like the night sky, emerald-like eyes; I’ve been reincarnated into a beautiful woman!!

I really want to brag about becoming beautiful!

Compared to my past life as Tasuku, a man with average looks, I seriously want you to see the crazy good looks I’ve achieved in my present life as a beautiful woman.

Yaaaaay!! I became a beauty!! That’s the mark of a victor’s in life!!

…Please excuse me for that remark which was unbefitting of a lady.

It is unfortunate that I am unable to meet you, but at the least I will continue to write this diary in the form of a letter to you.

Well then, Tenma, see you again.

Closing the thick diary, Sophie exhaled through her small crimson lips.

At almost six years old, with black hair she inherited from her father and a beautiful pair of emerald eyes she inherited from her mother, she would be a pretty little girl if she stayed silent.


“Tenma, he surely managed to survive, right…?”

Her words didn’t sound like those of a little girl, and her sighing appearance was reminiscent of a melancholic, tired old man.

Sophie had drowned in a private river a few days ago.

Although the river wasn’t that deep, for Sophie who had for some reason been weak to water since her childhood, the surprise of falling into the river after stumbling on a stone caused her to freeze up in panic and almost drown in the shallow water. She ended up being rescued by a boy who happened to pass by on his carriage.

When the boy asked her whether he was alright, the word that Sophie had breathlessly murmured was the name of her best friend in her past life.

The moment she said his name, Sophie remembered everything, including the fact that she was a man in her past life and died in a maritime accident.

Until that moment, Sophie had been living with a sense of discomfort.

Sophie had always felt as if she had forgotten something important but was unable to recall what it was. 

For example, when she read a book, even though it should have been the first time she had ever read it she could differentiate between things she had never known and things that were similar to things she already knew. She didn’t know where that knowledge came from.

Since even she found it strange, she never told anyone about it. Even at an age when most children had no filter, she couldn’t speak of what she thought was weird.

“Well, I’m glad I didn’t say it. Nobody would expect that it’s because I have memories of my past life.”

She put her elbows on the desk and propped her round, white cheeks on her palms. Her words, tone, and gestures were one hundred percent from her previous life as Tasuku.

“Oops, I shouldn’t do this. I am Sophie! I’m an aristocratic young lady!”

Fufufu, she laughed.

Although she hadn’t expect to be reincarnated as a woman, she found that her current life was a happy one.

It was because, unlike when she lived as Nakamura Tasuku, Sophie had a family.

Tasuku was abandoned by his mother at the age of five and grew up in an orphanage. For Tasuku, who hadn’t know who his father was, had been abandoned by his mother, and had always lived alone, the best thing that had ever happened to him had been meeting and befriending Tenma in elementary school.

If not for Tenma, he doubted he could have lived a decent life.

That was why, when he drowned, he wished that at least Tenma would survive and return safely. Even if he had to pay for it with his own life, he wished for Tenma to be safe and sound.

“I wonder if he safely returned to Japan…”

Ever since she regained her past memories, she often talked about Tenma.

If Tenma had ended up like her and lost his life in that cold sea… That hurt to think about.

Tenma had a family waiting for his return. When she was Tasuku, Tenma’s family had been kind to her, so she definitely wanted him to return safely.

“Eeei, it’s no use to keep worrying about it! Tenma has good luck, so it should be okay! He is definitely just fine!”

Tenma possessed such strong luck that he had hit the jackpot despite buying only one ticket. Therefore, she chose to believe in that luck.

However, no matter how much she believed and prayed, she had no way to find out what happened to Tenma in this world. Unable to know what happened after she died, she couldn’t help but worry.

To somehow suppress her anxiety, Sophie decided to write a diary in the form of a letter addressed to her best friend.

Since it would be bad if someone read the contents, she chose to rely on her past life’s memories and wrote it in Japanese.

This way, regardless of what she wrote or who saw it, they had no way to know its contents, which allowed her to feel reassured. Besides, she had asked for a thick, sturdy diary so she could write in it for many years. That way, she could keep writing every day.

Sophie had made a decision after her memory returned.

She would only write about her memories as Tasuku in her diary.

Everywhere else, she would live on as Sophie Linier, daughter of a baron house. 

She received a great deal of love from her parents and led a comfortable life. Sophie decided to respond to their love.

However, there was one thing that she couldn’t do despite her parent’s love.

It was regarding marriage.

In this world, it was normal for people to marry the partner decided by their parents, even for people who weren’t aristocrats.

She felt very sorry for her parents, but Sophie was determined to remain single for the rest of her life and eventually became a nun.

She wasn’t reluctant to marry a man because she was a man in her previous life.

It was because she remembered that at the moment of her death in her past life, she had prayed for her best friend’s safety in exchange for becoming a clergyman and devoting her chastity to God in her next life.  

Perhaps because of that vow, God granted me the memory of my past life, she thought.

So she figured the vow must be upheld.

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1 year ago

Chad sophie

1 year ago
Reply to  Inglis

do we call woman chad too?

1 year ago

only a real chad would be able to be a virgin for life just for his best friend.

Last edited 1 year ago by Kazuma
1 year ago
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but considering there is a person later that possibly tenma’s reincarnation it meant she kept her chastity for nothing

10 months ago
Reply to  tsukii

Dude, no spoiler, PLEASE!?!?

1 year ago

Lol what so you promised to be a virgin your entire life just to save your friend? A true bro, what a sacrifice!

1 year ago
Reply to  Aza

he is his only friend in life, so its quite natural he willing go that far