Refuse Harem

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Chapter 009 – Dear Tenma, I Also Made Friends

Tenma, is it spring on that side now? Or is it summer?

Please be careful to not leave your cooler on for the whole summer. I always felt cold because you tend to set the cooler to the lowest temperature.

Whenever I said I felt cold, you would bring me a jacket and blanket, but I still don’t think of that as kindness even now. That only increased your electricity bills and contributed to global warming.

Also, you often told me, “You’re weak against the cold, despite being a man?” as you looked at me with astonished eyes, but the temperature you set would make most people complain about the cold. You were the weird one. Even when I pointed that out, you merely gave me a nonchalant reply.

Somehow, it’s making me pissed as I remember it…

Oh, excuse me. My old speech tone slipped out.

Oh, right. I also made friends in this world. Thanks to that, I am having a great time.

I’m still not sure of his identity, though. If I told you that, you might say something sarcastic like, “You have no sense of danger. You once worked in business. How could you forget your risk management skills?” I didn’t stupidly believe in peace that much. Since they were introduced by a Viscount house that was close to my parents, I was sure his identity was verified. That was enough for me.

If I were to doubt, snoop about, and nitpick every little thing, it would make me miss things I would otherwise see, you know?

For example, if you did act that way toward my past life self, to Tasuku, like that, I doubt we could have ended up as friends like we did. Because you aren’t such a person, I also wished to be like that.

Well then Tenma, see you again.

Although she wanted to write more, she heard the sound of a carriage outside, so she was done with writing today.

She was sure that the one inside the carriage was Rio.

They’d already promised to go on a picnic today.

She put back her diary, suppressing her feelings to write more, and got off the chair. She thought about writing a little bit every day, but various things happened recently and she lacked the time to write her entry, so there were tons of things she wanted to write about now, and she didn’t feel like she wrote enough, despite the amount she already wrote.

As for the highlight of the last few weeks, first of all, due to Sophie’s mother eating Sophie’s cooking so well, Sophie accompanying her on walks, and them exercising together, her mother’s complexion and overall physical condition had improved.

Also, Sophie’s father Edgar finally found out that she was cooking all this time.

She thought he might get angry and force her to stop, but for a father who dearly loved his daughter, he was instead impressed at how thoughtful she was toward her mother. The fact that her mother’s physical condition actually improved seemed to have contributed to that. 

If my father were to disapprove, I would use my excuse skills I learned from the business days during my past life and would shift issues to change the topic! Or so she thought, but it was resolved relatively easily.

It was great that she was now allowed to use the kitchen as she pleased. She accompanied the servant during shopping and made various prototype dishes from the food ingredients they bought.

She tried to make a cheesecake today. Since sugar was rare, she used honey instead. Although honey was more expensive in her past life, honey was easier to obtain than sugar in this world.

“I wonder if I can make a lot of sugar somehow?”

Although she used honey as a substitute, the price of honey would only ever go up but never went down, so it was hard for commoners to obtain it.

Recently, Sophie had begun to think about the lives of commoners. Rather than out of the volunteer spirit of an aristocrat, it was more out of consideration for when she did become a nun, she wished to have a better life. 

As she often went out to shop, she got to witness how commoners lived, which was something she’d never known about before; as expected, their quality of life was inferior to that of aristocrats.

In her past life, although she didn’t live luxuriously, she’d still managed to live a decent life. However, the things she took for granted in her past life were considered a tremendous luxury in this world.

If a nun wished for things that were taken for granted by an aristocratic daughter, she couldn’t refer to herself as a nun. Sophie would eventually tell her parents about becoming a nun, and then become one once they were convinced. But before that, she wished to improve the quality of life of commoners as much as she could. That was Sophie’s current goal. The three kinds of seasoning were included in this.

While I still have power as the young lady of a Baron, I should prepare various measures.

However, there was a limit to how much Sophie could achieve alone. If possible, she wanted the help of people who were familiar with the lives of commoners.

“—Oh no, I forgot about Rio!”

She finally remembered about the carriage that stopped in front of her house and immediately went outside.

As she met eyes with Rio, she greeted him with a smile. It was a lady-like smile that made it hard to believe she had just come running there. Rather, a lady wasn’t supposed to run to begin with, but she ignored such a fact.

“Sophie-sama, please come this way.”

A maid passed a basket made of rattan to her. It was the cheesecake she made today.

“This is?”

As she carried the basket preciously, Rio then took it in her stead.

“Thank you. That’s the result of today’s experiment. It’s a cheesecake.”

“…Sophie, do you seriously think you can brush it off as long as you don’t call it cooking?”

“Oh, then I won’t let Rio eat it. I made it for Al to begin with anyway.”

“Wha! Why did you only make it for him!”

As Sophie pointed to Al who was waiting at the bottom of the stairs, Rio growled at her. Al tilted his head since he couldn’t hear the pair’s conversation.

“After all, this is a bribe to Al.”

As Sophie whispered that, the pair of blue eyes in front of her narrowed in suspicion.

“A bribe?”

“That’s right. I’ll ask Al to spin me around today!”

She declared that in a low voice so Al couldn’t hear. Rio frowned in exasperation.

“…You’re still not giving up on that?”

“Of course!”

Today will be the day I get my spin!

Fufufufufu, as Sophie laughed like a villainess, Rio could only sigh in resignation.

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8 months ago

I have a feeking Rio wants to be the one who spins her later once they’re married.

Livon Saffron
1 year ago

This just feels like such a refreshing novel. It has also a bit of mature element to it when he writes his diary to his friend.

2 years ago

The more I learn about Tenma, the more convinced I become that Rio is his reincarnation.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jayswing103

sorry, but nope. there are other character that is more likely to be tenma’s reincarnation out there, so rio just poor dude who suffer from childhood love.

2 years ago

I feel that she end as queen instead as nun

1 year ago
Reply to  Chen

nah, sophie didn’t want it, since she loves the next queen

7 months ago
Reply to  tsukii

I wish you didn’t post spoilers like this in the comment section. ☹️

2 years ago

Too cute!!!! Lol

1 year ago
Reply to  Oyashiro

glad to give healthy dose of sweetness

2 years ago

Thanks for the two chapters! This novel has a really fluffy feeling ^-^

2 years ago
Reply to  H20_Mel0n

well, its fluffy novel after all

2 years ago

Thanks for the chapter~
Yes she’s about to get spinnnn…spin deez nuts

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Reply to  NateVG

she wil got de spin… soon