Refuse Harem

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Chapter 007 – Dear Tenma, Apparently I was Reincarnated as a Baron’s Daughter VI

The market they arrived at was very busy.

During this season, which would be summer by Japan’s standards, many aristocrats visited this health resort, which was also famous for being a popular summer resort; perhaps it was because of that reason that there were many servants at the market buying some fresh food.

Merchants who sold fruits cried out to market their produce’s freshness, and the butcher, surrounded by many plucked bird carcasses hanging from the ceiling, roasted some meat and lured customers in with its fragrant scent.

“By the way, why did you choose to go to the market? If you’re looking for things like a dress tailor, it should be on the road ahead.”

“You seem to have no intention of shutting up, huh.”

“Please allow me to intrude in the conversation between you youthful people.”

Rio sighed in resignation as he heard the words of Al, who only continued to smile. Sophie had forgotten about the pair completely and was browsing various shops.

Carrots, colored peppers… uhm, the vegetables available here are similar to my past life. Is that a tomato? Although its shape looks similar to an apple, that glossy skin should be like that of a tomato, right? No, maybe it tastes like an apple?

Which is it?! Even though Sophie was confused, she had fun looking at all the goods that were lined up.

Ah, the potatoes look the same! I wonder if it tastes the same? ……Hm?

Sophie stopped in front of one of the largest stores in the market.

“Is this garlic?!”

Sophie was excited to see the thing that had both the shape and color of garlic.

It could eliminate the odor of the meat and add an appetizing flavor; on top of that, it is also known to have tonic and stamina enhancing effects. I want to grill meat with this! Then I’d like to feed it to my mother!

“Young lady, are you interested in this?”

“Yes, what kind of food is this?”

As the merchant talked to her, Sophie asked in excitement.

“This is Piya.”


Although the name wasn’t familiar to her, when she picked it up and smelled it, it certainly smelled the same as garlic.

“This thing has a unique smell. I first thought this was something similar to potatoes and tried to eat it, but it tasted weird. Well, although the taste is bearable, it is so smelly! My wife told me my mouth smelled for three days after I ate one.”

“Have you tried to slice it thinly and grill it?”

“Slice it thinly? It’ll be hard to eat if this thing is sliced thinly.”

I see, even if they sell it, it seems they don’t really know how to eat it.

“I got this from other nations, so it is quite expensive. And because of this thing’s smell, it troubles me, since it is hard to find anyone who is willing to buy it.”

“How much is it?”

“Five of these for a bronze coin.”

Compared to other vegetables, one bronze coin could buy 40 potatoes. That was certainly expensive in comparison, but Sophie had five silver coins in her hand, so it was okay.

“I’ll buy it. Also, please give me that red thing, this thing and that thing as well!”

“Ooh, thanks, young lady! I’m thankful since I didn’t expect to sell these white things. I’ll give this epica for free. That makes three bronze coins in total.”

Sophie got a green ball known as epica that she never heard before. While she wondered whether it was a fruit of some sort, she tried to take out the silver coins. However, she was stopped by Al.

“Sophie-sama, please let me pay.”

“Eh, but…”

“If you take out such currency in the market, the merchant would be troubled giving you change.”

After that reasonable explanation, Sophie looked at the silver coins she had.

I see… I didn’t consider the value difference between silver and bronze coins.

Since it was a store run by a single person, the merchant would likely be troubled if he was paid using larger currency. This wasn’t her past life, where there were tons of banks around.

As Sophie hesitated, Al quickly paid for it and even carried her luggage.

“Thank you very much, Al. Please take this money as compensation.”

Sophie offered a silver coin to him, but Al merely responded with, “Don’t worry about it,” and didn’t take the money.

“Sorry, Sophie. I didn’t think that far.”

“Rio-sama is also a young master after all.”

As Al teased Rio like that, Rio wore a disgusted expression.

Since Rio is knowledgeable about money, I thought he didn’t have a high pedigree. I wonder what Al means when he calls Rio a young master?

There were many high pedigree aristocrats who were ignorant of the value of money. It was doubtful if they could answer that a silver coin could buy five days-worth of food for a family of four like Rio did. But considering his perspective, it was likely that he was merely taught about such things.

Sophie thought for a moment to ask about his family, but she refrained.

He would tell her someday when he thought it was necessary. Thinking about it though, Rio never mentioned how many stars Al had. Perhaps he didn’t want to speak about it, and she wasn’t interested in prying.

After that, Sophie bought some delicious meat at the butcher shop. Although she felt awkward, since Al ended up paying for it again, Al seemed to be having a lot of fun.

I thought of requesting to be spun around later, but I probably shouldn’t ask for it after I troubled him this much.

On the return carriage, she secretly sighed and gave up.

Well, the sun is about to set today anyway, so let’s ask him at the next opportunity.

But before that, she wanted to thank Al for today. However, she doubted that Al would take her money.

“Ah, that’s right!”

When she raised her voice as the idea came to her, Rio, who also got off the carriage to send her home, stopped in surprise. Al, who was carrying the luggage that Sophie bought behind them, leaned to the left to avoid being hit by Rio, who suddenly stopped.

“What is it suddenly? Is something wrong?”

“Rio, will you come again tomorrow?”

“…If you don’t mind.”

“Great! Then please come together with Al!”

Rio had a dissatisfied expression when he was told to come back together with Al.

“What is it, Rio-sama? I will always be with Rio-sama. I am your escort after all. I will come along even if you don’t ask me to.”

This escort, who seemed to never stop smiling all throughout the day, seemed to be having fun.

“Rio, Al, thank you very much for today. See you tomorrow. I’ll give you my gratitude for today then.”

Sophie gave them a small curtsy. As she gave them a pretty cute smile, the pair also returned the smile.

They had no idea that they were about to be overwhelmed by this very girl the next day.

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i didn’t read far ahead(despite the translator of series) but saw no other reincarnated person so far

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