Refuse Harem

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Prius

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Chapter 006 – Dear Tenma, Apparently I was Reincarnated as a Baron’s Daughter V

As Sophie triumphantly went outside, she saw a carriage and a man waiting there.

Her first thought was that he might be the coachman, but she found there was another person who was serving as the coachman, so the man must have been Rio’s escort.

This young man, who introduced himself as Al, had the same-colored hair (albeit cut shorter) and eyes as Rio, and he also a handsome face. This caused Sophie to blurt out, “Are you two brothers?”

“There’s no way that’s the case.”

Rio denied it with a disgusted expression. Rather than being uncomfortable being called a brother of an escort, he was more disgusted being mistaken as brothers with Al himself.

“Oh, Rio-sama, please don’t say such sad things.”

On the other hand, Al laughed with a very happy face, so much so that he seemed to create the illusion of flowers floating around him.

Sophie thought that the people who normally became escorts were those who were sharp as blades and would stay calm in any situation, but she couldn’t feel any kind of strictness from Al.

“You sure have a way with words. You must have been thinking things like a brat would be better off spending his days quietly reading books in the mansion.”

“No way!”

Al laughed cheerfully, and Sophie felt that the pair were on good terms.

Although Rio spoke rudely towards Al, that just showed how much he opened his heart to him.

As Sophie stared at Al, he slowly turned his gaze toward Sophie.

“Nice to meet you, pretty young lady. Please feel free to call me Al. I’ll faithfully reply like a dog would. Has your body adjusted well? I heard from Rio-sama that you have recovered, but please take care of your weak body. Rio-sama also had a weak body once, but he managed to grow big and strong, which is something this Al is very happy about.”

Amazing. Although he is mostly kind, the things he says are also amazing.

As Sophie was weirdly impressed, Rio spoke with contempt.

“Unlike normal escorts, this dude talks a lot and is noisy. He is a third rate guy who doesn’t understand what kind of profession an escort is. I can’t understand why Chichiue1 made him my escort.”

“No way… Rio-sama. Even though I am willing to sacrifice myself to protect Rio-sama! Why have my feelings failed to reach you?”

“Stop talking already.”

“Speaking of which, my youngest brother is also unable to feel my love honestly. Is it because both of you are young boys? My family consists of only men and no women. I wished for a cute little sister like Sophie-sama, though. But of course, my little brothers are also cute. My second little brother seems to love me, and although I am happy about that, for some reason, the one who fascinates me the most is my youngest brother who doesn’t love me.”

“Oh, shut up!”

Ignoring Rio’s request to stop, Al continued to speak, as if he was doing a life consultation session with Sophie. Al gossiped non-stop like a wife who enjoyed engaging in small talk with a six year-old girl.

“Even when I gave him a birthday present, he stayed expressionless without showing me any smile. Of course, he did say his thanks, though. Even when he saw the present I chose with love, the reaction he gave was, ‘I can’t understand Aniue’s2 sense.’  It felt so cold.”

“Haa… that feels pretty lonely, doesn’t it?”

“Al, I told you to shut up already!”

“Even when I hugged him the other day, his eyes became like that of a dead fish. But that also looked very cute!”

“Is that really considered cute?”

Even though his eyes are dead like a fish?

“Yes, he was silent with a composed face and let me do what I wanted, but his eyes were like that of dead fish and it looked very cute!”


Although Sophie didn’t know how old the younger brother was, she somehow thought he was pitiful. Then she spoke out to the other pitiful person there.

“Rio, your escort is quite a peculiar person.”

“…Yea, there are a lot of weird people around me for some reason.” 

“Oh, you sure have it hard.”

Rio looked at her, not so subtly implying that Sophie was included among those weird people, but she ignored it and bashfully looked at Al.

“Err, Al-sama…”

“Please call me Al, my cute lady.”

“Oi, don’t speak to a little girl with such a flirty tone!”

“Rio-sama, a woman is a woman despite her age.”


Perhaps he remembered that Sophie told him that “a woman is still a woman, even if she is six years old!” It silenced Rio and made him regretful. What he said was in line with what Sophie told him earlier, but it was amazing to be able to casually do so toward a young girl.

“Well then, Al… you see. I have a request…”

“What is it? Please ask me anything.”

“Can you spi…”

“Hey Sophie, the market will close if we keep lingering here.”

Before she managed to request him to spin her around, Rio cut off her words.

“Really?! We can’t have that. Let’s hurry and go!”

Sophie panicked.

She really wanted to buy food ingredients today.

She put more priority on her mother’s diet than her desire.

“Rio-sama, I wonder what she meant by ‘spi’?”

“Al, don’t talk at all, until I allow you to for now. If you talk, I’ll tell your youngest brother that his elder brother is a pervert who flirts with young girls.”

“That’s… Rio-sama, if you tell him that, he will look at me with eyes like a dead fish and say, ‘I can’t understand Aniue’s preference.’ I’m sure it’ll look very cute!” 

Rio muttered a curse in a small voice and had an expression like he swallowed a bug. Although Sophie didn’t hear what they talked about, she could see that Rio was having a hard time.

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2 months ago

Does the author hate women or something? Why do they keep comparing talkative/gossip as a woman’s trait?? This is like super old stereotypes

9 months ago

rio come on. it was her only wish yet you keep denying her the chance for it. she’s JUST A KID seriously. let her have this!!

Tsukii translates liker


1 year ago

hello as well

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*Cough* Lolicon *Cough*

1 year ago
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not so much, he just good at acting

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Al is interesting character

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we love ur support too

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thx for comment too